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Black Sequin Shorts Outfit Ideas

Black Sequin Shorts Outfit Ideas

Today I’m going to talk about the black sequin shorts that can spice up your street outfits as well as your cocktail party outfits. It’s actually quite rare for a flashy item like this to fit into casual clothing. That’s the part I love the most about the black sequin shorts. No matter what your scenarios, what you are about to see are some of the best black sequin shorts that may be suitable for you. Let’s look at them now.

Black sequin shorts with blazer & heels


Here is a dark and classy outfit that you can wear to a cocktail party if wearing clothes is not your thing. This is especially suitable for managers and bosses who love to dress up. To achieve this look, team a black blazer with a charcoal top. Team them with black sequin shorts and black open heels to complete the elegant and powerful outfit.

Black sequin shorts with a turtleneck

black sequin shorts turtleneck with a tight fit

Here’s a much cozier outfit for those of you who want to look more feminine and approachable at a cocktail party. To shape this outfit, you can simply wear a black turtleneck with black sequin shorts. Wear black stockings and black suede ankle boots to complete your outfit with an extra feminine touch.

Sequin shorts with a white button-up shirt and a black blazer

Sequin shorts white button up shirt black blazer

This is an adventurous attempt at incorporating a pair of black sequin shorts into a work outfit. I think it’s worth trying to see if your workplace allows you to show some creativity on casual Fridays. To achieve this look, wear a black blazer with a white buttoned shirt for the top. A pair of black sequin shorts, stockings and black pointed toe heels is a stylish and stylish way of completing your outfit.

Heather Gray sweater with black sequin shorts

heather gray sweater black sequin shorts

Sometimes when you have run out of ideas how to style those black sequin shorts. Think about how you would style the black leather shorts or even the denim shorts. Replace them with the black sequin shorts and the results are often surprisingly good. In this special outfit I would style the black leather shorts. I would wear them with a heather gray sweater and a pair of black leather ankle boots. With the black sequin shorts, the outfit definitely looks good and unique.

Silver and black sequin shorts with a velvet blazer

Velvet blazer made of silver and black sequin shorts

For a deeper and more sophisticated look, you can wear a black velvet blazer with a white chiffon blouse as a top. Pair them with silver and black sequin shorts, black leggings, and black suede ankle boots to look stylish and chic.

White printed relaxed fit sweater with black shorts

white printed sheater with relaxed fit, black shorts

For a casual and artistic look, you can wear a white crew neck sweatshirt. Pair it with black sequin shorts and black ballerina flats for a classy finish. You can even wear a black knitted hat to add a nice and artistic touch to the outfit.

Wear with a white sleeveless button-up shirt

white sleeveless shirt with buttons

This is a beautiful and playful look that reminds me of a wizard assistant. That doesn’t mean anything bad. It simply means the look is attractive and takes all the attention away from the wizard if necessary. To achieve this look, you can wear a white button down sleeveless shirt and black sequin shorts. Wear black pointed toe pumps with your shoes to complete the look.

Two-piece set with a long-sleeved black sequin top and mini-shorts

two-piece set with long sleeves and black mini shorts with sequins

Here is an all black outfit that looks classy and beautiful. It’s perfect to wear this outfit to a cocktail party. You can argue about how it actually looks better than a cocktail dress. To achieve this great look, you can wear a black long sleeve sequin top with matching sequin mini shorts. Pair them with black ankles and open toe heels to complete this look.

Silver and Black Patterned Sequin Shorts & Faux Fur Vest

silver and black patterned sequin shorts faux fur vest

Now let’s look at this unique layered outfit. For the top, wear a white buttoned shirt and a black faux fur vest. For the bottom, wear black and silver sequin shorts and thigh-high black suede boots. Wear a black clutch to add a stylish twist to your outfit.

Wear with a Heather Gray long sleeve t-shirt

heather gray long-sleeved T-shirt

For a very casual and airy look, you can simply combine the black mini-shorts with sequins with a long-sleeved heather gray T-shirt. Don’t underestimate this simple combination. A relaxed fit long sleeved top and mini shorts will indeed make your legs look long and slender. You can pair these pieces with black heels with ankle straps to complete the look.

White chiffon top with V-neck and black mini shorts

white chiffon top with V-neck, black mini shorts

Here is a black and white outfit that can make you look completely different, yet beautiful, at a cocktail party. For the top, wear a white chiffon blouse with a V-neck. Pair it with black mini sequin shorts and black suede ankle boots. Add a black leather handbag to the mix for a stylish touch.

Green chiffon blouse with black sequin shorts

green chiffon blouse black sequin shorts

To create a very classy and beautiful work outfit, you can wear a green chiffon blouse and combine it with black sequin shorts. A black ballerina flats and a black and white handbag are the perfect accompaniment to your outfit.

Black Sweetheart Strapless Top & Sequin Shorts

black sweetheart strapless top sequin shorts

Here is a very simple yet very sexy cocktail party outfit. To complete this outfit, simply wear a strapless black neckline top and black sequin shorts. Pair them with black heels to look amazing.

Wear it with a white chiffon blouse with a wide sleeve

white chiffon blouse with wide sleeves

To look very natural and airy with the black sequin shorts, you can wear a white chiffon blouse with wide sleeves that has a high, low cut. To add a bit of boho style to the outfit, you can wear black strappy sandals.

Black, semi-transparent chiffon blouse with sequin shorts

black chiffon semi sheer blouse sequin shorts

If you’re allowed to wear mini-shorts in your office on Fridays at least, you can combine a semi-sheer black chiffon blouse with black sequined mini-shorts to create a smart work outfit. Team the pieces with black oxford shoes for a stylish look.

Hope you enjoy the black sequin shorts outfit ideas I just shared with you. It’s amazing to see how easy it is to create a crazy eye catcher like this one. If you want some fun styling, try these outfit ideas above and see how they suit you.

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