Thursday , 18 July 2024
Office Design Ideas

Office Design Ideas

Are you thinking of changing your office decoration a little to give a personal touch? Do you want your office to reflect your personality? Here are some ideas on decor that you can safely use.

– Use your favorite paint to paint your wall or to use in window treatments. Match the chair covers and pillows with these colors.

– Use office accessories that reflect your personality or lifestyle. If you love the sea, why not use a small boat figure

– Use cards for your reminders and cards. Find a small white board, cork boards or a cloth covered board that fits your style.

– Hang on to your favorite work or family photo.

– Use an inspirational or fun calendar. Make sure it’s something you enjoy.

– If you have lots of pens, staples, etc., use your favorite boxes or trays to hold them.

– Add some of your favorite plants or flowers, they will make you feel good in the office.

– Make sure your favorite music is on your computer. When you have the “easier” moments in the office, listen to your favorite tunes to feel inspired and motivated.

– If your trash is placed where no one else can see, feel free to go crazy with it! Use one with flashy colors or one that has prints of your favorite comedians.

– Make sure your chair is comfortable. If not, use additional gadgets to make it softer or taller, depending on your needs. The height of your computer and keyboard should not strain your shoulders and back.

– Add a nice rug in a color that matches the rest of your office decoration.

– Use a shelf to display your collectibles, but don’t overdo it. It shouldn’t be too much mess and you shouldn’t lose the professional image.

– If you have any awards, licenses and certificates that you want to display, arrange them nicely and make sure you only have them in one wall area.

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