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Black Leather Vest Outfits

Black Leather Vest Outfits

For those of you who love to wear leather, I’m pretty sure you already have a leather jacket and leather pants in your closet. But did you miss the black leather vest? It’s also a very stylish piece of leather that will spice up your street outfit a lot. To show you how magical it is, I’ve gathered some of the best black leather vest outfit ideas and I’m going to show them to you right now.

Black leather vest with gray hoodie


One cool thing about the black leather vest is that you can instantly transform a typical leisure outfit into a very stylish street outfit with a lot of character. For example, imagine this outfit with the black vest. The outfit would consist of a gray hoodie, black skinny jeans, and black leather ankle boots. The outfit would have looked very nice. By wearing it with the black leather vest, the outfit is taken to another level.

Black leather vest with a white button-up shirt

black leather vest white shirt with buttons

You can also pair a black leather vest that is more figure-hugging and short with a long white button-up shirt to create the stylish layers. Combine the pieces with light blue skinny jeans with a floral pattern. Wear black leather ankle boots for the shoes to add a stylish touch to the overall look.

Wear with a pale pink chiffon top

Light pink chiffon top outfit

It is very interesting to see what happens when a stylish black leather vest is combined with a feminine top. I found the answer in the picture. In this particular case, the leather vest is combined with a pink chiffon blouse and the result is amazing. A pair of blue skinny jeans and black ankle strap open toe heels is a stylish addition to your look.

Wear it with a green printed shirt and skinny jeans

green printed shirt skinny jeans outfit

This outfit has a very unique use of colors which makes it look very different and stylish. To achieve this look, wear a green printed button down shirt and an oversized black leather vest. Wear it with black skinny jeans and neon pink loafers to complete the look. If you’re allowed to wear jeans for a casual Friday at your work place, this outfit should be considered.

Black leather vest with white tank top

black leather vest white tank top

For a cool and slightly unisex look, you can wear a white tank top with a black vest top to show some arms and thus some toughness in you. Pair these pieces with blue ripped skinny jeans and black leather combat boots to add an extra roughness to the overall look.

Black leather vest with white t-shirt & jeans

black leather vest white t-shirt jeans

If you’re looking for an artistic and stylish look, a black and white outfit is a good place to start. For example, wear a white t-shirt with a black leather vest for the top. Pair them with black skinny jeans and a pair of black and white trainers for a fantastic and cool look with just black and white.

Wear it with a black, airy, V-neck maxi dress

black airy maxi dress outfit with V-neck

When I refer to an airy look, I usually often mean a refreshing and airy look with lots of white elements. But I would call this particular outfit a dark and airy outfit. It definitely looks nice and deep. To achieve this, you can wear a black maxi dress with a V-neck and relaxed fit. Combine it very interestingly with an oversized black leather vest to create a very stylish, layered outfit. Wear black sandals for the shoes to make the air feel airy.

Leather vest with white wide-leg pants

Leather vest, white pants with wide legs

This outfit does a nice trick to look slim and tall. You can also wear a figure-hugging white top with high-waisted white pants with wide legs. Wear white heeled sandals with your shoes to complete the look. The magic arises when the narrow top is paired with a wide bottom. In addition, this outfit has a nice twist, namely the black leather vest that forms the extra stylish layer to glue all parts together.

Wear floral mini dress with White Off The Shoulder

white off shoulder flower mini dress

Here is an outfit that looks artistic and feminine at the same time. To achieve this awesome look, wear a white off the shoulder floral mini dress with a ruched waist and an oversized leather vest. Add a black felt hat and brown gladiator sandals to the equation for a stylish and artistic touch.

Black vest with white t-shirt and blue jeans

black vest white t-shirt blue jeans

This outfit looks very simple and typical at first glance. It’s not a bad thing at all. You probably know this outfit because it’s a very classic combination. The outfit consists of a white T-shirt, a black leather vest and blue skinny jeans. The black leather ankle boots are the perfect shoes to look stylish with these pieces.

Wear it with a white crochet top and checked skinny pants

white crocheted checked tube trousers

I love this non-mainstream idea of ​​wearing the gray plaid skinny pants. That really sets this outfit apart from the others. Pair the pants with a white crochet top and a leather waistcoat for a stylish look. Wear black leather chelsea boots with the shoes to make the outfit look even more stylish and unique.

White printed tank top with leather vest

white printed tanktop leather vest

For a casual look with a touch of toughness, you can wear a white printed t-shirt with a black leather vest. Pair them with blue skinny jeans and black combat boots to add some toughness and roughness.

Leather vest with black overall with V-neck

Leather vest black overall with V-neck

Just when I was thinking that there are only so many ways to wear a leather vest, this outfit surprised me. For a very creative and beautiful outfit, wear a black V-neck jumpsuit and put a black leather vest over it for a stylish, layered look. Wear black ankle strap heels to complete this all-black outfit.

Wear it with a white t-shirt and ripped denim shorts

white, ripped denim shorts

This has to be one of the easiest and coolest ways to style the white t-shirt and denim shorts combo. That is, to wear them with a black leather vest and a pair of black leather ankle boots.

Wear it with a Chambray Gathered Waist Relaxed Fit Midi Dress

Chambray ruched waist relaxed sitting midi dress

For a stylish business-casual look, you can wear a loose fitting midi dress with a ruched waist and a leather vest. Pair them with pink heels and a black leather handbag to complete this classy and smart look.

I’m not sure, but I’m definitely convinced by these outfit ideas that the black leather vest is a magical piece that can spice up a lot of different street outfits right away.

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