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How To Wear Boat Shoes

How To Wear Boat Shoes

Some shoes just never go out of style. They are always available in stores. Most importantly, however, you can always wear them because they are super chic. Yes, I am talking about the boat shoes.

Boat shoes have been part of the fashion scene since 1930. Both men and women can wear them. They look like slippers, but the main difference is that they look a little sportier.
Boat shoes are usually made of leather, but these days they are also made of many other materials such as suede, rubber, and even satin.
They can go with any style or staple. It’s easy to wear with jeans, leggings, or chinos. This way you will achieve a perfect leisure style.

Let’s see how to style boat shoes on different occasions.

With leggings

Boat shoes chunky sweater
If you need the perfect casual look that you will always feel comfortable in, choose this beige sweater and the lovely soft leggings. Combine them with your leather boat shoes.
Wear this outfit for everyday occasions – lunch with friends or when you are walking your dog.

Superstars love boat shoes!

Keira boat shoes
Boat shoes are Keira Knightley’s favorite shoes. You can see them in boat shoes on many occasions. Wear it like Keira with the sleeveless button-down and cut the pants with the ribbon at the waist.
It is the perfect outfit combination for cycling, taking your coffee with you or for a leisurely stroll in the park on a summer afternoon.

Elegant boat clothes

Boat shoes elegant
When going to a boat, you should dress appropriately, even if it is not required. The elegant clothes like these in the photo above can also be worn for an outdoor or cocktail party.
Combine your brown boat shoes with the dark blue blazer, the cable knit sweater and the white pants. The red color of the sweater will make a statement and you will look stunning.

Print shirt and white pants

Boat shoes print shirt
For another boat outfit look, this time you can choose the combination of white jeans and a printed shirt. It looks elegant but is still very casual for the occasion. Wear your brown leather boat shoes when you want a lot of comfort.

Winter staples

Green parka boat shoes
One of the most important reasons for boat shoes that you may come across while reading articles online is not to wear them in winter. But we all know rules are here to be broken.
Wear it with the green parka, the beige sweater and the dark jeans. This only applies if it is not wet outside. In this case, try not to wear boat shoes.

Gray soft knit

Gray knitted boat shoes
This outfit can be your workwear inspiration. It’s very simple and classy. If you want to wear this during work hours, consider replacing the jeans with some great chinos or suit pants.
Round off this outfit with a pink bag and tan leather boat shoes.

High-waisted jeans and two colored boat shoes

Striped boat shoes
This is a great way to style your high waisted dark jeans. Add a touch of Parisian chic to your outfit by adding a striped shirt to this combo. Finish everything with the two colored boat shoes and the beautiful brown bag.

Sporty elegance

Boat shoes sporty elegance
This is a great example of how to style your sports vest and still look chic and elegant. Ripped jeans paired with the striped shirt and hat look fantastic! It’s a great outfit for a weekend getaway or if you want to spend a day in the woods, go hiking.

Statement boat shoes

Red plaid boat shoes
This is a perfect combination of winter and cozy outfit. If you like plaid you will love this red button down shirt. Combine your button-down shirt with the dark blue cardigan, beige pants and red boat shoes for a simple yet chic look. The shoes make a statement so you don’t have to put on jewelry.

Beach style

Boat shoes jean shorts
Combine your blue boat shoes with the simple white t-shirt and denim shorts. It couldn’t be easier, right? It’s perfect if you want to spend your summer on the beach or just for a short weekend. Boat shoes make you feel comfortable and the rest of the outfit makes you look very casual.

Simple yet chic

Boat shoes male
This is a masculine inspired look. You can wear your white oversized shirt with gray jeans and still not look boring. Combine that with the brown leather boat shoes and you get a killer combo.
It’s the perfect outfit for every day: drink with friends or even an evening cocktail party. Suggestion: just add a bit of jewelry for a more elegant look.

Sailor’s stripes

Boat shoes striped straw hat
This is a pretty outfit combo that you can always wear, especially when you are at the seaside. It’s the perfect combination of stripes and blue jeans. They know that outfits like this are forever. You can wear them with the boat shoes for that extra beach look. Round it off with the classy straw hat.

Black and white combination

Boat shoes striped sweater
Another beach outfit that also includes boat shoes. It looks very nice and super casual. This outfit consists of a striped black and white long sweater, gray shorts and black boat shoes. Sure enough, this is a great outfit for days at the beach and on your boat.

Chilling at home

Boat shoes striped shirt pink
This look is a great option if you’ve decided to stay home and just relax with a good book or movie. Wear a striped white and pale pink t-shirt, cut off flared trousers and pair it with the beige boat shoes.
All you have to do is enjoy your outfit combo and rest from the comfort of your home.

The styling tips for boat shoes

The main thing to know is that you cannot wear your boat shoes with socks on. It looks awkward so try to avoid that.
Some fashion gurus have said that you shouldn’t wear your boat shoes with your dress pants. I can’t agree with that because we’ve seen that they look fantastic in combination with the chinos or suit pants.

In the end, you are the one making your own outfits. I hope you enjoy these outfit ideas I showed you and that you find great inspiration in them.

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