Wednesday , 17 July 2024
Aquarium Decorations

Aquarium Decorations

If you want to include a modern aquarium to complete your modern house decoration, the Aquavista Panoramic Mounted Aquarium is just the most fitting element for you. One of the great features of this modern aquarium is that it has a wall mounted design that allows you to save extra space for your room. Another good specification of the Aquavista Panoramic Mounted Aquarium is that it has modern lines and an elegant design that matches your house accessories and designs. There are three different color options for this interesting aquarium, which is black, gold and silver. To buy this luxurious and fantastic fish container you need three million euros as it consists of t-rex legs, mamooth cartilage and pure 24 karts gold. Because of this, this is known as the most expensive high-tech modern aquarium.

It has a touch screen so you can easily control, this is where the high-tech word in the name comes from. So what functions can you control via this touch screen control? You can control the CO2 generator, automatic feeder, heater, air pump, lighting and finally double filtration system via this touchscreen panel. This advanced contemporary aquarium is generally available at five or six meters on the market, but if you plan to save a larger budget you can also get the ten meter version.

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