Wednesday , 22 May 2024
American Decor Style

American Decor Style

Beauty in simplicity: how to describe the main principle of American decor style. That is why it has won the hearts of many designers all over the world – short lines and muted colors. We have chosen the best interior with a true Scandinavian character. The noble and luxurious sofa in the form of silhouette Simone highlighted the delicate opal. Comfort guaranteed: in such a society will spend a lot of weekends. The sofa needs business: complete interior coffee table from natural wood. Despite its obvious simplicity, it is very compact and easily fits all your things. Made of teak, TV stands embody the best traditions Scandinavian style. Strength and brevity – more do not need. In Scandinavian interiors, the important role is played by unusual details and good lighting. Therefore, floor lamp, curved shape, reminiscent of a grasshopper – an absolute must.

Small apartment with a room with private and public zone

By installing the additional partitions, the 18 square meter room could arrange one comfortable bedroom and welcoming living room with a small library and one spacious storage system. This compact and functional apartment will definitely please all tenants!

So according to the designer’s CO: interior can look flat, which the owners plan to get investment from the rental of this rental property. The customer plans to give the future space to rent young couples without children, so the interior of this apartment must be modern, but at the same time not too knock in the wallet for the owner of the property. One of the most important customer requirements was to only divide the living room into two zones – private and public.

According to American decor, for a young couple it is important to create a modern, functional and comfortable living space. After all, space and modern content – some of the most important criteria when choosing a rental apartment. There must be a place to accommodate guests, a special home office area, a place to sleep and lounge. Must, among other things, provide a sufficient number of places to store things.

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