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Dark Living Room Design Ideas

Dark Living Room Design Ideas

It does not deny that bright colors and bright interiors give your interiors a refreshing, airy and open feel. But sometimes a home just needs a little darker for the interior to really shine, especially if your rooms aren't getting enough natural light. Instead of trying to light up a dark room, you can use darker shades to give your interior a more elegant and sophisticated look. A well-chosen dark color can transform any room and make it more stylish and luxurious. From moody bedrooms and dark living room designs to bold kitchens and gothic corridors, dark interiors are becoming popular with designers and homeowners. If you are also looking for alternatives to calm white and boring beiges, you can try dark colors in interior and décor. Moving away from the well-known white and beige can be risky but the payoff is well worth the risk.

Dark interiors combined with the right furniture and decor materials can give a truly grand statement. These tinted shades can give a sense of mystery and difficulty to any interior. They can also open a room just like white. Defective walls and ceilings can hide a variety of sins from sticky fingers to irregularities in the walls while making a room look sophisticated and comfortable. But at the same time, these colors, in pairs with metallic and jewel-toned furniture and decorations, can give a luxurious look. They can also form perfect backgrounds to showcase your art or showcase your creative side. You can take them as a blank canvas and play with colors to achieve your perfect style. Get inspired to join the inky revolution with these truly magnificent dark living room ideas.

{1} Open Concept Dark Living Room Design

Open concept Dark living room
Open living room with dark walls Woodpecker Architects | Photo of Casey Dunn
Despite the dark walls, this beautiful living room is so bright and open! The glass windows and doors from floor to ceiling make the room feel open and connected to nature outside. This open and honest design gives the room a fresh and welcoming feeling. and isn't that what the living room is about? Welcome and entertaining guests and give comfort to family and friends? This living room manages to do it in grand style! Modern furniture set white armchairs give comfort to the decor. The warm brown color scheme with light beige and fresh blue accents is soothing and refreshing. It mirrored the side table, blue knitted pouf, plush mat, too great floor lamp give the room the finishing touches.

{2} Earthy Color Palette Fresh Room Decor

Earthy Color Palette Fresh Room Decor
Simple and spacious green living room off Whilton Locks Carpet Co.
Fresh green accents can bring nature into any room. This refreshing living room is a perfect example of the same. Green shades are considered quite soothing and restful on the walls, and rightly so! The darker shade of green decorating the walls of this room helps to create a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere. The large glass doors let in a lot of natural light that produces paler shades of color. The decor's lime green, brown and gray accents make the dark green look soft and muted. Soft pillows and cozy furniture give the design warmth. The moody dark tones of tinted glass coffee table and pendant light add a nice touch to the interior.

{3} Dark Walls Darker Furniture Accents

Dark Walls Darker Furniture Accents
Blue walls and earthy décor in the living room Natalie Young Interior Design | Photo of Bethany Nauert
Dark blue walls, in pairs with dark earthy browns, can give a rich and luxe decor. This glam living room is luxe despite the dark walls and furniture. In fact, dark interiors open the room and allow the lamps to bounce around the room. A velvety Chesterfield sofa in dark brown, modern-style leather armchairs with nail head trim and high-gloss, mirror-topped coffee tables and side tables give the room a luxurious look. The dark tones on the walls clad Farrow & Ball & # 39; s Hague Blue Let the decor shine. Red and gold accents from various accessories provide decor and color and lightness. The patterned carpet ties together all the decor and centers the design.

{4} Gray living room with white accents

Gray living room white accents
Cool contemporary gray living room with white accents | Photo of Bernard Andre

The darker shade of gray has the same calming and soothing effect as its lighter shades. This cool color gives the modern living room a soothing and relaxing feeling. The ceiling and window coverings painted in a slightly darker shade of gray with a glossy surface give the design a depth. This creates an enclosed and cooked feel that adds warmth to the design. The gray armchairs and the end table contribute to the cozy feel of the design. The whiter accents in the fireplace, carpet and large pendant lights offset the darker shades and moody vibes.

