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Small Space Living Room Design Ideas

Small Space Living Room Design Ideas

Not all of us are blessed huge homes with acres of space to decorate according to our wishes. But that doesn't mean we have to compromise on a beautiful style home. Small spaces are difficult to decorate but not completely impossible. Even if you have a small bedroom or a small living room design, you can still decorate it in style. All you have to do is use the floor plan to your advantage. Most of us are unclear about the most important key features of living spaces in small spaces. That is why the rooms look messy and meticulous despite our best efforts. But careful arrangement of furniture and smart storage options can go a long way in making even the smallest rooms feel perfectly proportioned. Innovative design can help you increase the size of your space and make the most of your space.

One of the most important aspects of maximizing your space is choosing furniture that fits the space. And if it can serve more than one purpose, even better! Another important aspect is to arrange your furniture creatively to make use of every square meter of space. But decorating is so much more than just rearranging furniture. You need to think about fitting in more seating, letting in more light and air and using bony furniture to give the interior a uniform and spacious feel. You also have to choose your decor very carefully. Multifunctional decor, art and mirrors should add personality to the room without taking up much space. Whether you are decorating your brand new home or decorating your cramped living room, there is truly a solution to your space problems! Take inspiration from these small living room design ideas to get the most out of your little space!

{1} Elegant Small Space Living Room Design

Elegant small space living room design
Smart furniture placement in the Scandinavian living room off Stephanie Schetter

In your quest to make your little living room comfortable, do not overdo the decor! Proportional furniture and space for free movement are really the keys to an elegant small space decor. Make sure to buy furniture that is proportionate to the size of your room. Also, make sure your furniture arrangement leaves room for easy mobility. Take this Scandinavian living room for example. This elegantly designed living room has plenty of seating to entertain both family and guests. At the same time, it also has enough floor space to facilitate movement. Skinny furniture and creative use of walls and window sills also help make the room look cozy and tidy.

{2} White beach style living room

Beach style White living room
Soft and soothing living room design by The Ranch Uncommon

Designing a small beach-style living room is a little difficult. The beach-style beach is soft, soothing, cozy and effortless. Making a small living room look cozy and messy at the same time is no easy task! A compact space with a closed seating arrangement can easily give this look. As shown in the image above, keep your furniture to a minimum. A couple of chairs and a center table in front of the fireplace is definitely the definition of a cozy and small living room!

{3} Vibrant Bohemian Living Room Design

Vibrant Bohemian Living Room Design
Happy and vibrant living room in Pereiv44 by Flour Arquitectos | Photo of Asier Rua

This cheerful and lively living room proves that a small space design can also add freshness to the interior. Minimal furniture and open floating shelves make the room look spacious and clean. White walls, gray sofa and white center table serve as a base for the colorful accents of the interior. Tiled floor with mosaic pattern gives decorative visual interest. In the same way, the slow furniture gives the illusion of space. However, the colors from the pillows, throws and wall art capture the room with a cheerful and lively feel.

{4} Industrial Glam Small Living Room

Industrial Glam Small Living Room
Grand Look Industrial Living Room By Margeaux Interiors | Photo of Keith Emmerich

This industrial-style living room vignette is as elegant as it is small! From custom Venetian plaster finishes to a refurbished antique chair, this is the vintage-style living room. The beautiful sofa is a custom piece by the designer while the refurbished chair is a Danish modern antique! Not to mention the base of the coffee table which is a revived wooden casting equipment! Minimal décor, neutral colors, interesting wall art and vintage furniture make this small living room a glamorous seating area.

{5} Modern elegant everyday decor

Modern elegant living room decor
Purple Accents Modern Living Room Design By Nicola Holden Design | Photo of Fiona Walker-Arnott

This beautiful living room really redefines the term modern chic! The glamorous decor really adds to the elegance of mid-century modern furniture in the room. A beautiful neutral accent can add a nice base to your décor. Push your sofa against the wall and add an interesting rug and coffee table to make your room look bigger. When you push back the sofa, you provide enough floor space to make your room look spacious. While the area rug and sofa keep the attention away from the small space in the room. The ball chair provides decorative visual interest and comfort. The velvet sofa and purple accents from the pillows and carpet give the room a glamorous look.

