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Comfortable DCM Chairs For Living Rooms

Comfortable DCM Chairs For Living Rooms

Created by the couple Charles and Ray Eames in the 1940s, the DCM (Dining Chair Metal) chairs do wonders for designers, architects to use in dining rooms and living rooms. With a modular design, metal legs and wooden chair + back, the piece ensures a perfect fit for the body and stands out for its comfort.

The chair was always revolutionary and was assigned in different segments. It gives a smooth and comfortable appearance to the dense and hardened materials. Currently, there are several colors and finishes, including leather upholstery that make it even more comfortable. Don't forget to check out another post on the coffee table design in the living room.

The Chairman's versatility can be seen in the inspirational selection below:

DCM chairs (dining chair metal)

{1} Clément Pascal & # 39; s New York City apartment / photo by Emily Johnston (Via)
Here is the coolest way to describe the food concept, wooden tables made of metal frames with low seating. Gives you more comfort in your living room with decorative paper lamp to illuminate the area more. Dining room is strongly defined by the natural lamps and plants, which gives a feeling of sitting in the garden. This concept is the elegant way to define your dining area from the living room.
New York apartment

{2} Black + white + wood = the perfect palette! (Via)
It comes with a combination of bright colors and the warmth of wood shades. Here is the duo of white glass and metal in the table with the elegant, lightest chairs that give the wealth of wood. Neutral colored wall with lamp and decent wall art. The black lamp hanging in centered with a simple design in the ceiling as something pointing towards the table.
DCM chairs in wood material

{3} In an environment with a tropical perfume combined with the table, which also has metal legs (Via)
Round shape, wooden dining table itself defines a unique place in the large living room. Natural light with great architecture illuminates the entire area; the walls are decorated with a piece of wall art, frames and the lower table with the usual tools on it. Moon shaped white hanging lamp creates a decent value itself, wide hall with light color and with the heat in wood on the floor creates a very calm.
mid century modern dining room

{4} In the kitchen in combination with the wood used in architecture (Via)
Good outbuilding with outdoor air and natural light. It is a good combination of wood in the roof and on the floor of a wide house with the low seating table and DCM chairs give the whole area a wider look and openness, adjacent to rural kitchens with hanging tumbler lights throughout the dining area.
Modern kitchen design

{5} Modernica Hanging Ball Lamp by George Nelson
Metal leg table with round solid top on it looks like an apple eaten from all sides with DCM design Low wicker chair around it. Wide woody box with the usual necessity of the very close window that surrounds the forest frame right next to the other wall gives a whole look very decent and calm with a paper lamp with pump shape hanging around the table.
vintage decor set together with a Tulip Table

{6} The black option is also beautiful (Via)
Latest apartment design with the Indo-western theme. The area that can define a beauty itself with a couple of six low decent lounge chairs and a solid peak at that discussion going on with the entire family members, where a lamp in bamboo shape is hung. And a wall is well created with murals, wall hangings with a hanging chest of drawers that illuminate the area more brightly.
Black DCM chairs for dining room

{7} They look really modern along with other colors of the same model (Via)
Wow wow! Here is a round piece of wood lying under the double-height ceiling with a nicely designed low seating chairs in a corner of a large living room next to the glass section which gives the coolest vision of the outer garden with the warmth of the wooden wall. It is a nice area where great discussion is held throughout the family.
eames molded plywood dining chair metal base

{8} By sharing the space with a long wooden bench (Via)
Classically arranged vintage theme in modern architecture. Wooden logs are arranged both on the table top and on the bench with the round wooden logs. DCM chairs are located on 3 sides of the table. A piece of tree is hung with the lights to illuminate the dining area. Two wide door posts help with natural lighting.
DCM chairs with long wooden bench

{9} Zulaikha Laurence Residence (Via)
Beautifully arranged rectangular dining table in the center next to the stairs. The library is also creating a self-identification with the area. DCM chairs are placed on a mat. The cables are tied on wooden stairs for safety. Dark wood shades are illuminated in light colors or the surrounding living area.
dining table stairs with DCM chairs

{10} White wall gallery
Elegant placement of metal-based wooden table with DCM chairs on dark floors. White color in the surroundings with fine wall art. The rear glass bowl hangs to illuminate the area. Dark floors speak for themselves the good combination of wood and light colors.
Eames DCM highchair

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