{5} Rich Rust Walls Modern Decor

Rich Rust Walls Modern Decor
Warm and Welcoming Dark Living Room Design by Tamsin Design Group | Photo by Ann Matheis
Dark interiors do not necessarily mean browns and blues. A rich and warm rust color also provides warmth and comfort in this beautiful living room. At the same time, the bright white color of the ceiling and the window screen give color and contrast to the design. Contemporary-style furniture in contrasting colors such as cream lounge chairs, red armchairs, mahogany coffee tables and gold-glass tables gives the room a comfortable yet elegant look. Similarly, jewel-toned accessories like the ruby ​​red vases, framed mirror in silver and golden chandeliers and curtains give the room a luxurious look.

{6} Dark Walls Traditional Cimtrim

Dark walls traditional ceiling trim
Relaxing and peaceful dark everyday decor of Foley & Cox interior
Blue is considered the most calm and refreshing color for interior decoration. This refreshing living room proves why! The beautiful blue ink shade provides the perfect backdrop for the room's décor. It stays in the background and lets the decor shine. The heavy tones of this color give the room a grounded and centered feel. Combined with bright white tones for ceiling and trim as well as chandelier and sofa accents, it softens and adds warmth to the design. The blue armchairs that reflect the same shade when paired with a wood-toned coffee table give a luxurious feel. In contrast, the white sofa and carpet light up the room and allow the light to bounce in the room.

{7} Victorian Living Room Dark Walls

Victorian Living Room Dark Walls
Rococo ceiling and crystal chandelier in blue Victorian living room off Cochrane Design
This huge living room which is smaller is more illuminating really the dark and moody decor. It is quite true that going dark can provide some fantastic decor. However, you must choose the right colors. This inky hue of blue highlights the lighter elements of this blue living room and really transforms the interior. The extensive color also softens the room and gives a warm and cozy appeal. However, the bright white rococo roof, fireplace mantle and bar stools give the interior a sharp edge. The ancient tall boys on both sides of the mantle, bronze vanity mirror, the rococo ceiling and parquet floors give the room a traditional look. The amazing crystal chandelier from India Jane gives the decor a nice touch.

{8} Purple Walls Chic Living Room

Purple walls Chic living room
Purple walls and modern interior in the transitional living room Linda Sonders Design
While the purple walls of this living room are the current trend, the modern interiors give this room a periodic look. The dark purple walls give the room a cool and moody feel, but the glossy surface of the walls gives the interior an advanced and luxurious look. To take this look in your living room, you can start by painting the walls or just an accent wall in a glossy purple hue. Add wall art or frames to recreate the look of the wall gallery. You do not need to replace the entire furniture, but bring in an accent piece like this egg chair to give the room a mid-century modern look. You can also add rugs or rugs to the plush area to provide warmth and add statement lighting.

{9} Understated Drama In Elegant Living Room

Understated Drama In Elegant Living Room
Dark gray accent wall in modern living room decor by LMB Interiors
This elegant living room is bright and cheerful despite the dark accent wall. In fact, the accent wall gives the room a discreet drama and serves as a beautiful backdrop for a Robert Kingston painting. The light gray walls and white ceiling light up the room and keep the interior fresh. The custom woven tan, indigo and rust-colored Navajo carpet add colors and designs to the interior. It defines the residential area and centers the design. Modern style furnishings such as the specially designed extra long sofa, elegant wall moldings, comfortable swivel chair and leather bench give a modern feel to the interior. A vintage gaming table and classic Ralph Lauren chandelier provide design and elegance.

{10} Funky Eclectic Dark Living Room Design

Funky Eclectic Dark Living Room Design
Modern and Eclectic Everyday Decor by Victoria Hopkins Interiors | Photo of Zac and Zac
The deep warm gray walls of this funky living room allow the colors of the rest of the décor to really pop. A gallery wall and bright orange chair and curtains break up the gray. The mix of new and modern furniture and classic vintage and recycled parts gives a beautiful composition. Mid-century modern furnishings and accessories along with vintage floor lamps and Chesterfield armchairs really give the room an eclectic feel. Dark walls mark the interior, while light accents give it the colorful, wild and fun look. All in all, this modern living room is bright and bold but at the same time cozy and inviting.

{11} Dark Scandinavian Living Room Design

Dark Scandinavian everyday decor
Minimalistic and bright Scandinavian everyday decor by Laura Roberts Interiors
If you are one of those people who believe that Scandinavian design can only have bright white walls and light furniture, we are here to prove you wrong! Look at this beautiful and determined Scandinavian living room. Despite the dark walls and the gray sofa, the room looks bright, airy and spacious that all Scandinavian living rooms should look like. The key is to choose the right colors and balance the light. You can offset the darker walls by painting the ceiling a light white. Add lighter window treatments and decor accessories. A classic Scandinavian rug in light shades can really make the dark and moody gray sofa pop up! Layers in certain structures with accent pillows and throws to give the room a cozy feel.

