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How To Wear Chunky Knit Sweater

The name “chunky sweater” is so funny and at the same time a bit misleading. The chunky sweater may look chunky but won’t make you look chunky if you style it right. In my opinion, going the right way means either wearing something short or something skinny. One of the best things I love about chunky knit sweaters is that they make you look adorable and fragile, in a good way that will make people just hug you and protect you. In the blog post, I’m going to share with you some of the best chunky sweater outfit ideas I’ve gathered. Let’s look at them now.

Cream-colored, coarse-grained knitted sweater with black corduroy trousers


I’ll start the list with a causal and beautiful way to wear a thick sweater. Just wear an off-white chunky cable knit sweater with black corduroy trousers. Wear classy flip flops to complete this outfit.

Green, coarsely knitted sweater with skinny jeans

green skinny jeans with a coarse knitted sweater

For a causal street look, wear a green chunky knit sweater over an oversized white tee for the top. Combine these items with skinny jeans and light pink heels.

Turtleneck chunky sweater with cuffed jeans

Chunky Sweater Cuffed Jeans with a gray turtleneck

Don’t be afraid to wear a sweater that is really, really chunky. If you overdo it that much, people will understand that you are doing it on purpose and it becomes a unique style. For example, wear a really chunky knit turtleneck with cuffed jeans and low canvas shoes.

White chunky knit sweater with a printed mini skirt

white, coarsely knitted mini skirt with knitted sweater

Here’s an outfit that demonstrates a nice layering trick. You can add a touch of elegance by layering a knitted sweater over a buttoned shirt and allowing the shirt’s collar and sleeves to protrude a little. For example, wear a white, chunky knit sweater over a blue shirt. Wearing the white printed mini skirt makes the outfit look so beautiful. If you can’t get a skirt like this, you can also wear a denim skirt and still look great. Black ankle boots are the perfect shoes for an outfit.

Gray chunky sweater with a high neck and black leather pants

gray, chunky sweater with a high neck, black leather pants

Here is another overlay trick you can use. Wear a gray high-necked sweater over a white blouse and let the bottom of the blouse protrude a little. Complete your look in style by wearing black leather pants and ankle boots.

Red oversized knitted sweater with black pencil skirt

red oversized knitted sweater black pencil skirt

Wear a pink oversized knit sweater with a black pencil skirt for an outfit with intense color contrast. A typical way to complete the outfit would be wearing black ballet flats. A more creative option would be wearing cheetah ballet flats as shown in the picture.

Chunky Knit Sweater Cardigan with Jeans

gray knitted sweater cardigan

Now let’s jump into a slight variation on the knitted sweater, which is the knitted sweater cardigan. The gray cardigan already has a lot of style. You can pair them with simple, understated pieces like a gray long-sleeved T-shirt, gray skinny jeans, and bare heels.

Cream chunky sweater with red leggings

Cream Chunky Sweater Red Leggings

This is a rare outfit idea that includes the red leggings. Styling the red leggings is definitely not an easy task, but this outfit does a good job. For the top, wear an off-white, oversized, thick sweater over a white buttoned shirt. The sweater should be big enough that it’s almost a sweater dress. Wear red leggings and black ankle boots to combine with the sweater.

Cream colored, chunky knitted sweater with ripped jeans

cream-colored, coarsely knitted jeans

For a stylish and casual street outfit, wear a cream colored, chunky knit sweater with ripped skinny jeans. Combine the sweater with ballerinas that are exactly the same color.

White turtleneck with a denim jacket

white turtleneck with thick sweater draped denim jacket

White sweaters just look beautiful and pure. I’ll finish this list without mentioning this pure gem. To achieve this lovely look, wear a white chunky knit sweater with black skinny jeans and ankle boots. As a final magical touch, pull a denim jacket over your shoulders. By the way, you might be interested in reading our blog post on how to look good when you put a jacket over your shoulders.

Gray oversized sweater with black leather mini skirt

gray oversized sweater black leather mini skirt

As mentioned at the beginning, wear either something skinny or short to look good with a chunky knit sweater. The outfit idea belongs to the latter. Just wear a black leather mini skirt with a gray, chunky knit sweater. I have two recommendations for shoes: black ankle boots or gray overknee boots.

Partly hidden in the chunky sweater

partly hidden in the chunky sweater outfit

It’s not impossible to have your legs look long when wearing a thick sweater. You can just partially and randomly tuck your thick sweater into the skinny jeans as shown in the picture.

White chunky sweater cardigan with leggings & sneakers

white chunky white cardigan

One casual and sporty way to wear a white chunky cardigan is to wear it with a white tee, black leggings, and a low-top conversation. These simple pieces just seem to blend together perfectly. I definitely think this outfit looks good enough for casual gatherings.

Cream colored oversized sweater with cargo pants

cream-colored oversized pullover cargo pants

Jeans and skirts go perfectly with a thick sweater. However, if you want to try something different, I would recommend that you try the cargo pants as an alternative. Just make sure the cargo pants are skinny pants or you can look really chunky.

Pink Chunky Marled Knit Sweater

pink, coarsely marbled knitted sweater with stockings

Here is a knitted sweater that is a less common color. It’s a pink marbled knitted sweater. Just pair it with white skinny jeans and brown thigh-high suede boots.

The only option to remember is to either wear a skirt or skinny jeans or pants with a chunky knit sweater. Something loose like the wide leg pants can make you look slightly chunky when paired with a thick sweater.

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