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Crochet Dress Outfit Ideas

Crochet Dress Outfit Ideas

When you say crochet dress I mean my grandmother and my aunt. It’s a perfect summer piece that I always associate with handcrafted staples that both made for me, my sisters, and my mother.
We loved wearing crochet dresses. When I see it now, it always reminds me of those days when we waited for new crochet dresses to be made.

This staple looks very trendy. One of the main features is that you can always look unique. The white crochet dresses are just perfect for sun-kissed skin, and the colorful one can be seen on many it-girls from the fashion industry.

I’ve rounded up the list of the 15 best outfit ideas for wearing crochet dresses. You will see how you can style it boho, modern or even minimalist and look absolutely awesome!

Scroll down to enter the crochet world.

Coachella style

Coachella crochet dress
There’s a lot of transparency here, so be sure to wear it for the right occasion. Like music festivals, pool or beach parties and summer concerts. It is not recommended to wear these staples around town or as a casual outfit.
Anyway, this outfit has a perfect boho vibe to it. You will feel comfortable and sexy while wearing it.

Double the trouble

Crochet dress double the hassle
If your best friend wants to wear the same outfit as you, why not try a black and white crochet dress? It looks amazing and everyone will be looking at you!
These long crochet dresses look very sophisticated. You can style them with patent leather ankle boots.

Wear your top as a dress

Crochet dress tunic
Wearing just one top on hot summer days is something we all just love. You will be comfortable walking around your house wearing just a top slash dress. This is the perfect crochet dress that you will absolutely love.

Gypsy style

Crochet dress gypsy
I always find the gypsy style exciting and inspiring. This outfit is a perfect mix of bohemian and gypsy look. Wear your crochet dress over the bikini. It is an excellent solution for your vacation.
Add a bunch of silver jewelry and a straw hat.

Two-tone, cut-out dress

Crochet dress two colors
You can wear this beautiful two-tone dress for both day and night events. It’s perfect for morning coffee in your favorite bar, but it’s also a very suitable piece for a late drink.
You can style it with flat sandals or high heels.

Color stripes

Crochet dress earth tones
The earth colored stripes on this dress go with any color of your coat, jacket or boots. It looks very chic, but you can also wear it as a casual everyday dress.
Team it with the black pointed toe ankle boots and the black clutch.

Long and slim white classic

White crochet dress
The crochet is perfect for hot summer weather. All you have to do is imagine yourself in this outfit combo by the sea while exploring the old town.
Wear your white crochet dress with a side slit, a small shoulder bag and lace-up sandals.

Like a Parisian

Parisienne crochet dress
If you admire the look of the French girls, you should recreate this chic summer look. It looks so cute and elegant. This dress is white but has the embroidered circles in many different colors: blue, red and yellow. Combine it with the strap sandals and the small clutch.

Passion for red

Crochet dress red
The midi red dress is the perfect staple for dinner with friends in a chic downtown restaurant. You can pair it with a leather jacket for an edgy look. Wear it with pointy animal themed toe shoes and a furry, colorful bag. Which, by the way, looks very interesting.

Coral red for elegance and glamor

Coral red crochet dress
The coral open neckline dress is perfect if you want to look very sophisticated and elegant. However, if you don’t want to wear sequins or glitter, choose a crochet dress.
You can combine it with black strappy sandals and a small black shoulder bag.

Style combination

Crochet dress combination
If you think a full crochet dress is just too much for you, this is the go-to option. A beautiful long dress in autumn red and orange is perfect for all kinds of formal events. You can decorate it with a large belt like this one and top it off with the red patent leather ankle boots.

Splash of color

Crochet dress colorful
If you are a fan of the hippie style of dressing then you will definitely like this outfit combo.
It looks effortless, but the dress itself makes a statement. Full of colors, it will really get all the attention. Wear it with flats or funky sandals.

Do it the boho way

Crochet dress boho
When you say crochet dress I say boho! Lace, embroidery and crochet are the main features of this style. This look isn’t that difficult to achieve. All you need is barefoot, sun-kissed skin and a white crochet dress. Imagine on the beach or in the countryside by the river and enjoy.

Side ruffles

Crochet eggshell dress
This eggshell white dress is perfect for a pool party or a walk on the beach. You don’t need any additional detail to complement this dress as it alone makes a statement. Just add a clutch and trendy mules and you’re good to go!

Thigh high boots with crochet dress

Crochet dress overknee boots
Beautiful colors of this mini dress make you look unique. The outfit itself is unique and very stylish. It can be a perfect option for elegant occasions, like late evening dinners, outdoor parties, or even nightclubs.
Wear it with brown thigh high boots for a super trendy look.

In all honesty, I thought I’d never wear a crochet dress again. After searching for this item, I just found out that I would love to wear a crochet dress. After all these years it is still very trendy and fashionable.
Hope you enjoyed reading these outfit ideas. Be sure to read all of the other style guides we’ve prepared for you!

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