{12} Matt look for dark walls

Matt Look for Dark Walls
Black carpet walls in dark living room design by J. Hirsch Interior Design
Whether it's a home office or a family room, being dark can give you warm and luxurious decor. Dark walls can form the perfect backdrop for both illuminating the room's features or hiding the sins. Take for example this beautiful living room. The dark walls of the room add decor and elegance to the décor. The matte surface of the walls provides warmth and coziness in the room. Customized window treatments, antique floor lamps and vintage rugs and armchairs give the décor an advanced luxe look. In contrast, the white ceiling, the window screen and whitewashed floors let the natural light from the window float around and brighten the room.

{13} Fantastic blue patterned wall decor

Fantastic blue patterned wall decor
Bold colors and luxurious decor in elegant dark living room off Creating spaces
Bold colors, geometric patterns and bright accents make this wonderful living room really stand out. The bold blue wall covering with geometric patterns inspires the rest of the interior. The darker tones on the walls illuminate the bright colors of the interior. Vintage furniture and elegant accessories give the room a luxurious and glamorous appeal. Cozy seating in front of the fireplace and natural light from the large windows make the room feel warm and inviting.

{14} Moody Color Palette Edgy Decor

Moody Color Palette Edgy Decor
Smokey Charcoal Walls in Dramatic Living Room Decor By CKY-design
A dark and moody room with a stylish interior can look as appealing as a bright and airy room with a bright interior. This fantastic living room is a perfect example of a dark yet grand decor. The black carbon walls open up the room as much as white walls would have done. They also form a nice background to mark the custom painting on the wall. A cozy black sofa, a glass side table and Flos table lamp improve the dark theme of the decor. The bold colors of the painting are also reflected in the bright red pillows, white coffee table and patterned mat.

{15} Living room in black and gold

Black and gold living room
Bold and healthy living room with sophisticated elements of Cahill Design Build
A well-balanced color combination can really transform a simple living room into a glamorous entertainment room. Take for example this luxurious living room. The winning combination of black and gold lifts the room from simple to fantastic. The inky black walls add drama and oomph to the design. They help the light bounce around the room. In addition, these walls provide a nice background for the gold furniture. Side tables of gold glass, golden table lamps, open shelves in gold finish and gold-framed wall art shine and contrast nicely against the ink-colored background. Beige sofas and brass finish coffee tables balance the color deficiency with their neutral tones. The plush sofas and carpet give the decor warmth and comfort.

{16} Quirky Wallpaper Eclectic living room

Quirky Wallpaper Eclectic living room
Colorful and fun everyday decor of Noushka Designs | Photo of Nick Huggins
A bright and beautiful living room that gets plenty of light and shines despite the dark walls and decor! The dark black walls actually open up the room and bounce the light around the room. The colorful floral wallpaper gives the design and warmth. Funky accessories and colorful accents illuminate the room and give it a dramatic and eclectic feel. An amazing chandelier that matches the wallpapers gives a perfect finish to the design.

{17} Dark high ceiling living room design

High ceiling and accented lighting
Dark Plum Accent Wall in Living Room By Studio Marcelo Brito | Photo by Gui Morelli
In this busy and artfully decorated living room, there are so many visually interesting accessories and accents that it becomes difficult to get a work of art to shine. But the dark plum wall really highlights the brilliant wall art with precision. The dark wall complements the dark background color of the painting and makes it look coherent. A dark accent wall can also highlight your fireplace and create great conversation starters. The dark accents of the interiors also complement the accent wall. Statement bedside and lighting enhances the elegance and beauty of the decor.

{18} Living room accent wall in dark colors

Living room accent wall in dark colors
Gray accent wall in white living room off Camilla Molders Design | Photo by Derek Swalwell
A gray accent wall gives this beautiful white living room a depth. The surroundings of the boulder CorLiving eat provides a perfect base for the gray accent wall. It gives texture to the interior and breaks the bright white to the room. Gray-toned furniture such as the sofa and side tables enhance the dark look of the room and add elegance to the interior. The patterned carpet gives the cool interior warmth and comfort.

