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How To Wear Velvet Overalls

How To Wear Velvet Overalls

When it comes to overalls, most people would think of the denim overalls and some might think of the corduroy overalls. But today I’m going to talk about something that looks a little deeper and more feminine, which is the velvet overalls. There is no question that it is so much easier to style the denim overalls than you basically have to pair them with the t-shirts you plan to wear. But styling velvet overalls isn’t that difficult either. To make things easier for you, I’ve put together some really great velvet jumpsuit outfit ideas. Let’s dive in.

Black Velvet Overalls with a White Button Up Linen Shirt


For a simple, artistic, and slightly unisex black and white look, you can wear a white linen shirt with buttons to add a little toughness to the look. Wear a black velvet jumpsuit over the shirt. For the shoes, you can wear black crew socks with black oxford shoes for a stylish touch.

Navy velvet overalls with black button up shirt

Navy velvet overall black shirt with buttons

Now let’s look at this outfit which is a lot more noticeable. Wear a dark blue velvet flared jumpsuit. Pair it with a black velvet button shirt to create a very interesting and deep velvet-velvet look. For the shoes, wear a pair of black suede ankle boots that go perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Black velvet overalls with a white shirt and combat boots

black velvet overall white shirt combat boots

One of the most noticeable characters of the overalls is that they can give you that little boyish feel. The combination of velvet and overall in one piece therefore creates a very interesting contrast. Let’s add a little toughness to this outfit by wearing black combat boots that go with the black velvet overalls and white shirt.

Wear with a white button-up shirt and long blazer

white button-up shirt long blazer

This is a very interesting attempt at incorporating the black velvet jumpsuits into a work outfit. You can also combine the jumpsuit with a white shirt with buttons and a long white blazer. Wear white slip-on sneakers with your shoes for a simple and casual look.

Multicolored knitted sweater with brown velvet jumpsuit with flared legs

multicolored knitted sweater with brown velvet overall

Velvet is very different from denim and is a very soft fabric that allows you to show your curves better. In this case, a pair of brown, flared velvet jumpsuits are worn to make the legs look longer and slimmer. You can create a cheerful look by wearing a multi-colored striped knit sweater and brown leather boots.

Black overalls with white t-shirt and sneakers

black overalls white t-shirt sneakers

For an extremely simple but casual and beautiful look, you can wear a white t-shirt with a short black velvet jumpsuit. Pair the pieces with white sneakers to look clean and relaxed.

Burgundy velvet overalls with white lace long sleeve blouse

Burgundy velvet overalls white lace long sleeve blouse

You can easily build a feminine and sophisticated outfit around a velvet jumpsuit. The key is choosing the right color and top. In this case, a white lace long-sleeved blouse is chosen to achieve that feminine touch. Pair it with a brown velvet jumpsuit and black pointy toe heels to complete this amazing look.

White semi-transparent three-quarter sleeve top with black overalls

white, semi-transparent, three-quarter sleeves, black overalls

There’s a feminine outfit here too, but this one is a little more stylish and casual. To achieve this look, you can wear a white semi-sheer three-quarter sleeve top with a black velvet jumpsuit. Cuff the jumpsuit and wear black combat boots to add a bit of toughness and make the outfit more stylish.

Brown velvet overalls with light pink shirt

light pink shirt made of brown velvet overall

For a deep and beautiful look, you can choose a brown velvet jumpsuit. Team it with a pale pink button-up blouse and black ballerina flats for a chic finish.

Black Skinny Leg Velvet Overalls with a red and white striped T-shirt

black, narrow velvet overall with red and white striped t-shirts

This pair of black velvet overalls has a slim leg. At first glance, this overall looks almost like a black denim overall, but this one actually has a little more depth. For a youthful look, pair it with a red and white striped long sleeve t-shirt and a tall black and white Converse.

Dark blue velvet overalls with a gray top

dark blue velvet overall and gray top

As you can see from the previous outfit, the thin leg jumpsuits can make you look slim and tall. This dark blue velvet overall, on the other hand, has a wide leg cut that makes the outfit more casual and airy. You can pair the jumpsuit with a gray ribbed bodycon sweater and pink shoes to look beautiful and unique.

Black overalls with blue ruffle shoulder blouse

black jumpsuit blue ruffle shoulder blouse

This outfit is very interesting and doesn’t seem to work on paper, but in reality it works very well. Who would have thought that a black velvet jumpsuit with a blue ruffle shoulder blouse would look good? The result is surprisingly good, as you can see in the picture. Simply combine the pieces with black leather boots to complete the outfit.

White shirt with scalloped collar and flared velvet overalls

white shirt with scalloped collar, flared velvet overall

Not only can cutting with thin legs make you look tall and slim, but cutting with flared legs can actually double that effect. For example, here is a pair of black, flared velvet overalls that make the legs look extra long. You can even hide a pair of black heeled boots under the jumpsuit. For the top, you can wear a unique and ladylike shirt with a scalloped collar to add a refreshing touch.

White lace top with black velvet wide-leg overalls

white lace top black velvet jumpsuit with wide legs

For a causal and stylish look, you can wear a black velvet wide leg jumpsuit. Pair it with a white lace top to add a feminine touch to the outfit. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of light pink sandals with ankle straps to make the outfit look more refreshing.

Hope you enjoy the velvet jumpsuit outfit ideas mentioned above. If you are already a fan of the denim overalls then you should try these outfits and see the interesting differences between the denim outfits and the velvet outfits.

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