{6} Compact gray everyday decor

Compact gray everyday decor
Gray sofa Elegant Scandinavian living room off These four walls blog | Photo by Abi Dare

This minimalist Scandinavian living room is soft and elegant. The room's simple layout and neutral color palette enhance its elegance. Open shelves and long furniture give the room a spacious look. As we mentioned before, you push the sofa against the wall further to your floor space. In addition, the light lets bounce around the room with a mirror and reflective surfaces, giving an illusion of space. In addition, the neutral color palette and soft cozy furniture give the interior an intimate appeal. Perfect for an elegant living room design!

{7} Victorian elegance in the living room

Victorian Elegance In Living Room
Luxury Grand Small Space Living Room Design by Meredith Heron Design | Photo of Stacey Brandford

Luxurious and grand, this little space design looks bigger than it really is! Large floor-to-ceiling windows and long furniture give the room a spacious and airy appearance. In the same way, the transparent coffee tables almost disappear between the sofa and the side table, giving the room a spacious look. However, the Victorian-style room draws vintage in the eye and distracts from the small size of the room. It also adds color and shine to the interior. The upholstered and newly patched antique federal sofa and Vladimir Kagan chairs give a vintage look! The beautifully patterned carpet and colorful printed pillows add color to the interior. But the big tailor made Telafina curtains add a touch of glamor to the design. Vintage lamps and table lamps also add style to the interior.

{8} Simple Small Space Living Room

Simple small space living room
Soft and quiet living room design with small space off Fo Design | Photo of Cynthia Van Elk

This living room is the perfect example of the efficiency of a simple, minimal design. White walls and soft colors give the room a calm look. Innovative storage options can free up a lot of space in the living room. As shown in this room, you can use open shelves and extend the window sills for storage and display space. This frees up the floor space that a drawer or chest would use and makes the room look bigger. Also reduce the amount of furniture you use for a simple sofa and a simple chair. In addition, a soft color palette and a little greenery will make your room look happy and inviting!

{9} Black and white compact living room

Black and white compact living room
Black accent wall Small living room in Saint Laurent cottage by Sarah D Brown

Dark or dramatic shades on walls or as accent walls can give the space an intimate look. It also focuses on the height of the room and distracts attention from its size. Add an unconventional art to the accent wall and you'll have the perfect conversation starter! A large black cut sofa that goes along the length of the wall allows for more seating while the floor is open. A striped rug and throw creates interest while the industrial-style floor lamp adds style to the interior. Bright orange Ottoman, blue curtains and colorful pillows add color to the interior and make it look happy and welcoming!

{10} Fresh modern living room

Fresh modern living room
Modern decor Bold accents in Little Venice City Shanade McAllister-Fisher | Photo of Nathalie Priem

Infusing a small living room with a fresh, modern atmosphere is really not as difficult as it probably sounds! Bright white walls and minimal furniture work perfectly for a small space. Take for example this living room. The white walls make a nice background for bright colors throughout the room. The bold green velvet sofa, great floor lamp, wall painting, spring lampand a rug in the area gives all the rooms a modern atmosphere. The elegant coffee table reflects the sunlight and gives the room a spacious look. Similarly, the large mirror on the wall with an ornate frame gives the illusion of space. The bright green color of the sofa and the fresh flowers, however, liven up the room and give it a fresh look.

{11} Vintage Decor Regal Living Room

Vintage Decor Regal Living Room
Neutral tones Glamorous living room off Laura Lee Home | Photo of Alise O'Brien

The design of this beautiful cute picture living room draws inspiration from a vintage poster. A beige and gold color palette with bright color buttons keeps the room interesting. The sectional sofa allows more seating while the large windows make the room look airy and spacious. The beautiful metalwork on the ornate coffee table and the pendant light gives the decor a vintage touch. In the same way trade fair reading lamp gives the room a vintage look. They also add glamor and shine to the simple décor.

