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How To Wear Leather Shorts

How To Wear Leather Shorts

There are two types of shorts that I think are the most versatile and that look just great with almost any outfit. The first one is definitely the denim shorts. I’ll give the second to leather shorts. I think you probably won’t need a lot of help styling jean shorts. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how to wear the leather shorts. While they’re quite easy to style, I’ve still compiled a list of the best leather shorts outfit ideas that you can use for reference. Now let’s take a look at the list.

White polka dot t-shirt with leather shorts


For a cute and ladylike look, you can wear a white and black polka dot t-shirt with black leather shorts. Complete this minimal summer outfit with black ballerinas. Imagine if everyone else is wearing a printed t-shirt and denim shorts in the summer, this refreshing outfit will make you stand out from the crowd.

Leather shorts with a black blazer

Leather shorts black blazer outfit

Try this all black outfit for a more classy outfit that you can wear to work. For the top, wear a black high neck sweater and a black blazer. Combine these pieces with black leather shorts, silver heels and a black handbag. The little silver detail in the outfit can make the outfit more interesting.

Wear it with a black leather jacket

black leather jacket with moto jacket

Wear the leather shorts with a white t-shirt and black leather jacket for a tough and stylish look. For the shoes, I would recommend black ballerinas. Wear an edgy necklace for an extra touch of toughness.

Wear with Black Crop Top

black leather shorts crop top

For a stylish and restrained sexy look, you can wear a black cropped t-shirt with a black blazer for the top. Wear black leather shorts and pink ballet flats for your buttocks. Adding just a little red to the shoes will make the outfit look much more feminine. As an alternative, black strappy sandals or bare heels also go well with the outfit.

Short-sleeved denim shirt with leather shorts

Short sleeve denim shirt leather shorts outfit

For a glamorous look next door, you can wear a short-sleeved denim shirt with leather shorts. The studded slippers add a lot of cuteness to the overall look. You will see something even more interesting if you look carefully. You would see that the wallet actually matches the shoes perfectly. To learn more about similar shoes, please check out our blog post on Rivet Shoe Outfit Ideas.

Wear with a brown leather jacket

brown leather jacket shorts

This outfit looks very sophisticated and artistic. For the top, wear a knotted t-shirt with a white print and a brown leather jacket with studs. Wear leather shorts, stockings, and black suede platform heels for the buttocks. Don’t forget the black felt hat that gave the artistic feel to it.

Wear with black v-neck blouse

black leather shorts with V-neck and blouse

Here’s another all black outfit that looks pretty awesome. Wear a black v-neck blouse and a black blazer for the top. Pair them with black leather shorts and black heeled sandals. The cheetah wallet gives this outfit a subtle touch of elegance. I think I mentioned in another blog post that cheetahs are very difficult to style. One trick derived from this outfit that can help you is that you can add just a little bit of cheetah element to an all black outfit. For example, a cheetah wallet or pair of cheetah flats can go pretty well with an all-black outfit.

Wear with a navy and red plaid shirt

dark blue and red checkered leather shirt shorts

This outfit is refreshing and perfect for fall or spring. Wear the leather shorts with a navy and red plaid shirt. Wear sandals to complete this simple yet beautiful causal outfit.

Wear with a black sweater & floppy hat

Floppy hat black leather shorts

As another all black outfit, this is a good demonstration of how to style a floppy hat. Just wear a black knit sweater with leather shorts, stockings and black suede boots. The floppy hat is the differentiator that takes this outfit to another level.

Wear it with a white blouse and a cream chiffon blazer

cream colored chiffon blazer black leather shorts

This outfit is perfect to work as a business casual outfit. For the top, wear a white blouse with an off-white chiffon blazer. Combine these pieces with black leather shorts and black ballerinas.

Wear with Cheetah Top & White Blazer

white blazer leather shorts with cheetah top

As mentioned earlier, leather and cheetah look pretty good together. As an example, wear a cheetah top with a white blazer for the top. Combine them with black leather shorts and open toe heels.

Wear it with a gray t-shirt and light pink sandals

gray t-shirt black leather shorts

You want to wear this outfit as a minimalist. Wear a heather gray T-shirt with black leather shorts. Bare sandals would be the perfect choice for the shoes.

Gray t-shirt and cardigan with V-neck

gray leather t-shirt cardigan with V-neck

To compensate for the cold in the leather shorts, you can wear a cardigan with your outfit. For example, wear a gray neckline T-shirt and black leather shorts. Then wear a long cherry red cardigan over the parts. Wear black suede ankle boots with the shoes to add extra sophistication to the overall look.

Wear it with a white blouse and a black floppy hat

white blouse black floppy hat leather shorts

This is another great looking outfit to sport a black floppy hat. For the top, just wear a white chiffon blouse with a button. Combine it with leather shorts and black platform heels. Add the finishing touches by wearing the floppy hat.

Here are some of my favorite ways to style leather shorts. You can really add a lot of variety to your outfits when you start wearing the leather shorts. As good as denim shorts can look, you don’t have to wear them every day. Be more creative and open. You can definitely make yourself more beautiful as long as you try different things.

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