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Classic Victorian Living Room Designs

Classic Victorian Living Room Designs

When it comes to luxurious, ornate and unique furniture, the Victorian style is simply unmatched. The Victorian era was a complete opposite of today's minimalist styles. It was a time of heavy ornate furniture, rich colors, lots of embellishments and a preference for knickknacks. As a result, the Victorian style is romantic, complex, warm, dramatic and rich. As homeowners today begin to explore ornate and vintage décor, the Victorian style has once again found new admirers. Victorian style is sure to be a popular design for living room with homeowners. A typical Victorian living room is very orderly, formal and precise. It's not just beautiful rooms to look at and show off. They can be as practical and functional as a living room with a different style. Often, a bold, exquisite and refined Victorian-style living room can provide welcome relief from the monotonous contemporary architecture.

Rooms decorated in Victorian style have a lot of decorations. They also strongly reflect the owner's personality. For some people, decorating a Victorian living room is also a way to honor history and showcase the owners' interests. Entering a Victorian living room is often a feast for the senses. There is so much to enjoy and even more to admire. The Victorian style is full of visual abundance. The main features of this style include rich colors and fabrics, heavy and ornate furniture, period designs, etc. Similarly, the architecture includes period ducts, ceiling panels, wall moldings and tapestries. Despite its heavy and ornate decor, the Victorian design is full of warmth and comfort. Rich marble floors, sensual fabrics, layered window treatments and plush upholstery contribute to the overall comfort of a Victorian room.

{1} Victorian white-themed living room

White themed Victorian living room
Sophisticated white themed living room by Richard Massa Architects
This Victorian design living room breaks the norm with a not so typical design. It does not have a fresh and heavy interior. On the contrary, the design achieves sophistication and richness through soft colors and plush fabrics. The room has a white theme with soft colors in the furniture. The ceiling and walls are painted white to reflect more light and make the room look bigger than it really is. The carved wall fittings give the room a sophisticated and old world look. The ornate fireplace mantle adds to the old world look. The soft colors of the modern interior contribute to the sophistication of the design. The capital design Ottoman and cozy throws along with shag mat add warmth and comfort to the interior. The chandelier is a touch of style and abundance.

{2} Victorian Room Design for soft colors

Soft color Victorian room design
Bright and happy living room design of MW Hunter Custom Design LLC
The soft colors and large windows in this traditional living room make it look bright and cheerful. The soft yellow wall color is light and yet adds some drama to the interior. The white ceiling and window treatment enhance the bright and happy feeling in the room. The yellow upholstery on the armchairs together with the lace gives the design warmth. The ivory area rug and sofa also illuminates the room and increases the cozyness of the decor. The antique coffee table and chandelier Add a touch of style. The white color of layered window treatments prevents it from looking heavy and adds further to the Victorian look.

{3} Colorful interior design in living room design

Colorful interior living room design
Fantastic Victorian living space in Manhattan apartment of Eberlein | Photo of Tom Crane
This sumptuous Victorian living room is full of colors and patterns. The soft yellow wall color adds warmth and joy to the interior. The green armchair support in flowers goes well with the other furniture of the decor. In addition, the colorful carpet and coffee table for the living room add some color and pattern to the design. The multicolored window treatment further adds to the colorful design. In the same way, the heavy ornate chandelier and the ornate fireplace mantle give the room a Victorian appeal. The mill that trims the walls further adds to the Victorian feel of the interior.

{4} Grand White and Gold Living Room

Grand White and Gold Living Room
Classic interior in apartment in Moscow city hall of Aplan
This classic Victorian living room is full of abundance and comfort. Marble floors and soft wall color make the room look bright and airy. The plush sofas and warm colors of the furniture make the room inviting and comfortable. The antique coffee table and side tables together with other antique furniture in the room give an old world feeling to the interior. Similarly, the painted ceilings, porticons, gilding and decoration of stucco corners give the room a Victorian look. The elegant ceiling lights, table lamps and chandelier give the room Victorian appeal. The different art paintings and fireplace also give the same look. All in all, the fantastic room is a perfect example of authentic Victorian interior design.

{5} Modern colors traditional living room

Traditional living room with modern colors
Traditional living room in not so traditional colors
This living room has all the elements of a Victorian design. Roofs and doors have fittings while the fireplace has ornate decorations. The armchair near the fireplace along with the sofa and coffee table also have Victorian design. The wall art and the window table decoration add some character to the decor. In contrast, the green color of the walls and the green and pink window treatments and sofa colors provide some fun in the interior. Similarly, the colorful upholstery lifts the mood of the room. The multicolored carpet looks like a blanket and contributes to the playful and fun environment. The use of non-traditional colors in traditional style furnishings gives the room a visual interest.

{6} Warm Victorian living room design

Warm Victorian living room design
Warm and luxurious Victorian design in Charleston by SLC Interiors
From ornate crown molding and roofing to Victorian style furniture and hardwood floors, this living room is truly a perfect example of classic Victorian interiors. The earthy tones of the furniture and the brown carpets, as well as the polished wooden floors, give the design warmth. The beautiful chandeliers and floor lamps match the brown and bronze tones of the furniture. The plush furniture with shiny velvet upholstery gives the room a luxurious feel. Fittings for arches, doors and windows give a Victorian look. Similarly, the rococo stucco ceiling and decorative crown molding add to the Victorian appeal of the place.

