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How To Wear Boat Neck Sweaters

How To Wear Boat Neck Sweaters

Boat neck sweaters have been in the fashion scene for ages. If you choose this type of sweater, you will look classy and elegant. At the same time you also feel casual. The boat neckline of the sweater highlights the collarbone and neck, so with the right outfit selection you will always look fabulous.

Sailors are responsible for popularizing these sweaters. The word bateau comes from the French language and means boat. The sailors wore them because they were easy to take off in an emergency.

They came into womenswear in the form of an oversized version in the hippie era. This is also one of the most popular cuts among many others that can be worn in numerous combinations.

Here are the ways you can style the boat neck sweater, from the looks that only expose the collarbones to those that make your shoulder fully visible. Let us begin!

High waist jeans

High-waisted jeans in combination with a boat neck sweater offer you the perfect everyday outfit. You can also wear it to the office or for a relaxing evening with your friends.

It is up to you to choose the color that suits you. It can look good with gray, black, but also with the others, like burgundy, orange or pink. Also choose wisely between the materials. I will suggest cashmere or wool. When you wear sweaters made from it, you’ll feel most comfortable.

If the sweater is oversized, it is safe to tuck it into your jeans. Add a good statement belt to all of this and you will look chic and chic.
Boat neck burgundy
Orange submarine sweater

White shirt below

If you put on the sweater and white shirt below, you can combine it with many items of clothing. This type of combination is eternal. The boat neck sweater and white shirt below can be worn by anyone. It can be perfect for work, business meetings or, if you prefer, with an everyday outfit.

You can combine it with jeans or with dark blue pants, as in the photo below. Black pumps are a perfect match for this look, but you won’t go wrong choosing flat boots instead. Thigh high boots are also an option if you ask me.

Stripes go perfectly with the white shirt, and this combination can look elegant, classy and casual at the same time. You should definitely give it a try.
Boat neck sweater
Striped boat neck

Midi skirt with a high waist

If you want to look like a real lady, this is a dressing option for you. By delicately showing the skin, boat neck sweaters are the perfect choice for those of you who prefer this charming outfit. When you combine it with a midi skirt with a high waist, you get a real “ladylike” outfit.

You can wear this outfit in a variety of situations, such as weddings, business meetings, and even casual city walks, when you pair it with more casual clothes.

High heels are the type of shoes that definitely go well with this look, but you can also try wearing ankle boots or even flats.

In the second photo you can see the floral pattern on the dress, which goes perfectly with the color of the sweater. I think it’s wonderful. Don’t forget to use the belt, it will add the finishing touch to your look.
Midi skirt with submarine sweater
Midi skirt pattern with submarine sweater

Mini skirt

As I said earlier, oversized sweaters are one of the most popular shapes of boat neck sweaters. This time I’m going to show you how fashion girls wear it in combination with the mini skirt.

In the first photo you can see the combination of a gray one-shoulder sweater and a white asymmetrical mini skirt. This is an ideal outfit for going out! The most important thing for me is to be comfortable when I do the outfits. And this one really meets my standards. It’s an excellent mix of cosiness and chic.

The outfit in the second photo can be worn during the day. Put on comfortable ankle boots, add a nice bag and you’re good to go!
Mini skirt with a boat neckline
Mini skirt sweater with boat neckline

Turn-down collar

This type of sweater is very interesting. It can be worn in two different ways. You can either wear it like it has a large collar, or you can put the collar under the shoulder line, twist it and make it look like it has a boat neckline. In any case, the possible combinations are very worthwhile. You can wear it with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, skirts or shorts and also with pants.
For a casual everyday look, combine skinny jeans, the boat neck sweater and pull on a long necklace to complete this classic look.
For a more elegant look, wear wide pants and high heels. To spice things up, you can add a black coat or a nice looking short leather jacket.
Boat neck collar
Black submarine collar

Over many, many years, this piece of fabric has adapted to the ever-changing styles. Surprisingly, it hasn’t lost its character. It’s no wonder why it’s still popular today when you have so many types of sweaters in the stores. It goes well with any woman, can be worn in different situations and there are many types of boat neck sweaters. You can also choose between different types of materials depending on the time of year for which you are buying it.

If you ask me for my opinion, I think every woman should have this type of sweater in her closet. Simply because you can have a perfect outfit ready in no more than 10 minutes.

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