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Mid Century Living Room Design Ideas

Mid Century Living Room Design Ideas

It is said enough and written about modern interiors from the middle of the century. And yet the simplicity and sophistication of this design continues to fascinate both designers and homeowners. In today's world where trends change every season, Mid Century design remains popular regardless of current trends. This style dominated the homes after the Second World War until the late 1960s and has been a favorite among designers ever since. Whether it's a mid-century living room design or a modern-style bedroom, it adds elegance and style to any space. It offers a beautiful composition of vintage ornament and modern simplicity. It's no wonder that the popularity and resonance of this timeless style never seems to lose momentum among interior architects.

This classic, understated look and clean, elegant lines with minimal hassle define this style. The decoration elements in this style celebrate function rather than form and beauty. Therefore, this design has clean lines, geometric shapes, organic curves and comfortable furniture. The furniture also has simple shapes and designs focused on comfort and function rather than decorations and details. However, lighting fixtures, wall art and decorative elements in this style add glamor and elegance to the design. Earthy colors and simple, cozy structures in this style add warmth to the interior. Take a look at these beautiful mid-century living room design ideas to better understand what makes this style stand out and why it might work for you.

{1} Mid Century Decor Neutral Living Room

Mid Century Decor Neutral Living Room
Neutral colors and mid-century furniture in the living room Mercer Interior

If you are a fan of simplicity and functional decor, mid-century design is perfect for you. It gives a new yet retro vibe to all the interiors. This beautiful living room, for example, looks fresh and glamorous. The white walls and neutral colors give the room a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. All you need is some vintage furniture to give a refined and charming feel from the middle of the century to decor. A modern coffee table and modern decor elements also provide a modern appeal. Add a statement with mid-century hanging lighting fixtures to give a finishing touch to the design.

{2} Earthy colors in modern living room

Earthy colors in modern living room
Warm, soothing living room off Dynan Construction Management | Photo of Raif Fluker

A unique feature of the mid-century is the outstanding use of natural materials and earthy colors. This living room has prominent use of different shades of brown and beige along with green and black tones. This evokes a feeling of being in the middle of nature. Mid century modern style sofa, Hampton Modern Saarinen chair, beautiful Nuevo pendant light, nesting coffee tableand stylish ceiling fan gives the room a retro vibe as well. Wooden planks and tiled floors also evoke an old-world charm. In addition, the shag area adds warmth to the simple design.

{3} Dark Walls And Neutral Decor

Dark walls and neutral decor
Dark blue walls and mid-century furniture in cozy living rooms Amy Friedberg Design

As we discussed above, mid-century design promotes the concept of "form above function". Not only the furniture but also the interior are designed to work more than beauty. As you can see here, the living room is designed in an open concept with clear distinctions for different functions. There is an intimate seating area with two-piece sofa, round coffee tables and black leather chairs. The soft colors and the closed arrangement promote intimacy and conversation. In addition, a corner of the room has a vintage table and chairs arrangement for a simple evening coffee and refreshment. Similarly, another corner has a cozy Herman Mills Eames lounge chair for a comfortable reading space. Fireplace with surrounding concrete gives a natural warmth to the design. Similarly, the glass windows open the room to the view beyond and keep it connected to nature.

{4} Vintage furniture and colorful accents

Vintage furniture and colorful accents
Happy and fresh mid-century. Modern living room design of JMorris Design

This beautiful living room is a lively combination of historical charm and modern energy. The brownstone structure with detailed window panes and original stained glass windows gives a traditional feel to the design. By contrast, the fresh, bright colors and mid-century modern furniture give the room a modern look. The bright colors fit well in the wooden tones of furniture and floors and give the room a happy atmosphere. A cozy cross-sectional sofa, modern style coffee and side tables and open shelves give the room a spacious and modern look. Geometric shapes in the carpet and clean lines in the interior give an elegant and clean look. Finally, a beautiful statement claw chandelier gives the room a nice touch.

{5} Open Design Mid Century Living Room

Open Design Mid Century Living Room
Custom wooden ceiling and living room with open design by Monticello cabinets and doors

This unique home has an individual custom roof design that gives it an elegant and modern look. The custom roof design gives life and enhances modern design in the living room. The rooms have open layouts and make it really roomy and connected. In addition, mid-century tile flooring, modern furniture and exposed brick walls give the room a mid-century retro vibe. The large glass windows also open the room for the view beyond. Finally, the LED strip lights and hanging pendant lights give the room a glamorous and elegant look.

