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How To Wear Polo Shirt Dress

How To Wear Polo Shirt Dress

Last time I wrote about ideas for polo shirt outfits. During the process, I came across a polo shirt dress that looked so unique I thought I just had to write about it, even though a polo shirt dress is not mainstream in this blog post, you may only have ten viewers a year . So I’ve put together some outfit ideas for some of the best looking polo shirt dresses and just want to share them with you here. Remember, when it comes to outfits, it is almost irrelevant whether they are mainstream or not. As long as they fit you well, you should just put them on.

Gray polo shirt dress with white sneakers


To make a polo shirt dress look good, my top tip is to just wear it with your shoes and nothing else. Without saying that you can’t wear it with a jacket or accessories, only with shoes, it’s safe and pretty. I’m going to get into some more creative outfit ideas though, so don’t worry. For example, this outfit consists only of a gray polo shirt dress and white sneakers. By the way, please don’t be bored if you see white sneakers again in this blog post. They look just great with a polo shirt dress.

Navy polo shirt dress with red sneakers

Navy polo shirt dress red sneakers

As can be seen from the previous idea, you just don’t want to wear too many items with one polo shirt. However, wearing a dress and shoes does not mean that it will get boring as it is also fun to play with colors. As a good example of wearing two contrasting colors that look great, just wear a dark blue polo shirt dress with red sneakers.

Black polo shirt dress with brown leather ankle boots

black polo dress brown ankle boots

Can we wear shoes with a polo shirt that are not sneakers? Yes you can. For a less casual look, you can wear a black polo shirt with brown leather ankle boots. For more outfit ideas for similar shoes, see our blog post on styling leather boots.

Navy polo shirt dress with sandals

Navy polo shirt dress and sandals

The above picture shows you that with the same polo shirt dress, shoe choices can really make a world of difference. You can achieve a sporty and refreshing look by wearing the dark blue polo shirt dress with low sneakers, while you can look more elegant with the sandals.

Black polo dress with white high cut Converse

black polo dress high cut Converse outfit

Although this blog post is about the polo shirt dress, the beautiful use of the high-top converse really gets attention here. For this youthful black and white outfit, you can simply wear a black polo dress with a white high-top sweater and black crew socks.

Rainbow colored striped polo shirt dress

Rainbow color striped polo shirt dress outfit

For this feminine outfit, wear a gorgeous rainbow colored striped polo shirt dress with nude heeled sandals. It is the colorful and ladylike design of the polo dress that allows the nude sandals to blend in. You can imagine the shoes won’t work with a plain white polo shirt dress.

Pink polo dress with white sneakers

pink polo shirt dress white sneakers

When I see a pink polo dress, the first thing that comes to mind is tennis. You too can dress like a beautiful and energetic tennis star with white sneakers.

Rose Red Polo Shirt Dress

pink polo shirt dress white entertaining

Rose red looks amazing and elegant in polo shirts, and it is the same case for polo shirt dresses, except that they contain a little more elegance. I won’t think twice before recommending that you wear white sneakers with your dress.

Dark blue and white striped polo shirt dress

dark blue and white striped polo shirt dress

As a big fan of the navy and the white striped everything, I love these dark blue and white striped polo shirts so much. While white sneakers go perfectly with this dress as expected, I’d give you an alternative recommendation for knee-high leather boots.

Wear with a wide leather belt

Navy polo shirt dress brown leather belt

Okay, now we get to the advanced level by adding some accessories to the outfits. We already mentioned the dark blue polo dress that goes with white sneakers. This time around, you can wear strappy sandals and pair them with a wide brown leather belt for a completely different, much more elegant feel. This is a creative way of wearing a polo shirt. Both this version and the white sneakers look great. It’s just a matter of when you want, where it is and which version suits your character better.

Tiffany blue polo shirt dress with white collar

Tiffany Blue Polo Shirt Dress Outfit

Sometimes you will see a polo shirt with a collar of a different color. This tiffany blue polo shirt dress with a white collar looks really good to me. When the colors are so beautiful you can keep things simple and look stunning.

Navy and white polo dress with navy collar

Navy and white polo dress

This sleeveless polo shirt has some really nice colors too. It’s a dark blue and white striped polo shirt dress with a dark blue collar and a thinking belt.

Forest Green Tie Waist Polo Shirt Dress with Felt Hat

Forest Green Tie Waist Polo Shirt Dress Felt Hat

If you really want to make things a little more complex, make sure that all of the pieces like this outfit go well together. For example, wear a forest green waist polo shirt dress with heeled sandals. Wear a felt hat to give it a slight creative touch.

Wear it with crew socks and low cut sneakers

gray polo shirt dress crew socks low cut Converse

This is an interesting outfit that shows how to wear low-high converse with crew socks. Wear a gray polo shirt dress with these items.

Hopefully you would enjoy these polo shirt outfit ideas as much as I do. I really think the polo shirt dress is so beautiful that people haven’t mentioned enough.

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