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Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

A small bedroom does not necessarily mean having a regular, cramped space that lacks personality. In fact, a small bedroom can also be just as beautiful, relaxing and full of personality as any larger bedroom. Creativity is an important part of a small bedroom design. Creating space for storage or furniture is always a problem in smaller bedrooms. But it is not that difficult to find design ways to create extra storage options even in small bedrooms. Instead of searching for the same old door organizers and clumsy agencies, you can use your imagination and creativity to come up with great storage ideas. However, do not forget that a bedroom's main function is to be a place to rest and recharge. And you don't need much to create a beautiful and relaxing bedroom.

When you have limited square feet, the trick is to create a lovely bedroom to take advantage of the space you have smart. It is advisable to keep the furniture peeled to the room. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise on decorating the room. Don't be afraid to try new things or show off your design skills as long as they don't make the room look crowded. From bunk beds and alcove beds to artificial hooks and storage under the bed, there are many innovative ways to make your little bedroom look nice and bigger than it really is. Our selection of these innovative small bedroom designs will surely help you to help you create a bedroom space that may be small in square images, but large in style.

{1} Modern small bedroom design

Modern small bedroom design
Modest Contemporary Design In Gray Duck, Tonka Bay By SALA Architects | Photo by Corey Gaffer
This modern bedroom belongs to a modest cottage by the lake nestled in a narrow plot of Tonka Bay. Simple and authentic materials provide a soft and inviting palette for this modern home. Wooden finishes in both warm and soft shades complement a combination of clean white walls, blue glass tiles, steel frames and concrete surfaces. The low bed and the small built-in bedside table save a lot of space and look very nice. Wall-mounted lamps and lamps save space and also contribute to the room in a modern style. The neutral color palette improves the simplicity of the design.

{2} Decor for bedroom with small bed

Bedroom decor with small bed
Attic bedroom decoration of Pratley Company | Photo of Stacy Bass
Despite the small space, you can make the attic the most comfortable space in the house. With the help of a few simple tricks you can also make the attic look spacious and elegant. Instead of a large bed, go to a large day bed. If possible, try to install extra storage options in the bed itself. If this is not possible you can also go to storage under the bed with woven baskets etc.

{3} Simple Scandinavian bedroom decor

Simple Scandinavian bedroom decor
Scandinavian Simplicity In Innovative Bedroom Design By IFJ Architecture
What a simple, innovative and effective way to utilize space! This innovative bedroom design makes the best of the small space available by using a raised bed, side columns and the creative use of the stairs. These stairs lacking stairs are the perfect way to increase the storage area. You can use it for all types of storage, especially as a book library made here. A large skylight gives plenty of light into the room and gives the bedroom a spacious and airy look.

{4} Creative Daybed Bedroom Decor

Creative daybed room decor
Effective use of space in Fifth Avenue condo, USA by Godwin Residential construction
Day beds are extremely comfortable and spacious even though they are smaller than regular beds. They can also save a lot of space, especially if they include extra storage options. Instead of a big bed trampling up the room, the designers installed a comfortable high sofa bed with storage. This improves the storage options in the room. Together with the daybed, a small alcove bed at the window provides more seating. Wall lights provide plenty of light and compensate for the lack of bedside tables. The fantastic art over the bed gives the attention to the high ceiling which makes the room look bigger than it is.

{5} Scandinavian Minimal Bedroom Decor

Scandinavian minimal bedroom decor
Minimalist Scandinavian bedroom design in new Victorian village NB Design Group
This bedroom is a true example of Scandinavian minimalism. This bedroom design has just the only necessities needed in one bedroom. There is a bed, a window for light and air and a lamp for night lighting. An raised bed also provides an option for storage under the bed if needed. In addition to this, this bedroom is practically empty. The wooden bed dominates the space and takes up almost three quarters of the room. It is pushed towards the window for better lighting and ventilation. The wooden walls and floor together with the wooden bed give the bedroom a natural look. In addition, the enclosed design of the room gives a comfortable and cozy feeling.

