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American Country Style Homes

American Country Style Homes

Bright Easter is approaching: this year falls April 12. This means that it is time to create a festive atmosphere in American home style house! Decorate your home with bright and tasteful, with both purchased and handmade accessories. We show you how to use traditional Easter attributes in unexpected ways.

miniature Light

The shell festively painted Easter eggs will be a perfect candlestick: boil hard boiled eggs, gently clean the top of the shell, a small spoon, remove its contents and place inside the wick, securing it with drops of melted wax.

Fresh flowers are an integral part of the Easter celebration. Brightly painted eggs are harmoniously blended into the composition of flower bouquets.

Along with the chicken eggs in the decoration you can use and their little "brothers" quail. They don't even have to paint – the original color itself. Create a common exhibition space: cover one plate with eggs, two kinds protection glass and the composition is done!

Stringing one after another on the string of balls of different colors or different colored pieces of fabric a colorful idea for a wreath that adorns the walls, shelves or windows.

The technique here is the same as with light, but instead of a wick in a shell under the cleaned eggs, flower buds are placed on cut stems to get a charming miniature bouquets.

Secure yourself with flowers in various decorations (toy hair, artificial flowers) to buy the nest from twigs or greenery, and don't forget to add the song Easter parties. A sweet tooth can hang in a nest, "cute" licorice sticks, jelly beans in the form of eggs inside.

A variety of wreaths mixed with traditional Easter attributes – lovely Easter decoration. They can not only hang on windows, walls, doors and door handles and horizontally above the table.

Make a American home style house of colored tissue! They will act as additions to fresh flowers and their alternatives, and they can be hung on the ceiling which creates a festive atmosphere. Small POM poms on the branches of the arrow are a wonderful imitation of blooming spring flowers.

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