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Cottage Decorating Ideas

Cottage Decorating Ideas

Designers are recommended to separate night and day areas into Cottage decorating ideas, that is, to define a place for rest and for work, as well as communication.
But often in a typical apartment bathroom combines several features, and in the afternoon in the bedroom must receive guests or work.

The easiest way is to hide a bed behind a curtain

Of course, this decision will not add space to square feet, but it will really hide from prying eyes your bed. In addition, the blinds protect the bed from dust.

Parent's day with a double bed is transformed into a dining table for the whole family and children – in full work space, behind which you can comfortably homework. Miracle? Yes, but only for those who have not had time to buy a bed transformer is a good option for owners of apartments with limited square meters.

The lowest cost for this bed is just over thirty thousand. The more complex lifting mechanism, materials and components, the more the price.

This model is a must for those who cannot imagine themselves without their friends and guests. Agree, it is better to sit guests on the sofa than to sit on the bed – it is uncomfortable and not very special hygienic. But there are other pros: compact size, ease of use, varied design and design – today the market is corner sofas, extendable and even round models.

Cost sofa beds start from 40 thousand rubles and rise much higher: the price depends on material from which it is manufactured and the manufacturer.

As a rule, the podiums are in the inner bounded functional areas of the room: separated from the room is a place for work, play or sports. Big plus: the podium can be used at the same time as one storage space or, in our case, for mounting pull-out beds.

One such decision is that "masking" the bed is probably the most optimal one Cottage decorating ideas where every inch of the day in a room that can function as an office, nursery, living room, no hint of the sleeping cabin, and in the evening, thanks to the simple hand movement, the bed rolls out, which completely transforms the space.

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