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Colorful Interior Design Dedicated For

Colorful Interior Design Dedicated For Kids

It is always a challenge to design a place where both children and adults can have fun. But interior designer Susana Simonpietri of Chango & Co has successfully created such a place in this beach playhouse in Westhampton, New York. It acts as an escape from the city's life and movement for the owners and their three children. This stunning five-bedroom house, located in a quiet family area, needed a major overhaul in a ten-week timeline. But the owners gave Chango & Co. completes creative freedom. With this carte blanche came Susana Simonpietri with a colorful interior that was cheerful and whimsical. Beautiful photograph of Sean Litchfield.

From the veranda, this home looks like every other Beach House in the neighborhood. But when you open the door it leads to a banana yellow interior. The whole house is full of playful bright colors with colors that delight your senses. Vibrant colors, fitted furniture and eye-catching accents create a playful atmosphere full of character. Each room reflects the colorful personalities of the family members. It encourages you to have unlimited fun and as much play time as possible. Overall, this place is a celebration of strangeness and the lightness of spirituality.

Bright and colorful entry

bright and colorful entry
The entrance is a colorful business with a fun mood. The door is painted a bright banana yellow. It provides a lively contrast with the white walls. The large hanging lamps and the wall mirror give a visual interest in space. The orange table is another splash of color in the room. The neutral colors on the carpet help to tone down the overall effect. The entry also offers views of the multicolored dining room.

Pineapple wallpaper dining room

pineapple wall decor dining room
The pineapple wallpaper somehow works for the dining room decor. The jute area rug, side table, hanging pendant lights and wall mirror fit well with the natural colors of the wallpaper. The mix and match of black and yellow dining chairs provides color and fun atmosphere in the room.

dining room flowers
The patterned table top gives interest. The plant and flowers bring the room to life.

Living room Soft interior

low key decor living room
Compared to the other rooms in the house, this living room is remarkably low-key. The colors used are soft and discreet. The furniture is comfortable and functional. The white walls and the light blue sofa give a soothing effect. The large TV and its cabinets are the main focus of the room. The large white floor lamps and the painting on top of the stove's mantle give visual interest. Similarly, the plant decorations on the center table also give interest to the room.

multicolored macramer chairs
The custom made macram chairs add a little color and fun to the calm atmosphere. Large floor-to-ceiling windows let in a lot of sunlight.

Yellow lights breakfast nook

yellow lanterns breakfast nook
A breakfast nook is a place where everyone gathers. This place is decorated in candy shades. The bubblegum mint chairs and wooden chairs go very well with the white lacquered table, straw bench and wooden floor. Chartreuse tinted lanterns from Mexico add some light color to the room. The different paintings on the wall give the room some interest.

breakfast nook drinks shelf
The small shelf has drinks and various other interesting decorations.

Right next to the breakfast nook is a small space for storage with various hooks for hanging coats, etc. and a bench for holding things, etc.

Kitchen with yellow accents

banana yellow kitchen chairs
Two large industrial pendant lights attract attention. The kitchen counter and the island also have a black worktop. The white cabinets have leather drawers for a more refined look. The contrast between black and white gives the kitchen a sophisticated look. The addition of light yellow chairs and yellow flowers adds some color and enhances the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Neutral Toner Master Bedroom

neutral gray bedroom colors
The master bedroom is surely the most neutral place in the home. It acts as a haven for adults and is thus decorated in soft colors and simple furniture. This room utilizes the lively and colorful décor of the home in a subtle and subtle way. The white walls and the large windows make the room look bigger and brighter.

gray bed and side lamp
The designers used the soft gray bed and the patterned gray headboard to match the gray ottoman and jute. The side table also fits well with the soft gray theme in the room. The multicolored pillows give some color to the room.

Nordic Style Inspired Guest Bedroom

Nordic style room
The simple and minimalist guest room looks inspired by the Nordic design style. The large bed, functional side table, wicker chair and wooden table are the only furniture in the spare room. The beautiful table lamps and wicker chair give an interest in the room. A small collection of paintings serves as the only wall decor. Sheepskin rug softens the room and gives a feeling of comfort. The window lets in a lot of natural light so that the room looks airy and well lit.

floral headboard
The floral patterned bed is a splash of color in the otherwise neutral bedroom.

Full of Wall Art Upper Hallway

upper hall paintings

upper hall mirrors

orange table at the entry
The upper hall is decorated with lots of paintings and decorations. There are different tables and seats in different places. The wooden chair and sheepskin chairs add a touch of style to the interior.

Children's playroom colorful interior

children's playroom swings
Children's playroom is a bright and cheerful room full of color and character. The amazing wall decoration is not a wallpaper. It is a checkered plus sign that has been carefully applied over the room's oblique walls to create a dramatic and fun space. The spacious room has many fun elements for the kids to enjoy. The rope swings are a smart touch for the playroom.

French piped mattresses colorful pillows
The tailor-made French mattresses on the floor are excellent for breaks and can also be converted into beds for last-minute slums. The various multicolored pillows with colorful pom-poms and tassels add color to the room.

children's playroom tent
A small tent in the corner adds a fun element for the kids to play with. The ceiling lights provide plenty of illumination at night while the large windows let in a lot of natural daylight. The large space allows the children to have different toys and things to play with, in a single room.

Watermelon wall sticker girls bedroom

watermelon wall decor
The girls' bedrooms have a cheerful watermelon decal installed over the walls to create a colorful and feminine atmosphere in the room. The white trundle beds and the white walls provide a nice base for the colorful décor.

little girl watermelon sticker
The colorful sheets and duvets really give a happy and happy feeling in the room. The unique side table and mint colored table lamps give interest to the room. A beautiful pink wicker chair and a sheepskin rug enhance the feminine atmosphere of the room.

Yellow Rug Simple Study Room

study room
The yellow carpet in the study room immediately catches the eye and lifts the room's mood. The white study table matches the white walls. The industrial study lamp looks stylish and functional. Wall decals of paintings together with the gray sofa and ottoman give the room an elegant touch. This is a place for kids to study and have fun while they do!

Black and white boys room

playroom colorful interior
The boys' rooms have a rather light and airy feel. The walls are covered in triangle wall decor which gives the room a playful appeal. The bunk beds look cozy and go well with the wall decals. The unique wall lights make reading under the bed more enjoyable. The white box at the window acts as a window seat / storage shelf. The colorful pillows and the green chairs add color to the black and white decor. Sheepskin rug softens the look of the room.

open shelf fabric

aircraft wall decor
An open shelf provides space for storing toys and other items. The airplane hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room adds a touch of whimsical to the room and would certainly appeal to the young boys.

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