{6} Modern wall art in the living room

Modern wall art in living room
Vibrant, eye-catching mid-century living room off Prizant Design | Photo of Jeri Koegel

The lively and eye-catching wall in this living room is a beautiful composition of wooden blocks and colorful laminate panels. The blend of glossy and wood-grained laminate panels put together in a Mondrian-inspired arrangement really says a bold statement in this mid-century living room. Add the geometric rug in the design area, mid-century orange sofa, patterned pillows and wooden furniture, and the rug will look very retro and fun!

{7} Scandinavian Design Simple Living Room

Scandinavian Design Simple Living Room
Simple and elegant living room off Lewis / Schoeplein Architects | Photo of Marisa Vitale

Soft, quiet and peaceful, this living room is the perfect example of mid-century design. Wicker ottomans, mid-century chairs, modern coffee tables and abstract art add color and charm to the design. Functional furniture, pastel colors, natural materials, open design and mid-century furniture make the living room feel like a place away from time. The decor is from the middle of the century, the feeling is cozy and comfortable, but the design is quietly modern. All in all, a perfect place to just sit back and relax.

{8} Asian influence in Mid Century Decor

Asian Influence In Mid Century Decor
Quirky and charming mid-century living room Jessica Helgerson interior

A quaint, mid-century rural living room design that charms you from the moment you enter! This beautiful living room is so full of character. Mid-century chairs, sofa and chaise lounge set the tone in the interior. The repurposed wooden block coffee table, snap lamp floor lamp and the mat of the jute area give texture to the interior. Green accents from the French windshield Demijohn bottles, window body chairs, pillows and Chinese garden stools add to the decor of the age. Fresh green foliage gives a fresh and natural feel. But it is really the pair of woven metal portals in eel traps with their structure and design that steals the show!

{9} Fresh colors in mid-century living room

Colors in the living room in the middle of the century
Natural colors and materials in the living room Design Environment | Photo of Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Wooden floors, wooden coffee tables and open wooden shelves – this living room has a natural feeling in the interior! Add the green accents to the geometric pattern mat, pillows and green foliage, and the room looks fresh and fun. Things that stand out are the arrangement of the mural, the ghost chair and the wall coverings above the sofa. To recreate this look, you just need to add colorful accents. If possible, you can also customize the space with an open shelf display of your collectibles or books, etc. It can make your room feel happy and homely.

{10} Neutral Mid Century Living Room Design

Neutral Mid Century Living Room Design
Mid Century Design With A Modern Twist By Prospect Refuge Studio

A simple yet beautiful living room design with neutral color scheme and modern furniture. The room has a warm and cozy atmosphere with a patterned carpet, side table with wireframe design and a fantastic wall lamp. If you want to get this look in your home, you can start with a few pieces of midcentury furniture such as a sofa or a couple of chairs. A good textured jute area rug in stock with a cozy rug can provide warmth to the interior. Add in a statement lighting piece like the wall cover here. You will surely see a subtle mid-century vibe in your living room with little change.

{11} Bright colors in white living room

Bright colors in white living room
Natural materials in the living room by Daphne Nauleau Interior | Photo by Claire Callagy

When you want to decorate in the middle of the century, neutral colors and natural materials are a given. Try to use as many natural materials as you can with wooden furniture, stone materials, rattan and clay accessories. Midcentury design furniture set star coffee table, statement-lighting fixtures, beautiful wall art and cozy carpets can easily get a mid-century appeal to all interiors. Another thing you can do is reuse old furniture and accessories where possible. For example, the reused open cylindrical side table in this picture fits well with the room's retro vibe.

{12} Cozy furniture in the middle of the century

Cozy furniture in the middle of the century
Warm and comfortable mid-century living room design D2 Interiors

When you have a room as large as this, decorating may seem like a piece of cake, but it is a challenge. The more space you have, the harder it will be to feel cozy and connected. However, the use of natural materials such as hardwood floors, roofs, furniture and accessories can provide warmth to all interiors. It is also better to divide a large room into smaller parts and define the seating. You can use a cozy mat to define the seat. Go for mid-century furniture such as the sofa and armchairs. You can also add a chaise longue or sofa bed and a hammock or hammock for extra comfort if space is available. Appealing lighting such as a stylish floor lamp and sputnik chandelier can add a nice touch to your décor.

