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How To Style Studded Shoes

Just want to add a little flashy detail to your usual outfits? Studs are really good at it. Since this is my first post on the studded fashion trend, I’ll start with the easiest and most subtle way to add studs to your outfits, which is to wear studded shoes. You may feel a little weird the first time you wear studded shoes, especially for those of you who never enjoy wearing something shiny and catchy. To help build your confidence, I’ve compiled a list of the best ways to style studded studs and boots. Let’s look at them now.

Studded leather shoes with pointed toes and a black outfit


A black leather jacket is often worn with black skinny jeans and leather boots. Now let’s just make a little twist by wearing studded ankle boots. The outfit won’t look really high-profile all of a sudden. Instead, the rivets just add a touch of elegance to the outfit. Don’t confuse the studs with spikes that would make you look hard and rough.

Black studded slippers with black cardigan and boyfriend jeans

black studded loafers cardigan boyfriend jeans

Here is a causal street outfit that perfectly shows that rivets are all about adding a subtle, shiny touch to your outfit. There is nothing uncomfortable or too extraordinary about them. Wear a black and white striped t-shirt, black cardigan, boyfriend jeans with cuffs and the black studded loafers for this outfit. This is the type of outfit you usually wear with white sneakers. Now you are shown an alternative that can make you look great, but in a different, more feminine style.

Light pink strappy sandals with rivets and leather jacket

pale pink strappy sandals

As an elegant-looking leisure outfit, it consists of a white T-shirt, a light pink leather jacket, skinny jeans and strappy heels with rivets that are almost the same color as the jacket. From time to time you will see outfit ideas with color-coordinated jackets and shoes. This is a pretty nice trick indeed that will make your outfit look more complete by gluing all of the pieces together.

Brown ankle boots made of leather with rivets and skinny jeans

brown leather ankle boots outfit with rivets

For a casual outfit perfect for fall, wear a gray t-shirt, denim jacket and wool scarf for the top. Wear skinny jeans and brown leather ankle boots for the buttocks.

Healed boots with studs, white blazer and skinny jeans

Studded healed boots white blazer skinny jeans

This can be worn as a business outfit. Just wear a white button down shirt and a white blazer for the top. Combine these items with skinny jeans and brown boots with rivets.

Black studded ballet heels and black blazer and boyfriend jeans

black ballet shoes with studs and black blazer

If you’re looking for an absolutely stylish way to wear boyfriend jeans, you’ve found one in this outfit idea. For the top, keep things fit by wearing a white V-neck t-shirt and slim black leather jacket. Choose low-waist, ripped, and cuff boyfriend jeans. A pair of black studded ballet shoes is a perfect complement to this ensemble.

Black studded shoes with open toes and a yellow sweater and boyfriend jeans

black studded shoes with open toes, yellow sweater outfit

The yellow sweater is definitely not mainstream. But if you know how to style it, you can look really cute and happy. Wear it with cuffed boyfriend jeans and black studded open-toe shoes.

Yellow studded heels with a royal blue blazer

Yellow trimmed royal blue blazer with rivets

Now let’s get to one that uses some really bright colors. By bright colors, I mean royal blue and yellow. For the top, wear a light yellow V-neck t-shirt and a royal blue blazer. Pair them with boyfriend jeans with cuffs and bright yellow studded heels. This is such a creative and colorful outfit that you can actually wear it to work.

Studded boots with black cardigan

Studded boots with black cardigan

Here’s an outfit idea that uses a slightly darker blue, but I’d say this is just as creative. Wear a blue blouse and black cardigan with skinny jeans and black studded ankle boots. Add an artistic touch by wearing a blue floppy hat.

Studded boots with studs and boyfriend jeans with cuffs

Heeled shoes with studs, boyfriend jeans with cuffs

For most of the outfits I’ve mentioned so far, the cleat design of the shoes only covers a relatively small area. The shoes therefore don’t look too high as they are easy to take off. But for the outfit, the boots are actually heavily studded, up to a point where you need a lot of charisma and character. I’m pretty, some of you have that something in you, so I’ll share it with you anyway. Wear the studded studded boots with a black and gray knit sweater cardigan and cuffed boyfriend jeans for a truly unique look.

Studded heels with a black shift dress

black shift dress with rivets

For a chic all-black look, wear a black sheer sleeve shift dress. Pair them with black boots with studs. One interesting detail that you may have noticed in the picture is that the wallet is actually a black leather-trimmed wallet that goes perfectly with the shoes.

Studded ankle boots with a black long blazer

Studded ankle boots black long blazer

Wear a denim shirt, long black blazer, and black skinny jeans with studded boots for this unisex and stylish look. Wear a black felt hat to make this outfit more unique and artistic. For outfit ideas with similar hats, check out our blog post on how to style a black felt hat.

Studded boots with a gray jeans boyfriend shirt and leather pants

gray jeans boyfriend shirt with rivets

For a casual street outfit, you can wear a white t-shirt with a gray denim shirt for the top. Wear black leather pants and studded ankle boots with these pieces.

Studded heels with a long-sleeved shift dress

Long-sleeved shift dress with studs

For a minimalist and elegant look, you can simply wear a black long sleeve shift dress with black studs.

Studded ankle boots with a shift dress

Studded ankle boots boots shift dress

For warmer weather, wear a black shift dress with black studded ankle boots.

Here are some of my favorite studded shoe outfit ideas that I just shared with you. You should try these ideas. You’ll likely be able to pull them off with surprising ease.

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