{7} Victorian design with dark colors

Dark colors Victorian design
Elegant Victorian interior in a Long Grove house of Pickell Building | Photo by Linda Oyama Bryan
The dark colors of this elegant Victorian design only serve to enhance the luxurious look of this room. The dark cherry-colored walls in wainscot and polished wood flooring give the room a sensual appeal. The built-in bookshelves on both sides of the stone stove surround the coil stove and provide decorative visual interest. In contrast, the white color of the ceiling compartment with floor-to-ceiling fittings and windows releases natural light and balances the dark interiors. Likewise, stylish window blinds and rugs with floral print patterns give designs to the decor. Chesterfield armchair and Ottoman, wooden armchair and plush velvet lace on the sofa provide warmth and comfort to the décor. The antique coffee table with marble top together with the ornate chandelier and elegant wall lamps gives the room a Victorian look.

{8} Victorian high ceiling design room

Victorian high ceiling design room
Opulent Victorian decor of Affinity Architects
This Victorian high ceiling living room is an example of a fantastic design. Ceiling wall fittings, arches and skylights are reminiscent of the old world architecture. Similarly, the antique wooden chest and ornate coffee table further enhance the Victorian look. The soft colors of the plush furniture add warmth and light to the interior. The floral carpet for rugs also gives a Victorian look. The elegant chandelier and the ornate mirror give the room a luxurious look.

{9} Push Pink Victorian Living Room

Plush pink Victorian living roomClassic colors living room design by Haleh Design | Photo by Gorden Beall
The soft pink color in this living room was tailor made for the owners. However, for the mowers, the designers used Benn More HC-27 Monterey white semi-gloss. Wall fittings and gilding give the room luxury. The accent of the gold lighting from the crystal chandelier further enhances this effect. The layered window treatment in classic curtains with flowers with tassels gives the room a Victorian look. The Victorian furniture by Colombo Mobili in earthy brown and soft green colors really gives the room warmth and character. The oriental carpet from flowers with print from Tabriz also improves the cozy look of the room. In addition, a small antique chest shows the owners' collection of antique Herand kits with limited edition.

{10} Earthy colors Victorian design

Earthy colors Victorian design
Warm, earthy colors Victorian room of Interiors by Myriam LLC
The earthy colors of this dark Victorian living room make it look extremely warm and comfortable. The ornate carved screen in the corner and the beautiful iron scroll wall art really give the room a Victorian feel. The brown shades of the furniture match the light brown ceiling and the walls. The stylish white table lamp and wall lamps reinforce the old world of decor. The layered brown window drops in the silk match the warm colors of the decor and also give the room a luxurious look. The stunning black coffee table contrasts with the oriental white carpet. Despite the dark tones of the decor and furniture, the room looks welcoming and grand at the same time.

{11} Classic wood and white design

Classic wood and white design
Classic elegance with bright colors in Villa in Clapham by Cochrane Design | Photo of Paul Craig
It is not necessary to indulge in heavy ornate ornaments, jewel tones and exaggerated displays of luxury to get a sophisticated Victorian decor. This classic living room with white and wood is a good example. this living room has crisp white walls with rococo stucco ceilings and ornate ceiling fittings. Full wainscot wall panel and fireplace give the room a Victorian look. The classic white chandelier further enhances this look. A white white sofa and bench in modern style in damask upholstered silk together with the white velvet area mat fits the decor's white theme. However, the dark wooden side tables, tea tray and mirror frame add some color to the interior. The wall art and the flower vase give the room a certain character.

{12} Subtly luxurious traditional living room

Subtly luxurious traditional living room
Sophisticated and grand Victorian living room off Bucks-Mont NARI and Yeager Renovations
This transitional everyday design has many Victorian elements in it. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in a lot of natural light. The white silk window treatments are not layered but still have a rather old charm. However, the dark wood floor gives the room a Victorian look. The velvet in the carpet further enhances this look. Likewise, lavender Chesterfield sofa and white armchairs add color to the interior and give the room a Victorian appeal. The glass-topped coffee table and the ruby-red glass-topped side table together with the chandelier are a modern touch to the interior. The small fireplace and the wall art gallery above give the room a visual interest.

{13} Eclectic wallpaper living room

Eclectic wallpaper living room
Colorful furnishings in Jayne House, Möbelsgård at Eberlein
This colorful living room is full of patterns and patterns. The soft blue roof with white trim looks very sober. The eclectic wallpaper design gives the room a visual interest. It also improves the appeal of the floral pattern in the carpet. The fantastic silk and blue-layered window blinds enhance the room's rich feel. The room's upholstery is also available in different colors and designs. It also gives interest and character to the room. The fantastic wooden table and crystal chandelier enhance the Victorian room. All in all, this Victorian everyday decor looks lively and lively.

{14} Living room in black and gold

Black and gold living room
Bold and beautiful living room in Beacon Hill at TMS Architects
This exquisite Victorian living room design is rich in colors and designs. The glossy black ceiling and the black and gold motif wallpaper provide a perfect base for the plush furniture and the ornate framed paintings that adorn the maximalist interior. The walls are adorned with a self-portrait of Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens, above the fireplace, and William Redmore Biggs family Portrait, circa 1755-1828, above the club chair in gilded frames. The upholstery has warm earthy colors accented by golden accent lights from the elegant wall lamps and the green table lamp. The cozy furniture, gold details and accent lights are combined to make this small room look luxurious and grand.

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