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Sequin Leggings Outfit Ideas

Sequin Leggings Outfit Ideas

When you say sequins, most people will associate it with New Years Eve, Christmas parties, or celebrations in general. However, wearing sequins shouldn’t be reserved only in the holiday party category. With a few tips and a few outfit ideas, you can wear sequins even in daylight. That’s why I decided to show you how to put on sequin leggings.

Even if you didn’t know, sequin pants can be integrated into very casual outfit combinations. Don’t leave them in a dark corner of your wardrobe. Be brave and walk in them in the middle of the day!

Using my tips and some outfit ideas I’ve put together for you, you’ll find what works best for you and you’ll nail down every outfit you want to wear.

Sequin elegance

Sequin leggings elegance
When it comes to parties and celebrations, sequin leggings should be your first choice. If you’re not a fan of dresses, wear these classy leggings and you won’t be disappointed. Combine them with a white blazer and a black turtleneck for a sophisticated atmosphere and lots of glamor.
You can wear this combination with sandals or stilettos as in the photo above.

Sequin Leggings and Dorothy Red Shoes

Sequin leggings red shoes
This is a fantastic way to add even more fun to your combination of sequin leggings – by wearing red shoes! You will slow down the monochrome combo and you will deserve a lot of amazed (hopefully positive) looks. Combine your gold sequin leggings with a white blazer and blouse of the same color.

Gold sequin leggings with white blouse

Gold sequin leggings
There is nothing like white gold combinations. If you go to dinner, go for it. This combo is a perfectly legitimate choice even if you go to a place that is pretty casual. Soothe the sparkle with black pointe shoes and a red bag.

Emerald green leggings

emerald green sequin leggings
Sequin leggings and a printed T-shirt make a nice combination. It is safe to wear this combination for day or night events. This outfit has a rock and roll vibe due to the print, but also a bit of elegance.
When it comes to shoes, you can wear biker boots for edgy or stilettos for a sleek look.

Black vintage look with sequins

Sequin leggings black vintage
When you see an arched neckline you know there is a vintage look to it. However, this outfit is a perfect combination of modern and vintage look. Sequin leggings are very fashionable, and the blouse with the black bow is kind of a staple that’s a blast from the past.
In any case, this outfit is beautiful. You can style it with strappy sandals and wear it for formal occasions.

Rockstar Look Alike

Sequin leggings faux fur coat
Printed t-shirt, faux fur coat and sequin pants make you look like a real superstar! Sneakers offer a lot of comfort, so you can wear this outfit for your casual combination.
This is a great example of how to wear sequin leggings during the day and style at night.

Sequin leggings with black Converse

Sequin leggings talk
Would you like to have sequins and sneakers in the same outfit? No problem! This outfit is amazingly balanced between elegant and casual. Team your emerald green faux fur jacket with a printed t-shirt and sequin leggings for a great house party on New Years Eve.
In addition, you can wear this outfit for a daily walk.

Christmas sweater with sequin leggings

Sequin leggings ugly sweater
Do you know the “ugly sweater” that you have to wear on vacation? Well, this one doesn’t look like it, but it’s actually designed for New Years Eve. Either way, this is a fantastic combination of pink sequin leggings and a black embroidered sweater that you will love to wear on vacation.

Black blazer and sequin leggings

Sequin leggings red bag
Think of this combination as your new workwear. You can pair your gold sequin leggings with a black blazer and white blouse. It’s fluid and loose so you will feel comfortable.
The red bag is a lovely detail, and black stilettos are here to add a big dose of glamor to you.

Black over-the-one shoulder sweater and sequin leggings

Sequin gaiters over the one-shoulder sweater
If you want to feel warm and stylish at the same time, consider wearing an oversized sweater. You can wear it over your shoulder and combine it with sequin pants. The combination is very chic, but you will not look overdressed.

Classy way of wearing sequins

Sequin leggings noble
The blouse with a white belt looks very elegant and sophisticated. You can make this outfit more elegant by adding sequin leggings and high-heeled strappy sandals. It’s perfect for vacation dinners with your family. This is a classic way of wearing sequins.

Gray coat and sequin pants

Sequin leggings gray coat
It’s important to be warm on cold winter days. This gray coat can give you that. On the other hand, sequin leggings will make your outfit more elegant and prepared for the party. You can pair this outfit with both heels and sneakers for a more casual look.

Printed sequin leggings

Sequin leggings stars
If sequins aren’t enough for you, you can wear these pants that even have stars printed on them. It looks super cool and wearable, even for casual events.
You can combine the sequin leggings with black ankle boots and a black coat.

White top with sequin gaiters

Sporty sequin leggings
This is a classic yet fascinating combination. It consists of casual and loose sequin leggings and a white sweatshirt. A mix of sporty staples and sequins is a very interesting thing. Why don’t you try

Sequin Bell Bottoms

Sequin leggings bell bottoms
There is so much you can do to bring out the proportions of your body. For example, wearing sequin trousers with a bell bottom can help. Wear it with an oversized sweatshirt and you have a winning outfit!

Gray sweater and sequin leggings

Sequin leggings gray sweater
Peep-toe ankle boots made of lace are combined with sequin leggings and a gray sweater. Leandra decided to stick with calm and neutral colors this time. Although the sequins are for more elegant occasions, this combo is pretty casual.

All that’s left is to wear sequin leggings and look glamorous. Sparkling outfits shouldn’t be in the dark corner of your wardrobe. You have to choose them and wear them for casual and classy occasions.
Be sure to read all of the other outfit ideas we’ve prepared for you!

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