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How To Wear Black Shift Dress

How To Wear Black Shift Dress

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you say sheath dress? For me, it’s Twiggy in her famous pink shift dress. You may also often remember Jackie O who wears the black shift dress.

In addition to a leather jacket, a trench coat and a white shirt, a shift dress is an essential part of the “crew” in your wardrobe. You should definitely own one, or better yet, to have more of them in different colors.
This piece has stood the test of time and the question is how to wear it and look totally modern.

Here we see how you can wear a classic one – the black shift dress.
It’s classy, ​​elegant, and chic, and you’ll see how easy it is to match it with the other clothes you already have.


Simplicity shift dress
Simplicity can always be fun, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first thought. You might find this outfit boring, but it’s not like that at all. That simplicity is key to this outfit. Everything fits together perfectly, the sandals, the white bag and the black shift dress.
As simple as that.

Black leather shift dress

Leather shift dress
The leather dress with a large V-neck is ideal for formal occasions. The towing tie on one shoulder and the pockets on both sides of the dress are nice details. So, forget about putting on extra jewelry to spice things up.
You can combine it with the black striped sandals and the metallic clutch.

Laced V-neck

laced sheath dress with V-neck
Another black shift dress that can be worn at night. For example, it can be worn at weddings or other similarly elegant occasions.
The V-neckline filled with lace makes this simple cut look very sophisticated. So you don’t need any additional details. However, if you want to add jewelry, simply choose between rings or bracelets.

Boys shoes

Boys shoes shift dress
If you love to borrow clothes from your boyfriend, this is the perfect time to show him how to pair his favorite boys shoes. There is no better way than with the black shift dress.
If you combine the oxford shoes that look a bit masculine with a simple black dress, you have a great fall outfit for long walks.

Pants down

Pants bellow shift dress
If you want to look monochrome and eccentric at the same time, this is the combination for you.
This all black outfit consists of a black shift dress and black pants underneath. If you think about why I need pants when I already have a dress, it’s because it’s super cool and trendy. The it-girls love the trend of mixing these two pieces. So this is the time to try it out.

Burgundy leather jacket

Sheath dress burgundy
The classic cut of this type of dress can be spiced up with some leather details. This is especially true if the leather is a color like burgundy as it is very trendy and warm.
You can wear this outfit every day without worrying about getting bored, I promise.

Black sequins

Sequin shift dress
I’ve already written about black sequin skirts. So if you like sparkle you can read more about it here.
In this picture we have the black sequin dress with shift cut without additional details. It’s pretty simple, but very glamorous. I recommend wearing this outfit only on special occasions.

Patterned shirt below

Shirt bellow shift dress
Layering different clothes is always interesting. If you think it can be difficult or that you are going to fail in some way, don’t worry, it won’t happen.
The black and white patterned shirt is simply combined with the black V-neck dress. There isn’t a lot of philosophy, it looks very cool and chic.
Go and try it!

Ethnic details

Ethnic shift dress
Ethnic details are the best choice to decorate a simple black dress. The ethnic pattern can often be seen on the street and many fashionistas love it! On this dress it is present around the neck and on the friction of the dress. It’s not that present, but it’s there enough to make this outfit very interesting.
If you like this pattern too, read more about ethnic cardigans here!
The red sandals give this combo a certain eccentric look. If you like it, give it a try!

Oversized coat

oversized shift dress
Oversized coats generally go down well, this is what any street style fashion girl would tell you. It has been repeatedly worn by numerous famous stars, fashion icons, etc. Why shouldn’t you wear one?
You can combine the black sheath dress and the coat in the same color. You can also try camel or red paint for your oversized fur. Trust me, you will look very cool and chic.

Floral details

Floral pattern shift dress
Floral details are always a good idea when it comes to patterns. In the photo above, you can see the tiny flowers on the rubbing of the black layered dress. If you wear the black jacket or coat, these flowers add a colorful touch to the complete black outfit.
For special occasions, you can add beautiful silver jewelry in the form of bracelets or rings.

Total lace look

Lace shift dress
Laced dresses are only worn on elegant occasions, right? Well this one isn’t that stylish, but it can even be worn during the day or evening in a club or restaurant.
You can also pair it with plain black ankle boots or even thigh high boots. You can be sure that you will not be dressed up.

Now you know how to stylize your shift dress and look modern. You have also seen how to wear it in any situation.

If you think having a shift dress in your closet is pointless, then you should definitely change your mind and now is the time to buy one. For starters, it’s a black one.

Hope you liked the outfits!

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