{12} Colorful small spacious living room design

Colorful small spacious living room design
Bohemian Glam Living Room Decor By Wall-to-wall home concept | Photo of Marcel Page

This beautiful bohemian living room is full of color and light! Beige sofa printed against walls painted in Sherwin Williams & # 39; Light French Gray go well with hardwood floors. The light walls and many windows make the room look bigger and brighter than it really is. However, the neutral decor gets a colorful uplift with a navy blue ottoman, pink mat and printed pillows that draw colors from both the mat and the ottoman! The bohemian print curtains also add some color and fun to the interior. The colorful accents draw the eyes away from the limited floor space and make the room look cozy and welcoming. And the large windows also bath the decor in strong sunlight so that it looks warm and fresh!

{13} Pedestrian crossing pink accents

Pedestrian crossing pink accents
Eclectic design Vibrant living room in Bellevue Towers City Hyde Evans Design | Photo by Benni Adams

This little eclectic living room design can surely make your head turn! A beautiful blend of light and dark, soft and hard, old and new, this living room is full of character. Bright pink pairs paired with bright white and black accents give the room a sophisticated yet bold look. A large screen, in a modern pink flowers, separates the living room from the bedroom. Minimal furniture and light colors make the room look bigger and airier. The two pink ottomans and gray armchair also add to the seating possibilities in the room. All in all, this open living area looks fresh and lively due to its bright color scheme and spacious furniture!

Coastal colors tropical living room

Coastal colors tropical living room
Cool coral print in tropical living room in new Smyrna Beach House Village Errez Design

Beach style furnishings are actually a perfect fit for small space living room design. Take this beautiful room for example. White walls and white sofa make the room look fresh and bright. Large windows and glass doors let in a lot of natural light. Reflective surfaces such as the glass accent wall behind the sofa allow the light to flow around the room to make it look spacious and airy. Coastal accessories such as white, blue, brown etc. in the interior give the decor a soothing and calm appearance. Coastal pressure i curtains and pillows attract attention and distract from the room.

{15} Black brown everyday decor

Black brown everyday decor
Warm Contemporary Living Room Design by Out Gunther | Photo of Christian Burmester

If you're struggling to decorate a small living space in your usual style, it's probably time for a change. Release the hairy old one-sofa-two-chairs living room layout. Look for something unconventional that works for you. For example, this living room has a single sofa set against the wall which frees up a lot of floor space before it. This space is used creatively to include more seating options with the addition of one reppouf, an ottoman and a chair. A circular shag area rug defines the residential area and centers the design. Warm wooden tones and fresh whites give this small living room a warm and welcoming look. In contrast, the black accents give a cool contemporary look to the interior.

{16} Mediterranean decor Small living room

Mediterranean decor Small living room
Exotic Mediterranean Small Space Living Room Design by Hallmark Interior Design | Photo of Dino Tonn

Do you want to distract attention from the size of your small living room? Go exotic and create a design so attractive that it becomes the subject of the main conversation! Sillbensdesign thin tile floor and light gray walls form a nice base for the colorful interior. Beautiful leather armchairs in vintage leather and a black coffee table are the only furniture in the room. The decor items that are showpieces on the table and next to the chair and wooden horse piece give the room a Mediterranean look. The vintage wall clock, wicker basket and custom window and door treatments further add to this look. The ornate glass pendant Scheherazade lamps Pull the eye up and away from the room. They also add beauty and color to the decor. There is so much to look at and talk about in this fascinating interior that the room size is not even registered!

{17} Sophisticated elegant living room decor

Sophisticated elegant living room decor
Elegant family elegant living room off Morgante Wilson Architects | Photo of Werner Straube

What can you do when you have a small space for a living room? Turn your living room corner into a stylish retreat! Center your decor on a colorful and bright floral pattern in the carpet. Instead of a large sofa, go with a couple of sun loungers and armchairs in a closed circle around the coffee table. This creates an intimate atmosphere and makes the little space feel fair and deliberate instead of awkward. Choose a dark shade for your corner wall Benjamin Moore & # 39; s Kendall Charcoal and add some artwork. This can give the appearance of an accent wall. Add floating curtains to the windows and ornate accessories such as floor lamps, chandeliers, or side tables. Lush fabrics, royal colors and rich patterns can easily draw attention from the room's size to its rich décor.