{6} Hollywood Glam Bedroom Decor

Hollywood Glam Bedroom Decor
A magical, bright and optimistic desert paradise of design Stories
The subtle elements of glamor in this bedroom give it a sophisticated look. The white bedspread, pillows and headboard complement the white walls nicely. They make the little room look bright, airy and spacious than it really is. The honeycomb design on the headboard gives the pattern and structure to the interior. The patterned carpet gives a splash and design to the interior. The golden lamps on the bedside table add a touch of glamor to the decoration. The art displayed on the headboard wall pays homage to big screen grasses such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Paul Newman and Liz Taylor. This beautiful bedroom pays tribute to the Palm Springs connection to Hollywood Royalty.

{7} Beach Inspired Blue Bedroom Decor

Beach inspired blue bedroom decor
A classic summer cottage bedroom off Design Assocites Inc Also Kristin Paton Interiors | Photos of Eric Roth Photography
When you have a small bedroom, it is always a good idea to go for bunk beds. They not only save space, but they also look good in all forms. This particular bedroom design seems inspired by the sea. The light blue color really reminds one of the clear sea water. The beds also have extra storage options under it. The rope design hanging lantern and the rope length dangle from the ceiling giving the bedroom a coastal appeal. All in all, the bedroom has a nautical seaman's cabin that is equally spacious and elegant.

{8} Functional bedroom decor for extra storage

Extra storage Functional bedroom decor
Charming Beach Cottage Bedroom with Unique Headboard Village Pineapple Design houses | Photos by Mon Amour Photography
This beautiful guest bedroom is a perfect example of a charming bedroom on the beach cottage. Pineapple House designed a unique headboard and storage room for this guest bedroom. The headboard is a stuffed wall. The built-in unit surrounds the bed and adds additional storage space and useful shelves. Therefore, the entire design looks like a small crane in the wall and has a whimsical appeal to it. The light blue and creamy shades of the interior are also a nod to the beach style bedroom.

{9} Rustic natural tones bedroom decor

Rustic natural tones bedroom decor
Rural bedroom with shades of green Eckalizzi Design | Photo by Stephen Cardinale
This beautiful bedroom is really designed with great attention to detail. The bed space opens both outwards towards the Rio Grande Gorge and up through the skylight with a clear view of the great night sky. During the day, you can close the enclosed skylight to reduce light and keep space cool. Rolling drawers under the bed provide plenty of storage for visitors' belongings besides the hooks and the folding desk. In addition, individual lamps above the bed and desk give light for reading or workspace.

{10} Twin room for a small bedroom

Twin Bed Small Bedroom Design
Beach Style Bedroom with coastal colors in Ship's Channel, Cape Elizabeth City Banks Design Associates Ltd
The white walls and ceiling of this beach-style bedroom make it seem brighter and airier than it really is. The small wind room looks bigger with the white walls and the ship design. The bed is also painted white so that it matches the walls and gives an impression of spaciousness. The white wall lights save space and add a touch of style to the interior. The bright colors and shades of blue together with the ship's relaxed design give the bedroom a coastal look. The weathered look of the headboard and the nightstand further adds to the bedroom on the coast. The soft carpet gives the interior warmth.

{11} Small Space Window Bedroom Decor

Small spacious window bedroom decor
When you have a bedroom like this one with length but not width, you can place the bed up against the window so that the room looks bigger. Although you should remove the headboard so that the light from the window can easily enter. A small bed and wall lamps can save more space. But if that is not possible, an industrial lamp by the bed also looks good. The white walls make the room look bigger and brighter. However, you can go bold with your bedspreads to get some color and pattern for the strong decor.

{12} Eclectic farmhouse style with bedroom design

Eclectic farmhouse style bedroom design
Rural bedroom in Sun Valley Family Lodge, Idaho Town Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd.
This beautiful family cottage has a rustic farmhouse style. The bunk beds have sliding doors for privacy. This makes them look like alcoves. The raised beds also have drawers underneath them for practical storage options. Large windows provide plenty of sunlight while offering stunning views of the mountains and night sky. A simple yet refreshing bedroom to unload and recharge after a busy day!

