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Creative Interior Design Projects

Creative Interior Design Projects

Joanna Laajisto is a highly qualified architect & interior architect from Helsinki. The most amazing thing is that she owned and founded the Joanna Laajisto creative studio. Who has concentrated on and made their vacation on the west coast of the United States?

In Finland, she has now worked for Los Angeles-based international architectural firm named Gensler in major supply projects. Despite her BA degree in internal technology, Joanna is a LEED-qualified designer and builds her a specialist in ecological and energy-producing designs. The work in Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio is nevertheless obsessed with usability and style.

Joanna hopes that a successful configuration is a satisfaction of the customer's knowledge.

In this way, Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio recognizes ventures that go from individual spaces to versatile interior design ideas that include management plans, retail plans and visual marketing. She is extremely talented and works at the same time with her creative studio Joanna Laajisto.

Interior of Joanna Laajisto

Joanna Laajisto

{1} Loyly Restaurant

Loyly Restaurant Interior Design Helsinki
Fully open, served open. Loyly Restaurant is by the sea and gets an airy atmosphere as well as a quiet environment. They have an intellectual separate section for bar and sauna too steam. They have plenty of couches for dinner reservations. This place is located in Hernesaarenranta, Helsinki, Finland.

{2} OX Restaurant

OX restaurant corrugated metal wall decor
OX Restaurant is intimate and stylish among all bars and cafes. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed. Pistachio green walls and red marble tables create interesting contrasts that make the whole interior design fantastic. Located in Pieni Roobertinkatu, Helsinki, Finland.

{3} Wild Herb Cafe & Restaurant

Wild Herb Cafe Industrial decor
The best masterpiece for architect & interior design is that the entire cafe is furnished with wood and Tonnes of Plantations Create an environmentally friendly atmosphere. And the concrete wall gives a surprising look. The table part is decorated with a collection of bricks.

{4} Restaurant History

Black and White Squares Floor Mixing Chairs Story Deli Corkscrew
The interior design part of this restaurant History is made in the exact way that makes wonderful and authentic. You can get a clear view when you have ordered on table. The black and white drawers with flooring are attached very much with colorful flat chairs. Located in Vanha Kauppahalli, Eteläranta and Helsinki, Finland.

{5} Michel Restaurant

Marble countertop wooden flooring restaurant Michel
The biggest attraction element in Michel Restaurant is a centerpiece, a statuario marble countertop in stainless steel and a cocktail bar in stainless steel stands out for its sculptural form and strong geometry, with the rest of the gap made open to a variety of food and drink areas with furniture in ash and beech wood, leather, marble and bronze . This place is located in Mikonkatu, Helsinki, Finland. The food in Michel is fresh, generous and simple. Young, modern, spicy, now, delicious, tasty, surprising, inspiring.

{6} Lundia Kitchen & Trade Show Concept

Black built-in shelf
The floor is carved with cream white marble. And the furniture is of dark black chocolate in color. There are dozens of space to store in different-different spaces such as the large one where you can store raw wood for the stove and so on. This is a fantastic interior design concept for decorating the home with stunning looks and decor.

{7} Beer Beer Bar

Dark interior Beer Beer Bar
Beer Beer Bar get to the bar in the legendary menu of the wine world with thoughts, where the beers are collected under descriptive categories. The dark purple color extends the look of this bar and large retro-type sofas fit the attraction. The address of this beautiful bar is in Erottajankatu, Helsinki, Finland. The artistic work in the wood department is dynamically matched with floors.

{8} Mirum Advertising Agency

Mix and match chairs for Office Cafe Mirum Advertising Agency
Mirum Advertising Agency Located at Pursimiehenkatu 26 C, 00150 Helsinki, Finland. This is self-illuminated or illuminates the factor for interior work that shines around. They have used concrete floors and dark charcoal furniture. And with that, they have used multi-colored chairs that exaggerate the rest of the white ceiling.

High ceiling office design
The section is completely designed for dome structure. They have used lining ways to decorate tables and chairs to utilize more space. The floor is of black steel on it. There are some well-known names of countries and cities on dome walls that attract guests.

{9} Intro Restaurant & Night Club

White Brick Wall Cafe with black and white flooring Intro Restaurant and nightclub
Intro Restaurant & Night Club: A classic location located in the town of Kuopio, the impressive space includes bundles of seats on one side and a nightclub of equal size on the other. The huge round mirrors make the space look much lighter and more airy, while the furniture offers a discreet use of shading among a generally impartial palette found in the bar and salons, secured in a woven.

{10} Finlandia Caviar Shop & Restaurant

Bright interior with pattern plates on floors in Finlandia Caviar shop and restaurant
Located in a grand building, Finlandia Caviar Shop & Restaurant is at 20 Eteläranta, the center of the action in the port of Helsinki. The bar offers views of Helsinki harbor and is opposite the city's outdoor market. Blue chairs are rocket pallets. The ceramic pendant lights look fantastic in the 80's style.

{11} Story Restaurant Old Market Hall

Plants Decorations Story Restaurant Old Market Hall
A vintage-looking market. The main counter table gets fantastic draw through the brightness of the color. Trendy in the heart of Helsinki's recently revived Old Market Hall: Story Restaurant, a grand cafe-restaurant overlooking the sea and a revealing overlay mounting of fish trap lights. The interior of Joanna Laajisto, an expert on fortifying Scandinavia's thoroughness with a fun love.

{12} Helsinki Design Week Dining

Industrial architects and private dining design
Helsinki Design Week : The whole scenario is reminiscent of ancient royal dinners during the feast as some spices of architecture and decor. It is simply decorated with long hanging lamps in black color. The lavish wooden table looks great in a whole scenario with bundles with black glossy chairs and small plantation on it.

{13} Private residence in Helsinki

Kitchen cabinet in black wood
The kitchen is decorated with dark coffee color furniture and royal white colored on the ceiling and walls. Food is in white tones that were emphasized for the long distance.

Modern dark interior living room
Large dark coffee-colored floors are covered with black smooth velvet lounge with the white wide sofa. The rest of the walls are furnished with woodwork.

{14} Mattolaituri Restaurant

Open bar and restaurant Mattolaituri
Mattolaituri is a romantic restaurant or beach bar. The chairs are fantastic design because of the steel wire concept in it. It is located at Ehrenströmintie, Helsinki, Finland. They have variety in food as well as in the bar area both sections catch the heart of the people.
Mattolaituri restaurant, outdoor ideas

{15} Tiger Sushi Restaurant

Black kitchen accessories and wooden shelves
The decor has shown its limits in the food department with graphic printed walls on one side. On another side, it has a hanger for storing sushi pots and its containers. This is called a perfect artistic work.
Wooden furniture with black interior Tiger Sushi Restaurant

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