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How To Wear High Low Lace Dress

How To Wear High Low Lace Dress

Tall, low dresses have an asymmetrical hem, which makes them unique and very flattering. Many girls (including me) would choose these dresses for some formal events – prom, weddings, and other celebrations. So, today I’m going to show you how to style a high-low lace dress. Hope you’re interested to see more and if so, scroll down.
Lace is one of the most flattering and delicate materials. If it is styled with satin or silk you will get a winner. That is why many women choose the high, low lace dress as their wedding dress. We will also see some of the white models. Prepare for super stylish clothes. Enjoy!

Baby blue dress with open back

High Low Lace Dress Baby Blue
Baby blue is a great color for this year. Mainly because of the pastel trend that dominated the entire fashion world this year. This girl has probably known this since she decided to style this lovely high-low dress. It has corset bodice with an open back and beautiful lower part in ruffles. You can combine it with silver details for a super elegant and sophisticated look.

Gray twinkles

High low lace dress sparkling gray
Elegant and polished, this dress is the perfect garment for special occasions. It has turtleneck bodice with short sleeves. As you can see, there are delicate sequins all over the dress, but they are still low key and not over the top. The length of the front part of the dress is midi, so you can combine this dress with fancy silver sandals or pumps.

Burgundy off the shoulder dress

hih low lace dress burgundy
Off the shoulder dresses are flattering and very sexy. You can also show your shoulders on elegant occasions and still look appropriate. This girl shows you how to do it. The top looks even more interesting because of the lace. As you can see, the rest of the dress is made up of ruffles and chiffon. You can style everything with nice beige flats, high heels or sandals.

Blush Pink High Low Lace Dress

High low lace dress delicate pink
Beautiful delicate pink shade is ideal for elegant lace dresses like this one. This tip is made very delicate and subtle. It’s a layer of delicate pink satin. The front part is shorter than the rear. The ruffle neckline looks great and is very flattering for formal summer events – pool parties, outdoor weddings, and other cocktail parties.

Floral lace embroidery

high low lace dress soft pink embroidery
Embroidery – whether with flowers or with other motifs – looks great and very interesting. Every time I see it on an elegant dress, I’ve fallen in love. That was also the case with this dress. The pink pastel color of the dress makes it gorgeous while the lace embroidery adds a romantic feel to it. Wear this dress with nude strappy sandals and add gold jewelry.

Lace up back

High low lace dress white
White color doesn’t always mean that it is a wedding dress. For example, this dress is snow white and short. It has a statement lace-up back that looks very interesting. The rest of the dress is kept low key. All you need is lovely delicate lace and short sleeves. The lower part of the lace in the back looks absolutely amazing and flattering. Style it for summer when your skin is a little sunken.

Champagne tulle

high low lace dress champagne
Tulle is a winner when we talk about elegant and flattering materials. It feels good and most of all it flatters your skin. You won’t feel uncomfortable. This soft pink tulle dress has an asymmetrical hem, while the top is made of lace. The neckline is from the shoulders and looks amazing. You should add some nice silver or gold jewelry – minimal necklace, bracelets, or rings.

Wedding high low dress

high low lace dress wedding
Who wouldn’t like this type of wedding? From the place to the dress, I can’t find anything against it. The high, low lace dress is used here as a wedding dress. The corset top and the rest of the dress remain pretty relaxed and reserved. This girl went for sparkly earrings which I think is a perfect idea. Top it all off with nude strappy sandals.

Black lace and nude satin

High low lace dress black nude
If you haven’t found your prom dress yet, I’m here to inspire you. You can see how to style a high-low ball gown, or you can check out these ideas here too.
This black lace dress looks fabulous. Nude satin in combination with black lace on top offers you a dose of extravagance.

Red high low lace dress

High low lace dress red
This dress can be another prom dress inspiration. It looks classy – no sparkling or other exaggerated details. The dress seems very suitable not only for proms, but also for weddings, cocktail parties or other formal events. This girl opted for nude strappy sandals and with minimal jewelry.

Red corset dress

high low top dress red wine
If you thought this previous dress was too easy for you then have this one shown to you. Burgundy or wine red if you prefer is a lovely color to wear and style. This lace dress has an asymmetrical hem and a corset top with spaghetti straps. You can style it for many different celebrations – going out, weddings, or outdoor parties.

Casual top

High low lace dress white casual
When you say lace, most people will imagine elegant dresses, not casual dresses. However, I’m here to show you how to style a casual high and low lace dress without looking boring. This white dress is short and has a lace front zip. It also has long sleeves so you can style it for colder days too. If you want to wear it as casual wear, don’t hesitate. You should definitely give it a try.

As you could see, this dress can be perfect for elegant events. However, you can even style some models for casual and everyday wear. It’s all up to you. Don’t hesitate to buy these dresses for proms, elegant events, dinners, etc. They will look very sophisticated and polished and still look modern and trendy.

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