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How To Wear Silver Metallic Shoes

How To Wear Silver Metallic Shoes

The silver metallic shoes don’t look as crazy as they sound. If you only hear “silver” and “metallic”, it sounds like the shoes are so difficult to style because they can only be reserved for celebrities and stage appearances. If you really try them on, they actually look a lot more “normal” than you thought. To prove it, I’ve compiled a list of the best ways to wear the silver metallic shoes. Now let’s look at the list.

Metallic silver shoes with navy cardigan & striped tee


This is one of those typical, yet beautiful street outfits that you would normally wear with white sneakers. The outfit consists of a dark blue and white striped T-shirt and a dark blue cardigan for the top. It consists of white trousers with cuffs and the silver metal shoes for the floor. The yellow handbag plays a role in gelling all the pieces.

Denim shirt with light blue skinny jeans and silver metallic shoes

Denim shirt light blue skinny jeans silver metallic shoes

For a unisex and stylish outfit, you can simply wear a denim shirt with light blue skinny jeans. A pair of silver canvas shoes is an alternative to white trainers to complement this outfit.

Wear it with a Green Cropped Sweatshirt & Mom Jeans

green cropped sweatshirt mom jeans

As a refreshing and reserved sexy green-blue outfit, you can wear a green, short sweatshirt with mom jeans. Wear a pair of silver pointy-toed metal shoes to add extra flair to the outfit.

Silver metallic shoes with a white wool coat and black leather gaiters

silver metallic shoes white wool coat black leather gaiters

The silver metallic shoes go very well with a piece of black leather. As an example, wear a gray t-shirt and a white wool coat for the top. For the lower section, wear black leather leggings and silver metallic shoes to complete this classy looking outfit that can be worn as a work or street outfit.

Wear with a Navy Blazer & White Print Tee

Navy blazer white print t-shirt

Here’s another outfit that would have looked very nice even with white sneakers. It consists of a T-shirt with a white print, a dark blue blazer and short skinny jeans. With the silver metallic shoes, the outfit is definitely more unique and classy than in combination with white sneakers.

Wear with a white chiffon shirt and black felt hat

white chiffon shirt black felt hat

You can also combine the silver shoes with a black and white outfit. As an artistic and stylish example, wear a white chiffon shirt with buttons, black dress pants, black felt hat and the silver shoes.

Rose gold bomber jacket with royal blue skinny jeans

Rose gold bomber jacket royal blue skinny jeans

I’m not an example of when rose gold is becoming a pretty popular color. It could be because of the popular smartphone, or more because it has been around for a long time, but I just didn’t notice it. No matter what the answer is, this rose gold bomber jacket looks pretty good. You can easily combine it with a white vest top, royal blue skinny jeans and the shiny silver metallic shoes with pointy toes.

Silver shoes with a black, chunky sweater and black jeans with cuffs

silver shoes black chunky sweater

Here’s an outfit that shows how important a pair of silver shoes can be to an all-black outfit. This outfit consists of a black thick sweater and black cuffed jeans. Yes, you can definitely wear them with black heels or black boots, but no, everyone wants to look dark. Combine the all black outfit with the silver metallic shoes to give a touch of elegance and simply to demand more attention.

T-shirt with gray print and black pullover jacket with silver metallic shoes

gray printed t-shirt black sweater jacket silver metallic shoes

This outfit is very low key and still looks decent. For the top, wear a gray t-shirt with a black sweater jacket. Complete the outfit with ripped skinny jeans and silver shoes for a super causal look that is perfect for stopping by a friend’s house.

Wear it with a black floral cardigan and white jeans

black floral longline cardigan white jeans

When you’re wearing a special item like the silver metallic shoes, sometimes wearing another special item can make the whole outfit look more balanced. For example, wear the silver shoes with a black floral cardigan for a unique look. Pair these pieces with a white waistcoat and white jeans to complete this stylish outfit.

Wear it with a black chunky sweater and leather gaiters

black cable knit chunky sweater made of leather

For a cool all black look, you can wear a black knit sweater cardigan for the top. Combine it with leather gaiters and silver metal shoes. Wear a black leather handbag for a chic ensemble.

Wear it with black felt hats and denim shorts

black felt hat denim shorts

This outfit is one of those outfits that you would normally wear with a pair of low top Converse. As a variation of the classic summer outfit, you can wear a gray T-shirt with denim shorts. Instead of Converse, wear the silver shoes and a black felt hat for a much more eye-catching version. If you’d like to see more outfit ideas for similar hats, check out our blog post on How to Style a Black Felt Hat.

Wear it with a gray tweed blazer and a green hat

gray tweed blazer green hat

This outfit is more complex, but all of the pieces seem to blend together pretty well for a stylish and pretty look. For the top, wear a gray t-shirt with a gray tweed blazer. For the floor, wear black leather pants with silver metal shoes. For that extra artsy feel, wear a green felt hat to complete the outfit.

Silver metallic shoes with a gray long wool blazer and skinny jeans

Gagi Hadid Silver Metallic Shoes Gray Long Wool Blazer

For a chic outfit that is relatively easy to take off, you can wear a white t-shirt with a gray long wool blazer as a top. Combine these pieces with skinny jeans and an elegant pair of silver high-top sneakers.

Here are some really great silver metallic shoe outfit ideas that I just shared with you. People often think that both the silver and gold colors are very difficult to style. In fact, this is not the case, especially if you learn to enjoy a little trial and error.

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