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Eclectic Decorating Style

Eclectic Decorating Style

Eclectic decoration style is a decoration style that combines creativity and imagination for many different styles. Since; different styles are used together; eclectic style is really difficult.

What is Eclectic Decoration Style?

You must combine the parts you like from modern, rustic, rural, avant-garde designs and be careful with colors and textures. So; the most important point is that; design should look like a complete harmony between the pieces should be successful. Colors, different styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories gathered must create their own compositions.

What pieces can I use for an eclectic decoration style?

Vintage pieces, modern furniture, accessories belonging to different styles, contemporary objects and accessories, patterns can be used for eclectic style. It looks so complicated; and I have mentioned that the combination is difficult.

How to design eclectic decoration style?

Creating color contrast is a good idea when preparing eclectic home designs. For example, you can place a yellow sofa in front of a blue wall. This contrast makes the design more interesting.

While mixing different styles; Getting balance is really an important factor. You must get equal parts for every other style. For example, if you use modern pieces a lot; balance it with retro pieces on the same number. Do not categorize objects in the room according to their style. They should mix well in every corner of the room. Other; Your room will look like a furniture store that categorizes items according to their styles.

You will mix cultures, traditions and different styles in eclectic design. There is a thin line to get eclectic design and get inexplicably complex design. Be careful when choosing pieces and place them in the room. When you succeed; you will love the results. Your room will be unique and different from the usual styles. How about trying this design trend eclectic decoration style?

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