{13} Elegant and Modern Mid Century Decor

Elegant and modern in the middle of the century
Earthy tones in neutral living room off Studio chic dance | Photo of Robert Canfield

Another thing in the middle of the century is known for its earthy colors and discreet décor. Neutral colors also have a lot in this design. This living room is a perfect example of this. While the colors are neutral and earthy, they are by no means cold or boring. On the contrary, these colors are warm, bright and vibrant. To get the same warmth in your décor, go for earthy tones like shades of brown, green, darker orange and red. Sunny yellow, fiery orange, dull red, sky blue and fresh white are also popular colors in this design. You should choose a midcentury section as your main decor and design around it. Get cushions in shades of brown. Add a wooden coffee table, brown chairs, etc. A wood-paneled accent wall highlights the colors of the design in this room while the beige area adds to the warmth.

{14} Wall Art Gallery In Living Room

Wall Art Gallery In Living Room
Vivid, colorful mid-century living room design by Nafasi Interiors

Mid-century design actually favors neutral and down-to-earth tones. But that does not mean that there are no other colors in this style. Even in the middle of the century, decor can be lively and colorful! To get colors to your mid-century design, consider going for colorful furniture. Rich velvet upholstery in light shades such as yellow or pink can attract attention. You can also color your walls in a darker shade such as a rich blue or dark orange. And if you are not comfortable with all the dark living room walls, go for an accent wall instead. Another good idea is to add an art gallery to the accent wall. Thick framed wall art, paintings, decor etc. can give your décor visual interest. A stylish coffee table, floor lamp and patterned carpet can give the finished design of your design.

{15} Classic Mid Century Living Room Design

Classic Mid Century Living Room Design
Scandinavian minimalism in the middle of the century living room design

Mid-century design and minimalism certainly go well together. This is because the midcentury design also favors function over a form like Scandinavian and minimalist design styles. If you prefer minimalism but want to add a mid-century twist to your decor, the first thing to do is change your sofa. A simple mid-century sofa can completely change the look of a room. You can also add a leather ottoman, patterned shag area rug, a star coffee table and a modern side table to illuminate the mid-century feel. A wall art gallery, skylight and wainscoting can also contribute to the retro feel. Minimal accessories and statement lighting can add a nice touch to your design.

{16} Accent Wall in Modern Decor

Accent wall in modern interior
Pronounced lamps in colorful modern decor of Genuine home restoration | Photo of K. Holly

Another interesting mid-century pattern full of life! The orange brick accent wall is the main focus of the design. The rest of the decor simply highlights this structural detail beautifully. If you also have an architectural feature that can create visual interest, select it for maximum effect. Choose décor and color schemes that bring out the colors or details of the feature. The dark blue sofa, vintage side tables and golden accent lights contrast nicely with the orange brick wall. Use natural materials such as stone, wood etc. for a warmer and more natural feel. Glass doors and long windows can give an open, spacious and modern feel. In the same way, stylish lamps such as the sputnik chandelier, arc lamp or table lamp can give an elegant finishing to the design.

{17} Textures and colors in the living room

Textures and colors in the living room
Neutral colors and mid-century furniture in the living room McKean Construction

A fireplace gives instant warmth and comfort to any design. However, the concrete surroundings of this fireplace provide a modern touch. Arrange your seats near the fireplace to bask in the heat. Dark and pastel colors fit well with this arrangement. You can add colorful printed pillows and wall art to add fun to the design. Bright lights and large windows illuminate the room while wooden floors and furniture give a natural feel. You should also add some houseplants to liven up the design and bring some fresh vibes to the room.

{18} Moroccan influence in modern design

Moroccan influence in modern design
Vintage Mid-Century Furniture in the Living Room Kimball Starr interior

Moroccan influences in modern interiors are nothing new. However, this particular living room blends Moroccan style and midcentury simplicity with practiced simplicity. The subtle Moroccan touch of the hanging lamp and ottoman only reinforces this mid-century decor. And when mixed with mid-century antique furniture and nostalgic repurposed pieces, they add charm to the design. You can also add a nostalgic charm to your design by reusing old furniture like this Adrian Pearsall rocker and George Nelson sling sofa. Add a stylish coffee table, modern side table, textured carpet and mid-century floor lamp to complete the look. For a warm and cozy feel, you can also use earthy colors and jewel tones.

