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How To Style Fleece Vest

How To Style Fleece Vest

A fleece vest can be worn to add extra airy style to your look and keep you warm without making you look chunky. It’s one of those versatile things you need in winter when the weather is cold enough to wear a puffer jacket. I have to admit that it’s not one of those things that can make you look gorgeous, it can just be part of an above-average looking outfit most of the time. Remember, however, that it is very comfortable to wear so there is a tradeoff. To help you look your best with the fleece vest, I’ve rounded up some of the best ways to style the fleece vest for you. Let’s look at them now.

White fleece vest with a dark blue and white checked boyfriend shirt


Most of the time, a fleece vest looks best when it’s part of a casual outfit. For example, wear a dark blue and white checked boyfriend shirt with a white fleece vest for the top. Pair them with black skinny jeans and brown combat boots.

White fleece vest with a gray knitted sweater and sky blue jeans

white fleece vest gray knitted sweater sky blue jeans

If you don’t like the down-to-earth and unisex feel of the boyfriend shirt, then this more feminine outfit should be tried out. Simply combine a white fleece vest with a gray knitted sweater. Wear sky blue skinny jeans with camel suede ankle boots for the buttocks to keep the shade soft.

White waistcoat with denim shirt and jeans with cuffs

white vest denim shirt cuffed jeans

Back to the boyfriend shirt outfits, you can actually change the style up a bit by wearing a different boyfriend shirt. For example, wear a white vest with a denim boyfriend shirt, jeans with cuffs and ankle boots for a breezy and casual look.

Wear with a blue and white checked boyfriend shirt

blue and white checked boyfriend shirt

As a slight departure from the previous outfit, replace the denim shirt with a blue and white plaid shirt for an even lighter shade. Pair the outfit with flip flops for a really casual outfit that is perfect for stopping by a friend’s house.

Brown vest over black and white striped long-sleeved T-shirt

brown vest with striped t-shirt

If you want to look slimmer with the vest, combine it with a form-fitting t-shirt. For example, wear a white, long-sleeved, striped t-shirt with a slim fit and a brown fleece vest for the top. Complete your outfit with skinny jeans and black leather boots.

Camel fleece vest with jeans and high boots

Camel fleece vest jeans thigh high boots

This outfit is a relatively feminine outfit with the overknee boots. For the top, wear a long-sleeved black t-shirt with a camel fleece vest. Then pair it with skinny jeans and black over-the-knee suede boots. Wear a black knitted hat for an extra touch of beauty.

Wear with a red and white checked shirt and jeans

red and blue plaid shirt jeans

For a cozy and casual look, you can wear this red and white checked shirt with a white waistcoat, skinny jeans and brown flats. This is one of those outfits if you just want to go to a coffee shop for coffee. You want an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Ivory vest over white top & ankle boots

Ivory vest over white ankle boots

Here is another casual work outfit that is very comfortable to wear. It consists of a long-sleeved white T-shirt and an ivory-colored fleece vest for the top, as well as skinny jeans and black heels for the bottom.

White vest with a black top and skinny jeans

white vest black top skinny jeans

This outfit looks great and can be worn for casual gatherings. Just wear a black long sleeve t-shirt and a white fleece vest for the top. Pair them with black leggings and brown knee-high leather boots.

Camel vest with blue, red and white checked shirt

Camel vest blue red white plaid shirt

For an outfit with a more unique and colorful color combination, wear a blue, red, and white plaid shirt that matches the camel vest. Add a pair of skinny jeans and gray heels to the equation.

White button-up shirt with black fleece vest

white button shirt black fleece vest

You don’t always have to wear a plaid shirt. For a black fleece vest with a more elegant cut, you can wear it with a white button-up shirt for a classy and artistic feel. Combine them with skinny jeans and black heels. Wear a cheetah clutch for an extra touch of sophistication.

Green waistcoat over denim shirt & checked skirt with high waist

green vest denim shirt high waisted checked skirt

A green and blue outfit can be quite unique and yet very comfortable to look at. For example, wear a blue denim shirt with a green fleece vest for the top. Team it with a high-waisted green, blue and white checked mini skirt. Wear a pair of brown leather mid-calf boots for a more stylish look.

Cream colored vest over white top and jeans

cream colored vest over white jeans

For a really casual street look, you can wear a cream colored fleece vest with a very typical casual outfit consisting of a white long sleeve t-shirt, blue skinny jeans and ivory colored suede boots.

Gray fleece vest with red checked shirt

gray fleece vest red plaid shirt

For a smart looking casual outfit, wear a red paid boyfriend shirt with a gray fleece vest for the top. Wear dark blue skinny jeans and brown leather boots in the middle of the calf for the bottom.

Tie waist camel fleece vest with ripped jeans

Tie waist camel fleece vest ripped jeans

This camel fleece vest has a very interesting design with a tie band. You can just wear it with a white long sleeve t-shirt, ripped jeans, and black open-toe boots.

Here are some tips for wearing a fleece vest that I wanted to share with you. I hope you find the content useful. Most of these outfits are very easy to take off. Try them out and you will be surprised how comfortable some of them are to wear. If you enjoy this blog post, you are sure to like thousands of other outfit ideas that you can find on the website. Look at her.

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