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Brown Knee High Boots Outfits

Brown Knee High Boots Outfits

Your choice of shoes can make a huge difference to your entire outfit. This is especially true when it comes to brown knee high boots. They are just magical in terms of style and character that they can add to your outfit in an instant. They usually come in the form of suede boots and leather boots. Regardless, you can build very stylish outfits around them. For this blog post, I’ve rounded up some of the best outfit ideas for brown knee high boots into an exciting list. Now let’s check it out.

Brown knee-high boots with a white blazer and a tassel mini skirt


Here is a super chic look that I’ll start the list with. It’s a very nice brown and white outfit. Wear it with a white top and a mini skirt with a white tassel. Wear a white long blazer over it. Combine them with knee-high boots made of brown suede for this feminine and great look.

Knee-high knee-high leather boots with a gray hoodie dress

brown leather knee high boots gray hoodie dress

For a more artistic look, try a gray and brown outfit. To achieve this look, you can wear a gray hoodie dress that already looks so casual and unique. Wear a gray denim jacket over it. Finally, wear the knee-high brown leather boots to add a stylish touch to the already cool-looking outfit.

Knee high boots made of brown suede with a chambray boyfriend shirt

knee high boots made of brown suede chambray boyfriend shirt

For a very casual yet stylish look, you can wear a chambray boyfriend shirt with black skinny jeans. Pair them with brown suede knee high boots to complete this really simple and clean outfit. This is the kind of cozy and easy outfit you’d want to wear when you just want to stop by a friend’s house quickly.

Wear it with a gray wrap dress and black leggings

gray wrap dress black leggings

It’s pretty rare to see a wrap dress. And here is a really cute looking gray long sleeve wrap dress with a nifty belt design. You can just wear it with black leggings and a pair of brown leather knee high boots for a nice and cozy look.

Brown leather boots with a light green blazer

brown leather boots lime green blazer

Usually an outfit should only have two to three main colors. Here’s a rare one that uses four colors and still looks great. To achieve this colorful and playful look, wear a royal blue vest top with a knee-length navy pencil skirt. Wear a long light green blazer over the parts. Finally, wear a pair of yellowish-brown knee-length leather boots to complete the outfit in style.

Knee-high boots made of brown suede with a color-coordinated leather skirt

brown suede knee high boots with matching leather skirt

This is a minimal outfit that looks very simple yet beautiful. You can simply wear a white tank top with a brown leather button-facing mini skirt. Combine it with a long gray cardigan that comes down to your knees. For the shoes, wear a pair of knee-high boots made of brown suede to make your legs look longer and the whole look more feminine and stylish.

Brown boots with a white crochet shift dress

brown boots white crocheted shift dress

One of the easiest and most refreshing ways to style those brown knee high boots is to pair them with a mini dress. As an example, you can wear a white crochet mini dress and pair it with knee high boots made of brown suede for a simple and amazing look.

Camel trench coat with knee-high suede boots

knee-high suede boots with a camel trench coat

The camel color is a very specific dark brown color that looks vintage and stylish. Here is a good looking camel and black outfit to relate to. For the top, wear a camel top with a camel trench coat. For the floor there were black skinny jeans and knee-high boots made of brown suede.

Wear it with a black moto jacket and a black and white mini skirt

black moto jacket black and white miniskirt

After mentioning some simple outfits, that doesn’t mean you can build a more sophisticated outfit and look good. It will likely just take a little bit of extra effort and risk. Anyway, here is an example of a more complex layered outfit. For the top, you can wear a crepe vest top with a black moto leather jacket. Combine them with a black and white printed mini skirt. Create stylish and feminine layers by wearing black stockings and knee high boots made of brown leather.

Wear it with a white knitted sweater with a mock neckline

white knitted sweater with stand-up collar

For a cozy and approachable look, you can wear a chunky white knit high neck sweater. Pair it with dark blue skinny jeans and knee-high boots made of brown suede. The result is a very casual street outfit.

Brown boots with a gray t-shirt and denim shorts

brown boots gray t-shirt denim shorts

Here is a very stylish and non-mainstream way of styling those knee-high brown leather boots. You can achieve this unique look by wearing the boots with a gray t-shirt and ripped denim shorts. You can even carry a brown leather handbag to better glue the pieces together.

Dark blue and white checked shirt and knee high boots made of brown leather

Navy white checked shirt, knee high leather boots made of brown leather

For a cool boyish outfit that you can wear for outdoor activities, wear a white vest top with a navy and white plaid boyfriend shirt. Wear them with blue skinny jeans and brown leather knee high boots for a simple and stylish way to complete your outfit. A baseball cap is the icing on the cake.

Wear with white wool coat dress

white wool coat dress outfit

This is a simple and pretty outfit that consists of a long white wool coat dress and black skinny jeans. For a deeper look, complete the outfit with black suede boots. To look more stylish you can wear the brown knee high leather boots as shown in the picture above.

Wear it with a brown long leather jacket and a gray printed mini dress

brown long leather jacket gray printed mini dress

For this outfit, the long brown leather jacket and the brown knee-high boots go perfectly together. Wear a nice gray printed mini dress to glue the pieces together to create a beautiful outfit.

Light brown suede boots with a checked shirt dress

light brown suede boots plaid shirt dress

For a casual and chic look, you can simply wear a green plaid shirt dress with knee high boots made of light brown suede. Tie a denim jacket around your waist for this super chic and simple look.

Here are the brown knee high boot outfit ideas that are really stylish and most importantly, very easy to take off. If you have a single pair of brown knee high boots in your closet, you can easily add hundreds of outfits to your outfit portfolio.

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