{13} Pale Pink Interiors Murphy Bed

Fale Pink Interiors Murphy Bed
Elegant and multifunctional bedroom in wind Transformer, New York City MKCA
This bedroom is part of a small 20 square meter apartment that has been transformed into a graceful and multi-functional home due to creative and stylish furnishings. The coolest thing about it is the secret storage wall that makes the 20 square meters seem spacious. The storage wall consists of a large closet full of features including a pull-out dining table that can also be used as a desk, a small pantry, a computer room and a murphy bed. The addition of the Murphy bed greatly reduced the floor area used and made it possible to fit a bedroom, a living room, a dining area and a kitchen in such a small space. The transformative elements make comfortable living, cooking, dining, work and entertaining everything possible, even in a small space.

{14} Loft Bed Small Bedroom Decor

Loft with small bedding
Multifunctional bedroom box in studio Strasbourg-Saint-Denis | Photo of Bertrand Fompeyrine Photography
The cube-shaped bedroom design gives the feeling of a separate room even though they are in the same room. The "Sleeping Box" design of this apartment was a request from the owners to save more space. It is a multifunctional cube-like structure that holds the bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe in one place. The hidden compartments in the design look like a small bedroom when it is closed and serves as a wardrobe and bathroom. A sliding door provides enough privacy in the bedroom from the rest of the house. Recessed lamps in the ceiling illuminate the cozy room while a comfortable closed box gives a sense of security.

{15} White interior in white bedroom

White interior for attic
Modern child friendly wide ripple bungalow in Indianapolis off Werk | Photo of Haus
The owners of this house wanted to turn their wide ripple bungalow into a brightly filled family room for their creative lifestyle. This bright and simple bedroom is truly a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of life. The bright white walls and the neutral tones of the decor make it feel light and happy. A sliding wooden door provides ample security for this open concept bedroom design. Despite the small space, this bedroom shares space with an open bathroom. Wall lights provide light and eliminate the need for a nightstand. The soft bed and comfortable bed covers give the room a warm and cozy look.

{16} Innovative loft bed and storage

Innovative loft bed and storage
Eclectic design Modern apartment on Logan Square, USA by Lark Architecture | Photo by Cynthia Lynn Photography
This lofted bedroom is the private zone of the apartment hidden behind the central wall of the house. Even with the limited space, this bedroom offers enough privacy from the rest of the house. To create more floor space, the queen-size bed is lofted over a built-in desk, bookshelves, laundry and wardrobe. Pipe ladders on either side of the bed provide easy ascent and descent from the attic. You can also use them as extra storage for decorative bedding. The functional design for this home manages to pack in plenty of storage and high style with a limited budget of money, space and time.

{17} Murphy Bed Sofisticated Chic Bedroom

Murphy Bed Sofisticated Chic Bedroom
Sophisticated elegant loft with Murphy bed in LA downtown Caitlin McCarthy Design
This one bedroom loft turns into a two bedroom with a hidden murphy bed in the living room. The secret space has its own identity with a dressed gray headboard, a wooden chin decoration, decorative pillows and original art. The dark color of the recessed wreath makes it look bigger. In contrast, the white bedding gives light and joy to the interior. The animal's skin mat gives the decor style and comfort. All in all, the addition of the hidden murphy bed saves a lot of space and also transforms the living room into a functional bedroom.

{18} Small-style industrial-style bedrooms

Industrial Style Small Space Bedroom
Industrial Style Small Bedroom Design by design Platform | Photo of David Lauer Photography
This small bedroom in the attic is really very functional. A large bed dominates the space supplemented with built-in nightstands on each side. The wooden walls, the ceiling and the wooden floors give the room a natural and rustic charm. The black bedspread and nightcloth details give a good contrast to the interior. The comfortable bed and cozy sheepskin make the room look warmer and more inviting. Small air windows offer plenty of daylight while hanging lanterns provide good lighting at night. Metal railings on the ceiling give the room an industrial feel about it.

