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Colorful Vintage Style Kitchen

Colorful Vintage Style Kitchen

With hipsters slowly becoming homemakers, vintage-style kitchens are becoming more and more popular. And why not? After all, they are pretty cool and full of life and inspiration, which makes them so different from the most common minimalist kitchens.

If you want a trendy throwing machine in the kitchen, it is not pest control you should consult. Instead, it must be the list below. Read up and turn where you cook into a funky place that is an exclamation for the past.

{1} Through the glass

Vintage Wood Big Timber Riverside modern kitchen
If you already have glass cabinets in your kitchen, it should be much easier for you to give it a retro look. Show behind them cups, plates, bowls, stands and teapots in a way that gives it a personal feel, as if it tells about your own and your family's history.

However, if you do not have any kitchen equipment to put behind your shelves, you can always get old looks from thrift stores, garage sales, auctions and antique stores. Don't be shy, let your collection grow – just make sure your kitchen doesn't get messy.

glass cabinet coffee zone traditional kitchenImage credit of Renewal design + Construction

{2} In With the Old

Why stop with the screens? Why not use old school cooking equipment, appliances and utensils? You can either stick to what you currently have or, if you are dedicated enough, buy old or old looks. Try it, especially if your kitchen looks vintage doesn't seem to be enough for you.

old school cooking modern kitchenImage credit of Born builder

{3} Wood you like?

For some strange reason, wood has become less and less popular as a material for furniture, slowly surpassed by plastic and metal. Because of this, kitchens with wood have become more and more vintage. In addition, wood has retained its elegant and classic look and feel, making it the choice of people with taste.

Should you go for wood? Whether you are going vintage or otherwise, it is definitely a good choice.

Vintage Wood Big Timber Riverside modern kitchenImage credit of Huum

{4} In color again

Your kitchen equipment may look like it is from another decade, but is it the colored part? After all, just like trends in design and fashion, what's hot and not with color schemes changes over time as well.

If you want to know what popular shades for kitchenware were back in the day, you can go online, check out old magazines or visit some thrifty and antique stores as a guide. The more accurate your colors are, the coarser your kitchen will be.

vintage color modern kitchenImage credit of Camilla Molders

{5} Set your wallpaper Vintage Style Kitchen

Nowadays, when you say the word wallpaper, the first thing that would come to people's minds would be the desktop background of a computer or smartphone. It can't help, because wallpaper, a kind of paper used to cover walls with either a certain color or design, is no longer as popular as before.

A few decades ago, however, it was all the rage. So take back their glossy days and put the 50- / 60- / 70-theme in your kitchen with a wallpaper. They are no longer as common as before, but hardware and home improvement stores are still selling them. However, that is the simple part, because touching one requires much more than changing the device settings. But when you're done, you'll love how retro your walls look. 6 ways to use DIY wallpaper for home building.

Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick shabby chic kitchenImage credit of Design Mag

{6} Damaged is okay

In today's kitchen environment, a very small dent on all kitchen furniture and appliances is enough to make you bite your nails, as it contradicts the usual sleek and sharp look that minimalist design usually tries to achieve.

On the other hand, with retro kitchens you do not have to be so stressed that you are a little hurt on your things. Some signs of aging, scratches and bends are acceptable, if not encouraged. There's nothing wrong with being weather-beaten and rough a bit.

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