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How To Wear Velvet Skirts

Velvet is a very interesting fabric that will add a little more depth to any item you wear. In this case, a velvet skirt can be thought of as a skirt that has the shiny touch to get extra attention. It’s not that difficult to style a velvet skirt after all. You can basically style it like a denim skirt, but the result will often come as a good surprise. To get you off to a better start, I’ve rounded up some of the best ways to wear velvet skirts. Let’s look at them now.

Cream-colored knitted sweater with a black velvet skirt


If you enjoy wearing the black skirt, you should be familiar with the style. For a black velvet skirt, just do the same thing by wearing it as part of a minimal outfit. For example, wear the black velvet skirt with a cream-colored, coarse-grained knitted sweater. Add a pair of stockings and brown desert boots to the equation.

White and Black Heart Pattern Shirt & Gifts Burgundy velvet skirt


For a nice look, you can pair a burgundy velvet skirt with a white and black heart print shirt. If you can’t get a similar shirt, a polka dot shirt goes wonderfully with the skirt too. Combine these items with stockings and black ballerinas.

Gray t-shirt with a high-waisted midi skirt

gray t-shirt high waisted midi skirt

A nice trick to looking taller is to visually move your waist up by wearing a high-waisted skirt. As an example, you can wear a high-waisted dark gray midi skirt and a gray t-shirt. Finish off your outfit with light pink heels. Sometimes your upper body looks a little uncomfortable when you wear a high waisted skirt. To fix this problem, you can wear a long necklace to make the outfit look more balanced.

Gray knitted sweater with a high neckline and midi velvet skirt

gray high neck knitted pullover midi velvet skirt

This is a good demonstration of how dressing as a minimalist can sometimes make you look beautiful and feminine. To achieve this amazing look, simply wear a gray high neck knit sweater for the top and pair it with a black high-waisted midi velvet skirt. Wear black suede ankle boots for an extra touch of elegance.

Red velvet mini skirt with black blazer

red velvet mini skirt black blazer

Here is an outfit idea that answers how jacket you should wear with a velvet skirt. The answer is not at all surprising. It’s a very versatile type of jacket, the black blazer. Just wear the blazer with a white buttoned shirt for the top. For the floor, wear the red velvet mini skirt with stockings and black slippers.

Navy Velvet Midi Pencil Skirt with Print T-Shirt

Navy velvet midi pencil skirt outfit

For those of you who like the more mature feel in a midi skirt more than the refreshing looking mini skirt, here is an outfit idea you might just be looking for. You can just wear a velvety midi pencil skirt with a gray printed t-shirt. Add a pair of gray pointed toe suede boots to the equation.

Black knitted sweater with a red velvet skirt with a high waist

gray knitted sweater, red velvet skirt with a high waist

For a chic and slightly aggressive looking outfit to wear to work, consider wearing a black crew-neck knit sweater and a red high-waisted velvet skirt. To keep the look neat and simple, I would recommend wearing a pair of black heels.

White chiffon blouse with blue pleaded skirt

white chiffon blouse blue pleaded skirt

It’s always interesting for me to see whether two specialty fabrics can look good together. This time the experiment is about chiffon and velvet, and the result seems pretty good. This creative and feminine outfit consists of a white chiffon blouse, a blue skirt, stockings and black ankle boots.

Black velvet suspender skirt with white blouse

black velvet stocking skirt white blouse

Now that we’ve talked about some mini or midi velvet skirts, let’s talk about something more unique, the suspender skirt. You can combine this black velvet suspender skirt with a white blouse and black ballerinas. Alternatively, you can replace the black flats with cheetah ballerinas as shown in the picture for a little more elegance. If you want to learn more about the shoes, check out our blog post on wearing cheetah flats.

White button-up shirt with a red velvet pencil skirt

white button up shirt red velvet pin skirt

Here is a very simple outfit that you can wear to work as a business casual outfit. It’s one of those outfits when you want to go low-key and still look decent enough. Just wear a white buttoned blouse, red velvet pencil skirt, and black heels.

Navy sweater with a burgundy velvet skirt

Navy sweater burgundy velvet skirt

Compared to the previous outfit, this outfit can attract more attention as the pieces just go together perfectly. You can achieve this simple and wonderful look by wearing a comfy navy sweater with a knee-length skirt in burgundy velvet and boho-style sandals.

Black wool coat with red velvet skirt

black wool coat, red velvet skirt

Sometimes when you wear a black wool coat in winter, the outfit looks a little too serious. This is not the case when pairing the coat with a white sweater and red velvet skirt to balance out the black. You can soften the tone of the outfit even further by wearing light gray suede ankle boots.

Wear it with a black leather jacket

black leather jacket red velvet skirt

In addition to the aforementioned black blazer, you can also wear a red velvet skirt with a black leather jacket. Complete your outfit with a white print tee, stockings and black combat boots.

Wear it with a gray knitted sweater and white sneakers

gray knitted sweater, red velvet skirt

For a cozy and cheerful look that will make you look like the girl next door, you can wear a gray knitted sweater with a red velvet mini skirt. If you’re on the fence about how to go about the classic footwear, go for a pair of white sneakers.

So here are the velvet skirt outfit ideas that I have put together. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Go ahead and try them. I’m sure you’ll be surprised how easy it is to pull them off.

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