{19} Bohemian Touch in Mid Century Decor

Bohemian Touch In Mid Century Decor
Mid Century Colors and Patterns Decor by Design manifesto | Photo of Courtney Apple

Bright, fresh and full of colors, this living room is a happy and fun deal! The different patterns on the pillows and the mat area give a happy atmosphere to the room. They also give the room a bohemian and retro feel that is quite common in the middle of the century. A beautiful custom built modern coffee table with hairpin legs further enhances the retro look. All you need to get this look in your home is a mix of colors and patterns that gives a retro feel. Ikat prints, Persian and Arabic rugs, design furniture etc. can help you get the look. However, be sure to keep your base neutral like the white walls and the beige sofa here. You can add a potted plant to soak up the atmosphere.

{20} Open Concept Modern Living Room

Open concept modern living room
Bright and open living room from the middle of the century Cravotta Interiors | Photo of Ryann Ford

This living room is as mid-century as it is modern. It really is a balanced mix of contemporary ideas and midcentury decor. Hige glass walls and floor-to-ceiling windows open the room to the outside view. Fresh greenery, strong sunlight and spacious layout make the room feel fresh and lively. Earthy sofa, clay red patterned carpet and sunny yellow chairs give a colorful yet natural appeal to the interior. The round gold coffee table with its jewel tone gives a sophisticated look to the room. High ceilings, concrete floors and neutral color scheme further enhance the room in the middle of the century.

{21} Mid Century Touch in Traditional Decor

Mid Century Touch In Traditional Decor
Ornate details and midcentury furniture in the living room off Matter of Architecture

The ornate details on the walls and ceiling and the patterned wooden flooring give this living room a traditional feel. The remote windows let in a lot of natural light and give a fantastic view beyond. However, the interior of the interior is fresh and modern. The white color of the walls keeps the ornate details a little subtle and forms a nice base for the colors of the decor to shine. If you want to combine the beautiful traditional detail on the walls, you must use modern furniture. Go for regular midcentury pieces like Eames and Cherner lounge chairs, sofa, chaise lounge etc. in bright colors. Pair it with a colorful and patterned mat to contrast all the white in the room. Pronunciation lamps such as the chandelier for the cross cable and floor lamp add a nice touch to the interior.

{22} Warm and cozy living room design

Warm and cozy living room design
Elegant living room with modern fireplace Shelby Wood Design

Pastel colors, muted tones, wood floors and furniture make this room a warm and welcoming sight! The blue linen sofa and gray carpet give some color and texture to the design. You can easily arrange your living room near the fireplace to make it more warm and cozy. Just arrange the seats near the fire, add some wooden furniture like the round coffee table or vintage dresser to add some extra style. Printed pillows, some wall art and low beam floor lamps can complement the look. To examine the stove, give it a nice setting with stones or tiles in neutral colors. It will mark the fireplace and go well with the rest of the decor.

{23} Natural Elements in Mid Century Interiors

Natural elements of mid-century interiors
Fresh and organic living room design from the middle of the century Reference Media Inc.

This living room really has a fresh and warm atmosphere. The green accents on the sofa and chair together with the fresh green foliage give the room a natural appeal. In the same way, the warm wood accents from the wooden furniture give a natural feeling to the interior. To recreate a similar vibe in your living room, bring as many natural materials as you can. Vintage furniture is the best way to give any space in the middle of the century. For example, the cabinets under the TV or the desk behind the sofa in this room give it a vintage charm. Midcentury sofa, chairs and coffee tables further enhance this look. a Ben Ourani shag mat adds to the warmth of the decor.

{24} Yellow accents in white room decor

Yellow accents in white room decor
Bright colors in the living room from the middle of the century Madison Modern Homes

A single pop of color can make a dull decor look bright and vibrant. For example, the interior of this living room is dull and neutral. White walls and a sofa, wooden floors, coffee tables and desks give the room a neutral look. However, the light yellow armchairs and yellow accents of the table lamps add a bright color to these dull interiors. Patterned pillows, woven basket, patterned mat and wall art give this room visual interest. You can recreate this look with a single colorful piece of furniture. Just add some accent pieces of the same color to the décor.

{25} Mid Century Design in Living Room

Mid Century Design In the living room
Simple decor and statement lighting in modern living room off Design within reach

A minimalist living room in midcentury design. This living room is sparsely furnished but it still has an impact on you! A wooden wall cabinet acts as an accent wall on which the rest of the interior is based. A modern sofa, winged chair, nested side tables and a vintage coffee table give the room a middle of the century. Colorful pillows provide colors and designs for the simple design. And the carpet in the pillow side gives you some comfort for the interior. Mid-century statement lighting such as the Sputnik chandelier and the Baton table lamp give the design elegance and charm.

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