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How To Style Camo Jacket

How To Style Camo Jacket

Despite the fact that it is less popular than causal jackets like the denim jacket and the bomber jacket, the camo jacket certainly has its place in the casual fashion world. It’s one of those things that can make you look different and still look great, especially if you only wear it every now and then. There is no way I would say that if I had to choose a jacket to wear every day of the year, I would prefer a camouflage jacket to a demin jacket. Still, it’s always good to add variety to your everyday outfit. Variety can help you get good enough styling to match your outfit with your mood. So that you look good with the camo jacket, I have put together a list of outfit ideas that show you what to wear with it.

Camo jacket with white vest top and ripped jeans


The camo jacket feels tough and rough. It is very natural to combine them with clothes of similar style. For example, you can wear a white vest top and pair it with ripped jeans with cuffs. For the shoes, you can wear either sneakers or light pink ballerinas. Wear an oversized camouflage jacket to complete his classy tough look.

Wear with a black crop top and pleaded mini skirt

black crop top pleaded mini skirt camo jacket

Combining a ladylike skirt with a rough-looking jacket sometimes creates an intense contract that actually looks very attractive. You have to be your own judge to check whether or not you have overdone it. Of course, you can go the safe route and use others’ ideas for reference. For example, this outfit shows that you can wear an oversized camo jacket with a black crop top, black mini skirt, and leather ankle boots. This is an outfit with a well-controlled contrast.

Wear it with a black blouse and white skinny jeans

black blouse white skinny jeans camo jacket

To be honest, I see the camouflage jacket as part of a casual outfit. It’s not impossible to style it so that you can wear it to work. It’s just a bit more difficult compared to other jackets. However, this outfit is a great way to wear it to work if you have a startup like workplace. Just wear a black blouse, white jeans and ankle heels with a camo jacket.

Camo jacket with gray t-shirt and black leather skirt

Camouflage jacket gray t-shirt black leather skirt

Here’s another one of those borderline outfits that you can wear to work in some more down to earth workplaces. And it’s one that definitely makes you look great as a casual outfit. You can wear a gray t-shirt with a high-waisted black leather mini skirt. Wear an oversized camouflage jacket. For the shoes, sneakers or ballerinas would be fine. The three very simple parts just kind of look so good together. Maybe it’s the colors or the cuttings. This is easily my first choice among this list.

Wear it with a black t-shirt and short skinny jeans

black skinny jeans camo jacket

Camo jacket looks great with an all black look. It adds a touch of toughness to the existing darkness. With the camo jacket you can wear a black T-shirt and short skinny jeans. Add a pair of black loafers to the equation.

Wear with Black Crop Top & Leggings

black crop top leggings camo jacket

Here is another example of wearing the camouflage jacket with other black parts. Wear a black crop top with leggings and black leather boots. You can add a little twist by wearing a studded camo jacket instead of the typical one.

Wear it with a gray V-neck top and ankle boots

gray ankle boots with V-neck and camouflage

For a casual street look that’s especially good in fall, you can wear a camouflage jacket with a gray V-neck T-shirt, skinny jeans and ankle boots. For more outfit ideas for similar shoes, check out our combat boots blog post.

Camo jacket with black and white striped t-shirt and white jeans

Camouflage jacket black and white striped t-shirt

The black and white striped T-shirt is an important part of the world of casual outfits. You can wear it with a camouflage jacket and white jeans. Complete this stylish outfit with suede outfit ideas.

Oversized camo jacket with white t-shirt and running shorts

oversized running pants with camouflage jacket

Another super casual yet lovely way to style the camo jacket is to wear an oversized jacket with a white t-shirt, running pants and trainers. One thing I really like about this outfit is that it can really unlock the roughness that lies in the camouflage jacket.

Wear it with a gray sweater and leather gaiters

gray sweater leather leggings outfit

Let’s talk about another stylish and causal outfit. Just wear the camouflage jacket with a gray t-shirt, leather gaiters and suede boots.

Gray three-quarter sleeve t-shirt with camo blazer

gray long sleeve t-shirt camouflage blazer

To style a camo blazer, you can wear it with a gray three-quarter sleeve t-shirt and black sneakers. A feat demonstrated in this outfit is rolling the sleeves of the camouflage jacket so that the sleeves of the t-shirt are visible a few inches. This is a trick to make your arms look thinner.

Wear with a white sweater dress

white sweater dress camo jacket white sneakers

For a refreshing look, you can pair the oversized camo jacket with a contrasting beautiful white sweater dress. White sneakers would look great with this outfit. This is another outfit that uses well-controlled pieces of contrast to achieve a great result.

Wear it with a white lace blouse and shorts

white lace blouse shorts camo jacket

Similar to the previous outfit, it’s all about contrast. I would even say that the contrast with this outfit is almost exaggerated, not yet, the outfit still looks good, just very close. The outfit consists of a camouflage jacket, a white lace blouse and lace shorts.

Hopefully you enjoy the list of camouflage jacket outfit ideas I’ve put together with the aim of expanding your comfort zone. If you like these ideas, be sure to check out thousands of other outfit ideas that you can find on this website.

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