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How To Wear Printed Leggings

How To Wear Printed Leggings

Very often I talk about a lot of outfit ideas that either focus on the tops or the pants. Leggings and stockings are mostly used to add just a little bit of extra. Very interesting, I want to talk about something completely opposite for this blog post. I’m exploring how you can look amazing by putting together an outfit with the printed leggings as the focus. I’m going to give you some of the best tips on what to wear with printed leggings.

Printed leggings with knee high boots and long sleeved white t-shirt


One of the best and easiest ways to style colorful and eye-catching leggings is to wear them with something white on top. This way you can avoid awkward color combinations when wearing leggings that have a lot of random colors. This outfit consists of a long-sleeved white t-shirt, the printed leggings and a white knitted scarf. Wear knee-high leather boots as the cool factors in leather boots can perfectly balance out the randomness of the leggings.

Light blue t-shirt dress with printed leggings and knee-high boots

light blue t-shirt dress printed leggings

To be honest, you don’t have a lot of choice of colors for your top as mentioned in the previous outfit idea. If you don’t want to wear a white top, you can wear something very white like a light blue t-shirt dress. Similar to the previous outfit, add a touch of roughness by wearing the knee high boots.

Wear with Navy Cardigan & U Neck Black Tee

dark blue cardigan with leggings

Alternatively, instead of choosing a pair of printed leggings that are many colors, you can choose one that is just black and white. That way, you can wear it with a black t-shirt and a dark blue cardigan. If you don’t know how to finish off, complete this outfit with black leather knee high boots.

Wear it with a light blue sweater and knee high boots

light blue sweater knee high boots printed leggings

Here is another outfit idea that combines the light blue top and the colorful leggings. Simply wear the printed leggings with a light blue sweater and mid-calf boots. Optionally, wear a white knitted hat for a touch of cuteness.

Denim jacket & oversized white t-shirt

Denim jacket oversized leggings with T-shirt print

Printed leggings also look great with an oversized white t-shirt. Wear a fitted denim jacket for a good relationship so you don’t look too sloppy. Wear ankle boots to complete the casual outfit.

Floral leggings with a white long-sleeved T-shirt and boots

Floral leggings, white long sleeve t-shirt

These leggings look unique and use white as the main color with some rose patterns printed. Keep it simple by pairing the leggings with a white long sleeve t-shirt and knee-high leather boots.

Flower leggings with black leather jacket

floral leggings black leather jacket

When it comes to floral leggings that use black as the main background color, it is easy to choose what to wear for the top. You can almost think of the leggings as black skinny jeans. You can just wear them with a black sweater and a leather jacket for the top. Wear a pair of light pink heels just like you would with black skinny jeans.

Black blouse & floral leggings

oversized long sleeve black t-shirt floral leggings

As mentioned before, white is one color that is safe to wear with brightly printed leggings, the other two are gray and black. More specifically, I’m going to talk about the black top for this outfit. Although I would argue that a white top looks a lot more refreshing than a black top in such a situation, black gives a more mysterious feel. Wear a black blouse as a top for this outfit and pair it with the printed leggings and pink heels.

Wear it with a gray cowl neck sweater and brown knee high boots

gray sweater with cowl neckline and floral pattern

A cowl neck sweater can add some variety to your outfit, but you need to get it right not to look weird. A good example is wearing a gray cowl neck sweater, printed leggings, and brown knee-high boots.

Camo printed leggings with gray cardigan

Como printed leggings gray cardigan

If you want to get creative with the patterns in the printed leggings, try the camouflage printed leggings. Team it with a white t-shirt and a gray cardigan.

Wear blue and white printed leggings with Tiffany Blue Tee

blue printed leggings tiffany t-shirt

I just have to include this outfit idea because of the creative use of color. The tiffany blue t-shirt goes well with the blue and white printed leggings.

Floral leggings with an oversized white and black checked blazer

oversized plaid blazer with floral leggings

Here is another outfit idea that includes the floral leggings. Team them with an oversized plaid white blazer. Complete the outfit that is a low-key way of dressing with red heels.

Wear with Royal Blue Tee & Black Cardigan

royal blue t-shirt printed leggings

If you are so adventurous that you want to try wearing printed leggings of colors other than white, black, and gray and you are sure that you can style colorful outfits, this outfit should be checked out. Wear the leggings with a royal blue t-shirt, black cardigan and black leather knee high boots. You can find more royal blue outfit ideas in our other blog post.

Wear it with a white knit sweater dress with a brown vest

white knitted sweater dress printed leggings

Here is another example of wearing a white knit sweater with brightly colored printed leggings. Wear a brown vest and matching boots to add a little twist.

Gray top with batwing sleeves and floral leggings

gray top leggings with batwing sleeves

Do you remember the trick of wearing loose top tight bottom with heels for a feminine look? You can do this by wearing a gray batwing-sleeved sweater with printed leggings and heels.

Hope you like the list of printed leggings outfit ideas I have put together. To be honest, they’re not as easy to take off as denim jacket outfit ideas, for example. The printed leggings are just one of those things that look good on some people and uncomfortable on others. So I highly recommend you try them on and see what group of people you belong to.

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