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Beach Style Living Room Design Ideas

Beach Style Living Room Design Ideas

If you are an avid lover of the tranquil beach, you do not have to go down to a beach every time to enjoy it! You can take the beach with you by decorating the most popular rooms in your coastal-style home. The living room is often the place where friends and family gather the most. It is also the place where you spend your free time or do all your entertainment. A relaxed and refreshing living room can also immediately ease the mood of its inhabitants. A beach-style living room interior achieves this with flawless simplicity. Beach style decor is quickly becoming one of the most popular interior styles and for good reason! This design is clean, light, airy and unlimited. It has vivid colors, earthy warm structures and an openness reminiscent of the great seas.

There are many types of coastal styles such as American, tropical island style, Mediterranean style, modern coastal style, etc. However, they all share a love of sea tones and sun-bleached whites, the use of natural materials, nautical decor and an open, airy layout that celebrates natural light. A coastal style has the ability to bring nature inside with an abundance of natural light and heat. The use of soothing colors and natural materials creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that makes this style so popular. If you also want this look in your living room, check out our list of great ideas about living beach style for inspiration.

{1} Elegant living room on the beach

Elegant beach style living room
Relaxing modern living room in Hartshorn Home By Karen B Wolf Interiors | Photo of Raqel Langworthy
This historic Hartshorn home was really beautiful but still a bit formal. With the open atmosphere and soft impression of beach style design, this family home was transformed into a modern, open family home. The design is simple and elegant. The white walls and furniture make the room look bright and open. The large windows also let in a lot of natural light. The plush blue carpet and upholstery on the coffee table gives the coastal touch. Similarly, the blue flowers remind us of the blue seas. All in all, this living room has a relaxed and cozy feel specially designed for beach style.

{2} Classic white and tree design

Classic design of white and wood
Warm and relaxing beach style living room off Zahn Builders
This beige-and-wood design is really warm and very welcoming! The bright color of the walls keeps the room bright and cheerful. Similarly, the beige carpet and upholstery add to the cheerful feel of the room. In contrast, the dark tones of wood flooring, media console and contemporary ceiling fan maintain the light balance. The large windows also let in good natural light while the curtains provide privacy when needed. The cozy throw and the cheerful atmosphere make the room look welcoming and warm.

{3} Rustic cottage style room

Rustic cottage style decor
Exposed beams, vessels and shutters give this rustic living room a clear coastal look. Skylights in the ceiling let in good natural light and give a great view at night! The wooden floor gives the room a rustic appeal. In the same way, the wooden sidewalls are painted a light blue typical of beach houses and give the beach villa the look of the room. Wooden furniture such as a chair, luggage table, table lamps and a neat side table further contribute to the rustic look. In addition, the blue area makes the carpet and cozy sofas the room feels warm and inviting. In addition, the various arts and nautical decor such as the conch shell or surfboard gives the room a beach style.

{4} Colorful tropical living room design

Colorful tropical living room design
Whimsical modern beach style Atherton Remodel Village Harrell Remodeling
This colorful living room design manages to be whimsical and easy at the same time. The different blue tones remind us of the different colors of the sea. The tropical colors and patterns add fun to the simple design. The large windows provide enough sunlight while the curtains offer privacy and shade if needed. The recessed eyeball lights in the ceiling provide illumination throughout the room at night. These lamps together with the elegant chandelier are a modern touch. The colorful screen on the table and bright yellow pillows offer bright color tones to the whole blue interior. The indoor facility gives the room a lively lively look.

{5} Ocean Hues Coastal Room Decor

Ocean Hues Coastal Room Decor
Bright sea colors in colonial homes in Glenn Ridge, NJ Village Toledo Geller
The offbeat blend of contemporary and vintage pieces creates an air of the unexpected in this classic colonial. Small furniture groupings and boldly accented trimming streams the flow in this narrow living room. The light colors on the wall give the room a light and airy feel. In contrast, the dark blue tones on the wall and the window clips attract attention and make the room look bigger than it really is. The light blue carpet defines the living area and illuminates the room. It also centers the design and unites all the elements. The comfortable throw and the closed furniture arrangement make the room feel cozy. In addition, the stylish side table, white stools and fantastic wooden table colors and designs add to the interior.

{6} Bright coastal decor

Bright coastal decor
Modern beach style living room design By Joshua GM / Shutterstock
This living room design is the perfect example of classic modern coastal style. The warm white and sea colors, reflective surfaces, soft furniture, very natural light and nautical decor are the basic elements of this design style. All of these elements find a place in this living room design. The modern sofa in warm white together with a shiny tiled floor gives the room a bright and spacious look. The plush carpet and pillows provide decor, color, texture and pattern. The x-base glass coffee table is a reflective surface typical of this design and provides an additional illusion of space. The light blue vases, as well as curtains, give the decor a coastal feel.

