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How To Wear Black Mesh Top

How To Wear Black Mesh Top

Many people think the black mesh top is too sexy to wear unless you are a supermodel or a movie star. Depending on how you style it, you can actually make it a part of your street outfit. For example, for those of you who can’t accept wearing a black mesh top over a bralette, you can easily wear it over a vest top and still achieve a really elegant and feminine look. To show you more about how to style it, I’ve rounded up some of the black mesh top outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive right in.

Black mesh top with skinny jeans


I’ll start the list by showing you something that you would likely see on TV. Yes, it’s the typical way of wearing a black mesh top over a black bralette. But don’t be discouraged just yet if you just don’t like these types of overly sexy outfits. You can easily customize the outfit by replacing the bralette with a black vest. Team the mesh top with black skinny jeans and black ankle strap heels to complete this all black sexy and stylish look.

Wear with a black bralette and leather mini skirt

black mini skirt made of bralette leather

If you want to build a feminine and sexy outfit around the black mesh top, you can wear it with a black leather mini skirt. For the shoes, I would recommend wearing black heels with open toe straps or black ballerinas. To add extra style to the outfit, you can wear a black choker.

Polka Dot Semi-Sheer Black Mesh Top with Leather Shorts

Polka Dot Semi Sheer Black Mesh Top Leather Shorts

If you think a solid black mesh top is a little too sophisticated and feminine for you, consider trying this polka dot version instead. Wear it over a black bra top. Wear black leather shorts and black suede ankle boots to complete your stylish and beautiful outfit.

Black short mesh top with mini skater dress

black, short cut mini skater dress with mesh top

This is a very interesting way to style a black mesh top. It’s actually a short mesh top worn over a black bra top. Pair them with a black mini skater dress and black ankle boots to complete this sexy look.

Black long-sleeved top with mesh overlay and orange skirt

black orange skirt with long sleeves

At first glance, this looks like a black neckline top. It’s actually a hybrid black top that is partly made up of the black mesh. It is paired with an orange pencil skirt to create a sharp contrast. Complete outfit with black suede boots to look sexy and chic.

Wear it with a black leather jacket and a button front denim skirt

black leather jacket jeans button front skirt

If I have to tell you what I mean when I say “restrained sexy” I think this picture says it best. To achieve my so-called low-key sexy outfit, you can wear a black mesh top over a black bra top. Wear a sleek black leather jacket over it so you can’t easily tell you’re wearing a mesh top. This creates the “now you won’t see it” effect which is a great way to look sexy. A navy button placket denim skirt, stockings and black leather ankle boots are the perfect accompaniment to your look.

Mesh Top Over Black Lace Bralette

Mesh top over black lace bralette

If you go to a cocktail party and choose not to be sexy in the mainstream, it means that you are not wearing a cocktail dress then you can wear a black mesh top over a black lace bralette. Team them with a black leather mini skirt and black open toe heels with ankle straps.

Wear it with a black vest and white wide-leg pants

black waistcoat above white pants with wide legs

Here is an elegant outfit to wear for a formal event. To achieve the look, wear a black vest top with a black mesh top over it. Pair them with white wide leg pants with bare heels with an open toe strap for a gorgeous and professional looking outfit.

Hybrid black top made of satin and mesh

hybrid black top satin mesh

If you think all of the above outfits are way outside of your comfort zone, let’s start with something that is very easy to take off. This is a hybrid black top with a mesh shoulder part and a satin rest. You can simply wear it with black pants and black open heels to complete the elegant outfit.

Black mesh top with button-up wool skirt

black wool skirt with button closure on top

Here’s a super chic outfit to help you stand out from the crowd at a formal event or cocktail party. You don’t have to show a lot of skin, however. To achieve this gorgeous look, you can wear a black mesh top over a black v-neck vest top with a spaghetti strap. A black button placket pencil skirt and black suede thigh high boots are the glue that will bring this outfit together. For more outfit ideas for similar boots, check out our blog post on wearing thigh high boots.

Polka dot mesh top with black felt hat

Polka dot mesh top black felt hat

I already mentioned how to style the polka dot mesh top. I think the outfit is too beautiful to want to talk about what else you can do with the outfit. Wear a black felt hat with the dotted mesh top and leather skirt outfit for an artistic touch. The felt hat really takes the outfit to the next level.

Black mesh button up shirt with black suit

black shirt with mesh button and suit

If you replace the bralette with a black vest top for this outfit, you get a feminine outfit that you can wear to work. The outfit consists of a black mesh shirt with buttons. Team it with a black slim fit blazer, black skinny pants and suede boots for a great look.

Long-sleeved mesh top with black, ripped skinny jeans

Long sleeve mesh top black ripped skinny jeans

This is an absolutely stylish all black outfit that is easy to take off by replacing the bralette with a black top. Just wear a black long sleeve mesh top with black skinny jeans and black leather boots down the middle of the calf for a cool and dark all-black look.

Oversized short-sleeved black mesh top with a pencil skirt

Oversized black mesh pencil skirt with short sleeves

It’s not that often to see a short sleeve black mesh top. It often looks great when used in a layered outfit. Wear it over a white bra top and a black pencil skirt for a stylish and chic look. Black ankle boots would be the perfect shoes to match the pieces.

Black short mesh top with half sleeves and a white skater skirt

black, short cut white skater dress with mesh top

For a simple and sexy look, you can wear this half-sleeved top with a sweetheart neckline, the shoulder part is made of mesh. Pair it with a white skater skirt and black heels to achieve this chic look.

So here are the black mesh top outfit ideas that I want to share with you. My main purpose is to let you know that you can really control how sexy you look by changing what you wear under the mesh top. It’s great when you can try out some of the ideas above and expand your outfit world a little at a time.

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