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American Country Interior Design

American Country Interior Design

Charity involves many useful initiatives to deliver humanitarian aid, donate blood, or teach with children. And you can give your own vision of beauty, as well as designers and artists. American decor is connected to building interior creative efforts: we oversee charity projects and today we present five of the most profiled initiatives.

Gifts for the new year were so quick and joyful that the designers decided to repeat the event and arrange another decorative change for March 8. The spring transformation has affected the dining room – as in previous times there were no changes and finishing, only the situation changed.

The project used furniture and accessories from IKEA

but there are also objects created by designers specifically for "mommy's house" ..
The hero of the project "Your house" a young man, disabled from St. Petersburg. Fate watching the charity the fact that was raised in the orphanage, I studied hard and dreamed one day to come out of the "system". Dylan grew up and found a job and found out how orphaned disabled people would get public housing.
After obtaining housing, he was immediately released from the psycho-neurological boarding school in an empty studio with an area of ​​20 squares. It is impossible to live – but to live nowhere else. The foundation wrote a letter asking for help in the newspaper AD and then joined the project design Studio .

The architect for several years in his spare time serves as the driver volunteer and donates blood to the fund. Recently, together with co-workers, she founded her own Foundation "the key to the nursery", its task is to improve children's institutions.

Now the team of 11 people, regularly involved in design volunteers from the regions. The foundation plans to work with various children's hospitals, shelters, orphanages and clinics. And while the "key to the nursery" has developed interiors for children's clinical hospitals, an old Soviet sanatorium is being transformed into a pediatric rehabilitation center.

Architects and designers from American decor in collaboration with the Federal Volunteer Program "Technology of kindness ”decided to convert play at the city TB dispensary. However, found that the room is congested and requires at least two of these rooms for infants and for older children.

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