{7} Simple white monochrome living room

Simple white monochrome living room
Serene And Peaceful Gulfshore Getaway City Carrie Brigham Design
This simple living room design is the perfect example of American modern beach style. The abundance of sun-bleached white, natural materials, airy layout and nautical décor make this room a perfect American coastal design. The bright white walls and large windows give the room an open and airy feel. The abundant natural light illuminates the room. The soothing colors of the accessories give the room a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The sea shell's design mirror and other nautical decor give the room the look of the beach cottage. In contrast, the dark floors and the wooden panel maintain the light and add some color to the interior. The elegant chandelier and modern furniture give the room a modern look.

{8} Tropical colors cheerful living room

Tropical color cheerful living room
Bright and airy living room in Kennebunk Beach House Village Bowley Builders | Photo of Irvin Serrano
This living room is a fantastic contrast between ordinary white and vibrant colors. The different colors, patterns and textures of this design blend beautifully to give this elegant colorful tropical design. While the bright white walls and many windows give the room a light and airy look, the different colors and patterns provide decor and visual interest. The striped chairs, printed pillows and giraffe print beach give designs to the decor. The use of natural materials such as wood for floors and stone for fireplace gives the design a coastal look. In addition, rattan tables and colorful table lamps give the decor like the beach cottage look.

{9} Black and white beach style

Black and white beach style decor
Understated Elegance In Beach Style Living Room Design By Shaw Floor
This striking design in the living room is truly relaxing and inviting. The white walls and ceilings give the room a light and airy look. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in a lot of natural light and give the feeling of being outdoors. The waterproof plank floor with light wood color and finish is Classico Plank in Bianco by Shaw Floors. It further enhances the bright and cheerful atmosphere of the room. The dark tones and decorative designs provide a great contrast to the room's simple and bright design. The clear contrast between black and white in this beach-style living room is what catches the eye. However, what draws attention and creates interest is the discreet elegance of this room decor.

{10} Grand Beach Style Living Room

Grand Beach Style living room
Beach Glam Coastal Living In Sewall's Point Waterfront Home, Florida av Francesca Morgan Interiors
This living room certainly succeeds in integrating subtle glamor into the design of the beach. The custom blue built-in is really the best feature of the design with its bright sea color and fantastic storage options. The cozy design and comfortable furniture make the room look warm and welcoming. The recessed lighting gives an intimate feeling for this space. The elegant sofa, Ottoman and other fixtures give the room a glamorous look. The wicker chairs and the carving design on the coffee table also give the room a relaxed beach vibe.

{11} Warm coastal design with high ceilings

High ceiling warm design
Sophisticated and peaceful living room in Casa Del Playa model, Florida by The decorators are unlimited
This high-ceilinged room with large glass doors and windows is a modern American coastal design. The warm white walls, marble floors and beige tones of furniture give this room a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A mat in plushes defines the home and makes the room look cozy and spacious. Marble floors give the room a cool and relaxing look. The nautical décor and elegant wall moldings give the room a coastal look. In addition, the modern fireplace and furniture room gives a modern feel. In addition, the potted plant gives life to the decor and gives a feeling of being in contact with nature.

{12} Live coastal tones and print

Live coastal shades and print
Beautiful mix of sea colors and coastal prints in northern beaches by the sea at home The home | Photo of Lisa Zhu
This elegant living room really has all the elements of a beach style design. The abundance of natural light and white tones in walls, floors and furniture is typical of beach style. Similarly, light shades of sea colors, warm colors, tropical prints, varying textures, cozy settings and open layouts are also part of this design. You can find all of these elements in this living room. The cozy carpet, coastal prints and nautical decor provide decorative visual interest. The bright and relaxing atmosphere of this decor makes you feel refreshed.

{13} Stripes And Patterns Coastal Decor

Stripes and patterns Coastal decor
Rustic beach cottage in Hudson Waterfront Colonial City Chango & Co. | Photo of Ball & Albanians
The open, airy look of this living room is the most important thing in a living room design on the beach. The white walls and furniture reflect light and make the room look bigger. The striped rug throws and pillows give the room a coastal feel. Wooden coffee tables, side tables and cabinets give a rustic cottage feel to the design. The light shades of blue enhance the beach. Stylish table lamps and nautical décor complement the look.