{19} Rococo roof traditional living room

Rococo roof traditional living room
Royal blue walls in traditional everyday decor of Alan Brainerd Interiors
Detailed rococo work on this high roof already makes the living room stand out. The dark walls further enhance the elegance and sophistication of this design. The shades of ink in the wall mark the rest of the interior. Fantastic murals, statement table lamps and floor lamps, vintage furniture and traditional drapery further enhance the traditional look of the decor. But the colorful accents in the various furniture and accessories add color and fun to the grand décor.

{20} Dramatic dark living room design

Dramatic dark living room design
Cozy and dark living room with black walls LDa Architecture & Interior
This elegant living room has a fantastic, advanced personality. In a room flooded with natural light, black walls feel elegant, cozy and warm. The matte surface of the walls adds warmth to the interior and illuminates the interior. Black is an overwhelming color. But when paired with contrasting white tones, it feels light. Using black with warm accents and rich, deep colors can create a softer look. This white furniture and glossy, mirrored accent pieces in the interior set convex bell mirror gives a reflective contrast to the inky black palette. All in all, this living room has a perfect balance between wild and elegant.

{21} Modern gray everyday decor

Modern gray living room decor
Contemporary gray and white everyday decor of Vicky custom home
Gray is currently one of the trendiest colors in interior design and for good reason! This color can look fresh and soothing in light shades and moody and glamorous in darker shades. This beautiful living room is a good example of that. The two toned living room is brightly fresh and interesting. The light gray walls give the room a soothing and fresh look. However, the darker shade on the wall provides depth and balance in the design. It controls the brightness and provides a visual appeal. The light white and mirrored furniture also provides a good contrast when facing the dark walls. All in all, this living room looks like a current, happy and welcoming place!

{22} Black and white everyday decor

Black and white everyday decor
Soothing Vibes In Dark Glamorous Living Room Design By dSPACE Studio Ltd, AIA
Black and white is a classic combination, no doubt about it! And this amazing living room is an excellent proof of that! The dark black walls unite the room and give it a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. The walls and fittings painted in unifying black make the room look bigger than it is. The light gray sofa, white armchairs and white rugs give a good contrast to the design. A beautiful special pattern with white ceiling, open sheath, curtains and furniture helps to make the room brighter. Ample natural light from full-length windows illuminates the room and makes it look fresh and welcoming. The beautiful chandelier and wall lamps look so elegant and elegant!

{23} Luxury Living Room Dark Textures

Luxury Living Room Dark Textures
Large and luxurious design with small living room off James Thomas Interiors
Dark colors are as good as bright colors when you open a room. This dark living room looks airy, spacious and larger than it really is. The dark wall coverings from Innovations unite the room and give it a rich, elegant look. ONE light gray mat and gray curtains add warmth to the dark interior. Tailor made velvet sofa with nail head decor, matching blue pillows, simple side tables, Ralph Lauren chairs and suede gives a grand, luxurious feel. Finally, statement wall moldings add a nice touch to the fantastic decor. Simply Wow!

{24} Dark gray walls Light accents

Dark gray walls Light accents
Colorful accents in modern everyday decor of Ann Lowengart Interiors
This dark living room looks warm and inviting. The simple decor gives an elegant and elegant look. The colorful accents in the interior give a funky and fun look to the room. Interior in modern style like the coffee table and Jonathan Adler X bench add a modern touch while the dark walls and gray sofa and armchairs provide warmth and comfort. In contrast, the white ceiling, the doors and the window decoration give the interior a sharp edge. Patterned gray mat center and unite the design. Contemporary accessories in fun colors such as light green, bright orange and red-red add color and fun to the simple design.

{25} Traditional living room bold

Traditional living room bold colors
Bold black and white living room decor by Decor And Design | Photo of Lisa Petrole

Fresh, contemporary and oh so bold, this living room is picture perfect! The inky black walls illuminate Victorian details in the room such as crown molding, trim and fireplace. The dark wall also forms a fantastic background for the fantastic mural that dominates the entire wall. Contemporary furniture such as the modern armchairs, coffee table with glass top, the table with round ends and the carpet in white area gives the room an elegant, updated look. In contrast, the vintage mirror wall chandelier and chandelier add a touch of old-world charm to the design. Notice how the abundant natural light illuminates the room and softens the sharpness of the design! This living room is a beautiful composition of contrasting colors and traditional structure and modern design.

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