{19} Eclectic decor with small bedroom

Eclectic decor with small bedroom
When Classic Country Girl meets modern city style Allison Lind Interiors | Photo of Regan Wood Photography
This elegant eclectic bedroom design looks fresh and interesting. The bright white bed sheet complements the white walls and ceilings nicely. It also lights the room and makes it look bigger and roomier. The light yellow carpet gives the decor a cozy feel and gives a little pattern to the interior. A weather-beaten wooden cabinet and vintage chest in front of the bed give the room an eclectic appeal. The classic contemporary mirror and artwork give the room a modern touch. In addition, the dark brown curtains give color and balance the brightness of the interior. The whole arrangement of the interior makes a small bedroom look much larger and spacious.

{20} Farmhouse Style Small Bedroom Design

Farmhouse Style Small Bedroom Design
Two-bed Farmhouse Style Bedroom In Camp Coleman Renovation of Studio C Architects | Photo by Jean Allsopp Photography
The small bedroom may not look big enough for two single beds, but clever design has made it possible. The bright white walls and large windows give the room an airy and larger look. The beds sit in opposite corners with a small table as a nightstand in between. This arrangement makes the room look bigger than it really is. Colorful throws and pillows along with the Persian rug serve as a distraction from the size of the room. Placing mirrors in a small room always helps to make it look big. The warm colors and the cozy throws give the room an inviting appeal.

{21} Tropical Colors Bedroom Decor

Bedroom decor with tropical colors
Colorful and Eclectic Bedrooms in Corte Madera, California by Wolter Design | Photo of Robert J. Schroeder
This colorful bedroom really looks like a tropical getaway with its lively decor. The light green accent walls draw attention from the small size of the room. The white walls and the bedspread reflect a lot of window light and make the room look bigger. Tucked away in a corner and against the windows, the bed does not stay in the middle of the room. This allows a lot of open space on one side of the bed. The bright orange carpet drew attention to the open space and gives the illusion of a larger room. The small green ottomans act as a bench and add some color to the decor. The vintage office gives the room a traditional feel.

{22} Open Plan Small Bedroom Design

Open floor plan with small bedroom
Graceful and elegant open bedroom in New York of Allen + Killcoyne Architects
Often, open bedrooms mean small beds, cramped spaces and less privacy. Even this open floor plan manages to avoid all three with a clever design. The comfortable bed with a cozy headboard look is placed at the far end of the room. It is also separated from the rest of the house by a small wooden screen with bars. This provides a measure of privacy and creates visual interest that draws attention from the small room. The recessed ceiling lights provide plenty of light while artwork over the bed draws attention from the size of the bed. The white bedspread also reflects light and makes the room look bigger than it really is.

{23} Eclectic decor with small space

Eclectic decor with small space
Charming getaway with a unique personality in Casa Bonita City Domiteaux Architects | Photo by Charles Davis Smith
This unique bedroom design has the influence of bohemian and eclectic design styles. The exposed brick walls and glass door and recessed ceiling lights give an industrial look to the apartment. But the pink animal print with tassels and the yellow pillow give a bohemian touch to the room. One side of the wall proudly displays the owners' old typewriter collection which gives the decor an eclectic appeal. The wooden floor and bed have a rustic charm. Overall, this bedroom is a charming retreat with a unique personality despite its small size.

{24} Cabin Style Small Space Bedroom

Cabin Style Small Space Bedroom
This cabin style small space bedroom really has a boxed feel. The exposed wooden beams make an interesting pattern and give an extra width. This makes the room look bigger than it really is. The bed is tucked into a corner with a closed shelf on top which gives a closed look. This creates a sense of security and security. Open shelves on the wall opposite the bed provide plenty of storage space. The bright colors of the beds and minimal furniture also help make the room look bigger.

