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How To Wear Elastic Waist Jeans

How To Wear Elastic Waist Jeans

There used to be a time when elastic waist jeans were only worn because they easily fit your body no matter how many inches you gain. I actually heard an interesting theory about wearing elastic waist pants because you would not notice how much weight you are putting on and this leads to a severely obese body. Anyway, in today’s fashion world, the elastic waist jeans are actually very fashionable because of the gathered waist details in the jeans. I will let you judge if this is a trend that will go viral and will stay here. Here are some of the best elastic waist jeans outfit ideas I’ve gathered for you.

T-shirt with red and white number print and jeans with blue elastic waist


If you think about it, the trend could be returning to elastic waist jeans as they look very similar to the sweatpants that are very popular these days. It makes sense to wear them casually like you would for the sweatpants. For example, you can wear a red and white t-shirt with blue jeans with an elastic waist. If you want to look casual and classy, ​​pair this outfit with brown suede loafers.

White crop top with light blue, elastic waist jeans with cuffs

light blue elastic waist jeans with white crop top

Here is a pair of light blue jeans with an elastic waist that looks almost like cigarette jeans. To style it, you can wear it with a white crop top and white sneakers for a casual and sporty look. You can wear this low-key sexy outfit in summer or spring to part with others who are constantly wearing white t-shirts and denim shorts.

White, short-cut long-sleeved sweatshirt with denim jogger pants

white cropped long sleeve sweatshirt denim jogger pants

As already mentioned, the elastic waist jeans are like a variation on the jogger pants. This particular pair of jeans makes that pretty obvious. To build a casual and sporty outfit around the jeans, you can wear them with a white cropped sweatshirt and white sneakers.

Blue wide leg jeans with elastic waist and white top

blue wide elastic waist jeans white top

For an airy and refreshing spring look, you can wear these blue jeans with an elastic waist and wide legs. Team it with a white cropped t-shirt and white sandals. To make the outfit more refreshing and eye-catching, you can wear a straw hat to add a stylish touch to the overall look.

Blue cuffed straight leg jeans with leather sneakers

blue straight leg and straight leg jeans sneakers

For a very simple look, you can just wear a white t-shirt. Tuck it into a pair of blue jeans with an elastic waist and straight leg. For the shoes, wear a pair of black and white leather trainers to add style and shine to this simple outfit. Wear a white bag to complete this simple and airy look.

White t-shirt with long sleeves and baggy jeans with an elastic 3D waist

white long-sleeved t-shirt with elastic waist and baggy jeans with long sleeves

I’m not sure you’ve heard of the 3D jeans. It is very difficult to explain what they are, but I’ll try here. The 3D jeans have the diagonal cutting and sewing, which makes the jeans always look puffy. These special 3D jeans in this outfit are elastic waist baggy jeans. You can pair it with a long sleeve t-shirt with a white print and white low top sneakers to look casual and unique.

Black cropped sweater with white jeans

black cropped sweater white jeans

A combination of a black sweater and white jeans is a very typical way to style. Now this outfit gives the combo some tweaks to really spice things up. The top has become a black, cropped sweater and the white jeans are not the white jeans with an elastic waist. Pair them with black open toe heels to complete this low-key sexy black and white outfit.

Black t-shirt with blue jeans with cuffs

black t-shirt blue jeans with cuff

Here is a casual and stylish outfit. For the top, you can just wear a black t-shirt. Pair it with blue elastic jeans with a waistband and, interestingly, with a pair of black oxford shoes. Wear a black felt hat to add an artistic touch to the look. If you’d like to see more outfit ideas for similar hats, maybe check out our blog post on How to Style a Black Felt Hat.

White short t-shirt with ripped baggy jeans

white short t-shirt with ripped baggy jeans

To achieve a boyish and playful look, you can start with the white cropped t-shirt. Team it with blue baggy jeans with an elastic waist and star-shaped details on the knees. A pair of white low top sneakers is a great way to keep your outfit clean and simple.

White Form Fitting Top with High Rise Straight Leg Jeans

white figure-hugging high-rise jeans with straight legs

These jeans look a lot like mom jeans, only they are elasticized waist. You can easily wear these light blue high waisted jeans with a white bodycon sweatshirt. Wear this outfit with black loafers for an extra layer of style.

White print t-shirt with cropped jeans with an elastic waist

T-shirt with elastic waist and white print

For a youthful and passionate look, you can wear a white printed t-shirt with short elastic waist jeans. Combine the outfit with pink platform heels to give the outfit a feminine touch. To make the outfit look even more youthful, a baseball cap can certainly help.

Light pink crop top with high waisted jeans

Light pink crop top high waisted ripped jeans

This is a minimal outfit that looks just amazing. For the top, wear a light pink linen top made of linen. For the lower part, wear high-rise, elastic jeans. Very creative and stylish, wear a pair of gray suede oxford shoes to complete the outfit with a stylish and elegant touch.

White button-up shirt with skinny jeans with an elastic waist

white shirt with elastic waist and skinny jeans

It is very common to wear a white button down shirt and skinny jeans. When you replace the ordinary skinny jeans with the skinny jeans with an elastic waist. The result is surprisingly equally good. Combine the pieces with white sneakers to complete the outfit in a simple and neat way.

Here are the elastic waist jeans outfit ideas that I really want to share with you. There is no question that the skinny jeans are the favorite jeans for many people, at least for the time being, including me. But you will miss a lot if you stick to the same guy over and over again.

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