{14} Light brown living room

Light brown living room
Refreshing atmosphere and views in the waterfront retreat Bruce Palmer interior
The warm brown tones in this living room remind us of the warm Mediterranean beaches. In the same way, the beadboard roof resembles a beach cottage. This brightly decorated room enhances the warm and relaxing atmosphere of the room. Plush furniture, textured carpet, coastal prints, bright lighting and nautical furnishings gather beautifully to provide a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere. The large lighthouse windows offer panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean even from the inside. This gives a feeling of being in contact with nature.

{15} Modern American beach style

Modern American beach style decor
Modern American coastal decor in Orpheus House, Mykonos, Greece | Photo of Mark Williams
White is such a calming and soothing color! The main purpose of designing the beach is to create a residential area that is soothing and relaxing. Therefore, white is often used extensively in beach style design because of its calm appeal. This living room also has an abundance of white with some gray and brown pops to maintain balance. The completely white interior makes the room look brighter, larger and also happier. The use of mirror enhances the same effect. The stylish ceiling lights and the wall art gallery give the room a modern look. The gray and brown tones on the pillows and hardwood floors provide a nice contrast to the white design. It also gives the interior warmth and cozy feeling.

{16} Eclectic Touches Living Room Decor

Eclectic touches everyday decor
Whimsical beach style in Coronado Back Bay Residence Village Ward Jewell Architects | Photo of Laura Hull
The light blue walls and the white ship design together with the large windows give the room a beach cottage. The windows let in natural light and make the room look bright and airy. The striped sofa and fish print pillows further add to the coastal look. Similarly, nautical decor like the surfboard further enhances the room's beach look. Several end tables are joined together to create a coffee table that gives the room a rustic modern look. The prominence displayed fine craftsmanship and the folk art collection sets an intimate and whimsical tone. Overall, this eclectic living room design is truly refreshing.

{17} Warm brown tones living room

Warm brown tones living room
Warm Beach Style Living Room Design | Photo of Ranch unusual
With white walls and plenty of sunlight, this living room is truly a bright and sunny space. The warm tones in the interior fit perfectly with the sunny illuminated room. In addition, the brown leather sofa and the elegant table lamp look elegant and at home in the design. The blue and white patterned stools give a splash of color to the white and brown interior. In addition, the carpet in the plush area gives the room a warm and cozy feel. But the most eye-catching feature of this room is the creative use of wall storage.

{18} Airy and spacious coastal decor

Airy and spacious coastal decor
Beautiful Beach Style Room Decor by Tom Martin And Son, LLC | Photo of William Quarles
The blue and white décor of this room reflects the blue seas and views of the white sky from the large windows. The large windows let in good natural sunlight. Built-in ceiling lights offer lighting at night. The white walls and furniture give the room a bright and happy look. The room feels airy and spacious due to the large windows. The wooden floor also gives a rustic charm to the design. In the same way, the elegant chandelier and glass coffee table give the design a modern touch.

{19} Coastal Colors Living Room Decor

Coastal colors living room decor
Subtle use of sea colors by Linda Ashley decor | Photo of Dennis Krukowski
This cheerful and relaxing living room uses sea colors to create a relaxed atmosphere. The white walls and ceilings make the room feel airy, bright and spacious. The soothing shades of blue and neutral tones in the furniture fit perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The wood tones also provide warmth to the design. In addition, the stylish ceiling lights give the room a modern touch.

{20} Earthy Beach Style Living Room

Earthy Beach Style Living Room
Classic Coastal Living Room Decor By Cortney Bishop Design
This black, white and wood construction really covers all the classic elements of beach style design. The white walls and sofa give the room and airy and spacious feel. The large windows also let in plenty of natural sunlight. Wooden ceilings with exposed beams together with the wooden floor, modern coffee table and vintage chairs give the room a natural rustic charm. In the same way, the comfortable sofa, pillows, throw and black and white carpet give the decor a warm and welcoming feeling. The face design table is a wonderfully crisp addition to the regular room.

{21} Classic black and white coastal decor

Classic black and white coastal decor
Classic black and white American style coastal design of Clare Kennedy decor

This classic black and white everyday design is a perfectly wonderful American coastal design. The abundance of bright white gives the room a bright and happy look. Likewise, the windows let in a lot of natural light which gives the room a light and airy feel. The white walls and large pendant lights enhance the same effect. By contrast, they maintain dark wood floors and subtle black details in window frames, pillows, table lamps and vase's light balance. They bring personality and class to the usual decor. The jute area rug also gives some texture to the design. All in all, this classic room decor is perfect for the bill for a American beach style living room design!

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