{25} Corner Bed Small Bedroom Design

Corner bed design with small bedrooms
Vibrant bedroom design in the Upper West Side Starts Penthouse City Pamela Dailey Designs
When you have limited square feet it is always a good idea to put the bed in the corner. This frees up the rest of the room (though small) for other needs. A vintage desk, classic armchair and bedside table make up the interior of the room. The placement of the window guarantees plenty of light and ventilation for the small room. A colorful throw gives color, pattern and texture to the interior. The small pot plant makes the room look fresh, vibrant and welcoming.

{26} Colorful bedroom decor for industrial style

Industrial style colorful bedroom decor
Small bedroom loft style living in Denver, Colorado off Robeson Design | Photo by Ryan Garvin Photography
This colorful and lively bedroom design shows artificial understated elegance. The accent wall makes a bold statement with the dark purple color. The stunning artwork sets the color palette for the rest of the room. Designers collected decorative elements such as the fabulously antiquated antique area rug (Aja Rugs), randomly collected throw pillows and furniture that would provide a comfortable bedroom but not fill space unnecessarily. In addition, white linen, custom window treatments and white bedding highlight the space, keeping it light and airy. In addition, the modern light fixtures with white shades stand in perfect contrast to the purple wall.

{27} Royal Blue Bedroom Interior

Royal Blue Bedroom Interior
Elegance And Drama In A Gurgaon Home Inspired by Le Corbusier By FADD studio | Photo by Gokul Rao Kadam
The simplicity, the clean lines and the colorful blocks in the interior are what underpins this dramatic design. Le Corbusier's Purist Cloths were the main source of inspiration for designers when designing this home. The natural colors and materials in the furniture stand out vibrantly against the textured gray walls of the house, giving the otherwise serious shell a dash of drama. In the bedroom is a custom winged sugar cane bed from Magari in front of a grooved cement wall. An antique red chest sits at the foot of the bed and gives a splash of light red among the blue décor. The stone and paper lamps in the bedroom contrast with the cane discharge.

{28} Loft with bed floor

Lofted Bed Floor Floor Bedroom
This small but happy apartment is personified in a simple yet eye-catching way. The bedroom is part of an open floor plan with curtains separating it from the living room. The touch of color on the curtain to the right gives a nice transition between spaces. The bed is raised above the floor to include smartly designed storage areas. The extendable drawers offer plenty of storage for bedding accessories, etc. This is an excellent solution for storage problems in such small homes. The pink bedspread and hanging lamps give the room a shabby chic look.

{29} Elevated bed with shelf storage

Elevated bed with shelf storage
A Smart Urban Brooklyn Loft Design by Apartment Therapy | Photo by Nancy Mitchell
This loft-style apartment has a minimal, streamlined feel that is also reflected in the bedroom design. The raised platform bed was custom built by the owners to increase storage options in the house. The platform bed serves the dual purpose of creating a cozy space for the bed in a large, open space and also contains plenty of extra storage. The light from the window eliminates the need for extra lighting. Similarly, the open shelf side of the bed provides plenty of storage, eliminating the need for a nightstand or side table. This compact bedroom is an excellent storage option as well as an elegant way to upgrade your bedroom.

{30} Coastal Colors Contemporary Bedroom Decor

Coastal colors contemporary bedroom decor
The Soho Loft – An inviting urban retreat by Jennifer Connell Design
This inviting and comfortable urban retreat is full of life, color and whimsical. The sparsely furnished bedroom is still full of warmth and fun. The custom Lucite disc with a sea photo sets the tone for the rest of the interior. Bed covers and curtains also sport the coastal colors. The colorful pillows add color, pattern and some fun to the decor. The dark blue carpet gives the room a cozy and inviting appeal. The white walls and the large windows give the room a spacious and airy look. It makes the room look bright and vibrant. Overall, this little bedroom is truly a refreshing retreat!

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