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How To Wear Jogger Pants

How To Wear Jogger Pants

Jogger pants have become very popular. You’re not just jogging anymore. In fact, there are so many different ways you can wear them that some mistake sweatpants for the new jeans. In these blog posts, I’m going to share some of my favorite sweatpants outfit ideas with you.

Wear it with a black leather jacket

the stylish jogger pants black leather jacket

I’m going to start with an outfit idea that makes you think very differently about sweatpants. Wear charcoal or navy sweatpants with a gray sweater, black leather jacket and a pair of Converse. It’s surprising how cool and dark sweatpants can look when paired with the black leather jacket. Note that you’ll want to use the jogger pants made of a rougher fabric instead of the soft, sporty fabric of typical jogger pants.

Minimal look with a shortened sweater

short sweater jogger pants

Now let’s move on to something that has a much softer tone. The combination of a simple light gray sweater and dark gray trousers results in a comfortable-looking autumn outfit. You can easily pair this outfit with solid white sneakers.

Jogger pants with a long trench coat & scarf

Jogger pants trench coat scarf

This outfit is not your typical one. But if you want the right long trench coat, you can combine it well with a scarf and gray sweatpants.

Wearing cropped jogger pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt for jogging

short-cut jogger pants long-sleeved T-shirt

Although jogger pants have now evolved to the point where they no longer need to be jogging, they are called jogger pants for a reason. Here is a simple and pretty outfit that is actually meant for jogging. Wear a comfortable long-sleeved T-shirt and white trainers with short sweatpants for a casual and nice run.

Wear with a black horizontally striped t-shirt

Navy striped t-shirt sweatpants

For a casual gathering, simply wear a horizontally striped black or navy t-shirt with black sweatpants. Not only does the outfit look great, you will also feel comfortable doing exercises like walking and recreational hiking.

Jeans with white t-shirt

Jeans jogger pants with a white T-shirt

Jogger pants have grown to the point where they are available with all kinds of styles and fabrics. The denim jogger pants are a good example of this. You can style them just like you style typical jeans. For example, you can easily combine the denim jogger pants with a white T-shirt and high-heeled sandals.

White jogger pants with a sleeveless top

white jogger pants sleeveless top

It is not so common to wear white jogger pants. But if you know how to style them, you can look gorgeous with them too. You can try wearing a green, brown, or gray sleeveless top and sandals to pair with the white pants.

Wear with tank top for indoor sports

Tank top jogger pants

For a sporty look that you want to have for indoor sports like yoga, badminton and aerobics, you can wear a black tank top and white sneakers with the gray sweatpants. This outfit is simple yet restrainedly sexy.

Black short sweatpants with a white t-shirt

white t-shirt black short sweatpants

Cutting the jogger pants is also very important. Black, cropped jogger pants, black sneakers and a white T-shirt can already make a very stylish street outfit.

Jogger pants with floral pattern, pink top and white blazer

Floral jogger pants pink jacket

Flowers is such an important pattern in the fashion world. And a little surprisingly, floral jogger pants also work. You can pair them with a pink top and white blazer to look unique, yet it looks professional enough that you can wear it to work. If you like flower fashion, you can also check out our blog post on flower maxi dresses.

Baby blue pants with white crop top

baby blue jogger pants white top

This outfit has a very unique use of color: the baby blue. The white crop top and the high-waisted baby blue jogger pants go together perfectly, both in color and in terms of the cuttings. The gorgeous white sandals play a huge role in completing this stunning outfit.

Dark floral sweatpants

dark jogger pants with floral pattern

This is another outfit that includes the floral sweatpants. However, this one has a more stylish feel due to the darker color. Wear the pants with a white t-shirt and black bomber or baseball jacket.

Jeans jogger pants with a cold shoulder white top

cold shoulder white top denim sweatpants

For a restrained sexy and elegant outfit, you can try wearing the denim jogger pants with cold shoulder white. Wear gold sandals to complete this lovely feminine look.

Wear with a white t-shirt and V-neck sneakers

V-neck white t-shirt gray sweatpants

Here’s another causal sporty outfit for those of you who don’t mind showing off a bit of skin. Just wear a white neckline t-shirt and sweatpants. Wear sneakers with stunning colors like gold or silver to spice up the overly simple outfit.

Wear it with a black coat, black sweater, and white sneakers

black long coat with jogger pants

If you’re wondering if you can wear sweatpants to work, the answer is yes. When you don’t have to wear business suits and suits all the time, you can style sweatpants to look chic and professional. This outfit is a good demonstration of a business casual outfit. You can wear a black sweater, a black coat with the gray sweatpants. Wear white sneakers to keep the outfit simple and classy.

You can see jogger pants everywhere these days. As you can see from the outfit ideas above, jogger pants can be styled in so many different ways, from sporty to casual to business casual. If I have to guess the main reason why the sweatpants have become so popular over the years, it has to be the fact that they both look great, and you feel very comfortable wearing them too. Hopefully you like the outfit ideas I just shared. Try playing around with your sweatpants. Have fun looking good and feeling good at the same time.

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