{18} Gray Walls Living Room Design

Gray Walls Living Room Design
Neutral tones Modern small spacious living room design in Lone Mountain Village JKA Designs

There is no rule of thumb that says you should use compact furniture for small spaces. In fact, some large furniture when done correctly can create a full-size space without compromising space. This living room is a perfect example with its large sofa and cozy design. The full sofa creates a sophisticated look that feels full but not excessive! The rest of the room is kept open with minimal furniture such as a leather armchair, coffee table, side tables of wooden blocks and carpet in the cowhide area. The walls painted in Farrow & Ball & # 39; s Charleston Gray and shade window treatments, balancing the light and making the room look airy and spacious. Instead of a cluster of small paintings, go for a single large mural made here. The great mural and stylish Prometheus I chandelier pull your eye up and away from the size of the small room!

{19} Traditional Victorian elegant living room

Traditional Victorian elegant living room
Neutral color scheme with light accents of Coddington Design | Photos by Caren Alpert

An accent wall or an interesting wallpaper can go a long way in diverting attention from the size of your small living room. Also, if you can make your decor items more interesting or vintage, you can have more things to keep your decor interesting. However, keep in mind that your minimal decor should be functional and beautiful. For example, this Victorian interior looks very elegant and elegant. Osbourne & Little & # 39; s Arizona Hothouse wallpaper and stylish chandelier make the accent wall an eye-catching sight! A neutral beige velvet sofa with orange accent pillows, Morris Asian coffee table, silver end tables, stylish table lamps and silk curtains give the room a royal look. The Moroccan style mat further enhances the royal look of the decor.

{20} Modern small living room design

Modern small living room decor
Blue accents in neutral tones Living room in Notting Hill House Village Inigo & Co.

In a tunnel-shaped room like the one shown here, it is advisable to refrain from side chairs opposite the sofa. Instead, use an ottoman and a nice textured rug that the designers have made in this room. The blue color on sectional sofa and the carpet appears in the neutral toned interior. Recessed ceiling lights and a single floor lamp with a modern shade keep the room well lit and interesting. It is also best to go for some great wall art rather than a bunch of smaller ones. A bunch of small frames make the wall look messy in an already closed space. But a great wall art feature makes the room look more spacious than it really is !.

{21} Bright and eclectic living room

Light eclectic everyday decor
Cozy and intimate small living room design by Luci D. Interior

An eclectic living room full of character can look cozy even in a small space! Take for example this beautiful living room. The owner's collection is proudly displayed and gives an eclectic touch to the interior. A pair of oriental armchairs and a leather armchair surround a recycled coffee table. A small table has the TV and a double floor lamp pendulum light bring lighting to the room. An oriental rug with a floral pattern is the whole design. The open bookshelf offers a convenient reading option as well as storage and display space. Colorful casts, paintings and bird wall art create visual interest and divers from the size of the room.

{22} Mid-century modern living room

Mid century modern living room
Bright pops of color in neutral living room off Daphne Nauleau | Photo by Claire Callagy

This beautiful room proves that even small spaces can have a big impact! A large 4 seater Capetown sofa and a two-seater sofa set against the wall opens the rest of the floor space. The star-shaped glass coffee table catches the eye and deviates from the small size of the room. The white faux fur surface defines the residential area and highlights the unusual arrangement. This will help you create an intimate atmosphere in the room. The sunny yellow wall art is a bright pop of color in neutral decor and attracts attention almost instantly! Colorful pillows and throws give color and pattern to the decor.

{23} Rustic living room design

Rustic small living room design
Modern interior Rustic everyday decor by SH Interiors | Photo by Roger Scheck

Lots of windows are really good for making a little space look bigger and better! As shown here, you can use the light from the windows to your advantage in many ways. Sliding the sofa along the wall with many windows keeps the living area well lit and airy. Black curtains help to block the light if needed. Good contrast of dark to dark like red and black here can help distract from the size of the room. And a sectional sofa with an ottoman works best for small spaces instead of the default settings for two chairs. Instead of floor lamps, use wall lamps to save floor space. Center the design with a nice patterned mat to keep things interesting!

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