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Traditional Style Bedrooms

Traditional Style Bedrooms

The apartment is a bedroom designed for a family with four husbands, wives and two teenage sons. The customer is very interesting Traditional style bedroom Today, the profession he studies botany and breeding of rare plants. Work is a passion in his life. He is so fascinated by her that I wanted to turn a space in my house into a blooming ridge of tropical plants and flowers.

His wife is interested in Eastern or traditional style philosophy, often in exotic countries, where tea is brought to the store. Her main wish was an open space, maximum sunlight and air. The lakes are teenagers dreaming of a separate game room where they could spend their free time.

First of all, the customer wanted in the bedroom was the most open-minded layout. We had to create a kitchen-dining room in combination with living room – spacious single large family area bathed in natural light. For them was to join the parents' personal space, consisting of a bedroom and bathroom with separate entrance. By the way, the bathroom is in the heart of the apartment – our desire to fit a real one natural landscape in the space for modern housing apartments.

The hall would also become part of the extended family room and serve as a lookout from which you see all the rooms in the house.

Designed to accommodate guests and leisure activities

The nursery was divided into functional parts: the private area (for sleep studies) and the overall game, designed to accommodate guests and leisure activities.

The main purpose of the redevelopment was to create the most open space, both visually and on the ground. The rooms communicate vessels there instead of water from one to the other in the sunlight. We achieved this effect thanks to the dismantling of more internal room dividers. New partitions are mounted from the smart soundproofing glass with adjustable transparency.

We wanted the space to be open nature. Inside each element found its place. In the kitchen / dining room, hall also bathroom appeared hanging gardens of real living plants and flowers, placed in a special photo blocker; the living room has a fireplace; in the corridor – pool with waterfall.

For floors we chose porcelain tiles and natural wood of various valuable traditional style bedroom. To complete the ceilings and walls of the nursery and playrooms used plywood and wall panels of natural moss.

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