Wednesday , 13 September 2023

Floral Clutch Bag Style

“Flowers for spring? Groundbreaking. “Miranda Priestly (aka Devil Wear Prada) convinced us that wearing flowers in spring is a cliché. However, I would not entirely agree with that.
With spring and higher temperatures, you just want to incorporate more colors, prints, and patterns into your wardrobe. The same rules apply to accessories. The more colorful, the better. If you’re into bags right now or are looking for one for spring and summer, I’ll show you how to carry a floral clutch.

The floral clutch fits every staple that is not overly patterned. In this case, it may look a little too much. You can style your clutch with pants, dresses, and jeans.
In this post, I’ll show you how to carry a floral clutch with other staples that you likely have in your closet. Let’s start, shall we?

Flower clutch bag with a green lace skirt

Flower clutch bag green lace skirt
Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors! This beautiful lace skirt in green color is perfect for spring or summer. It goes amazingly well with floral accessories: clutch bags and stilettos.
This outfit is a bit classy so you can wear it for parties, dinners or cocktails.

Flower backpack clutch

Flowers clutch bag pink backpack
Pretty in pink is not easy to achieve. You can easily look like a barbie, or worse, a candy cane. So, be careful when choosing which shade of pink to wear. Decorate it with white staples and add a bit of flowers by wearing a blushing pink backpack. It has beautiful floral details that will leave you breathless.

Flower skirt and flower clutch bag

Flowers clutch bag double flowers
While Miranda Priestly says so, double flowers are perfect for spring! Pair your floral clutch with a floral skirt and you will nail this look down! There really is some charm to these Fendi bags so make sure you find a bag that is a perfect copy.

Summertime white top

floral clutch bag white top
Off-the-shoulder tops were a major trend last summer, and I think they will stay in style for some time. This is why you should pair your top with crochet details with a small floral clutch and ripped jeans. Wear a gray suede platform sandal with the shoes.

Floral elegance

floral clutch bag elegance
Don’t think that the floral clutch bag is just an accessory for casual outfit combinations.
Combine your little flower bag with the elegant white dress and camel jacket for a super stylish and chic look.
This outfit is perfect for formal events like parties, dinners, or weddings.

Blush and red combination

Flower clutch bag red
I’m not a big fan of the combination of red and pink color. However, I have to admit that this combination looks beautiful. The blush pink cocktail dress is paired with nude sandals and a red clutch with a floral print. It looks very elegant and glamorous.

Metallic Gray Dress and Floral Clutch

Flowers clutch bag metallic gray skirt
Choose this combination for special occasions such as celebrations, weddings or cocktail parties. This pink floral clutch bag goes perfectly with strappy sandals with sparkling details. You will feel glamorous and sophisticated when wearing this outfit.

Blush Duster Jacket and Floral Clutch

Flower Clutch Bag Duster Jacket
This perfect leisure outfit can be worn during the day for any event. Combine your feather duster jacket with a striped top, beige cut out ankle boots and add floral accessories, a tie and a clutch.
You can wear this outfit all day because one thing is for sure – it’s super comfortable.

Obsession with flowers

floral clutch bag floral obsession
Some girls just can’t resist going for floral designs. If you are in this group then you should know that this is a great outfit for you. Pair your red floral pleated skirt with a blushing pink sweater and add an embroidered floral clutch. It looks super casual and also very chic.

Glamor Florals

Flowers clutch bag faux fur coat
This faux fur coat looks really glamorous and sophisticated. It looks even better in combination with a green velvet dress and a red clutch with a floral print. You can wear this outfit for formal occasions like weddings or other celebrations. It’s also a safe choice for your workwear.

Silk flower dress

Flower clutch bag double flowers silk
Again double flowers, but also another excellent outfit combination! It looks really great. Wearing silk can be very flattering on your body. You can put a belt around your waist and make your dress even better to highlight your body shape.
Flower clutch has small flowers which is very delicate and stylish.

Black outfit flower bag

Flower clutch bag black
Black outfits are great, but sometimes you need something to break them down. A floral clutch is perfect for this. As you can see, it looks adorable and doesn’t ruin the rest of the all-black-everything outfit. Sometimes make your outfit look a little eccentric!

Be unique!

Flowers clutch bag green
With this type of outfit, you will definitely attract a lot of attention, but you will also look very stylish and fashionable. The flower bag is combined with green, thigh-high socks and a green dress.
This perfect outfit is suitable for an evening or a less formal event.

Pants suit with flowers clutch bag

Flowers clutch bag pants suit
Don’t worry when looking for new work clothes. I already found you! This gray pant suit is perfect for work hours while paired with the gorgeous floral clutch.
You can wear this outfit with both flats and heels.

Yellow dress

Flower clutch bag yellow
Wearing bright colors is a perfect mood lift. You just have to feel amazing when wearing this gorgeous yellow dress! Pair it with baby pink suede stilettos and a floral clutch bag for a super casual city girl look.

Retro vibe

This floral clutch has a touch of retro flair. If you’re a fan of old fashion, you’ll love this ornate flower bag paired with a green A-line dress. The dress has a modern cut, but still has clean lines and a turtleneck top.
It’s perfect for breezy spring days in the park.

These were some of the outfit ideas on how to wear a floral clutch. If you like these combinations, be sure to check out many other outfit ideas we’ve prepared for you!

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