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Pink Cowgirl Boots Style Guide

Pink Cowgirl Boots Style Guide

“These boots are made to run” is one of the most popular songs about not only cowboy boots but boots in general. The first thing that springs to mind when I hear this song is pink cowgirl boots. Why is that? I am not really sure. Pink is a girlish color, and cowgirl boots are definitely one of the most popular out there.

These boots were out of fashion for some time. This year they appeared again in street style and runway shows. All the girls showed us how to style these boots in new ways. This new trend is now known as New Americana. Girls mix trendy and classic retro staples to get this lovely look.
Today we are going to see how to style pink cowgirl boots. First I’ll show you a pair of boots and then a few outfit ideas.

History of the cowgirl / boy boots

pink cowgirl boots classy cover
Early cowboy boot designs were influenced by the vaquero tradition imported into America from Spain, which dates back to the early 16th century.
In the period from 1866 to 1884, the cowboy would not ruin a good pair of boots while at work. On the other hand, they had some more decorative dress boots to wear around town. In the fashion magazines of 1850 and 1860, cowboy boots with quilted seams, cutouts made of geometric or other natural elements and deep heels could be seen.
Let’s see some modern forms of pink cowgirl boots and how they have changed compared to the past.

Models of pink cowgirl boots

pink cowboy boots Indian motifs
Bring back the sense of the old cowboy days with these boots. They are classically cut and perfect to wear from morning until late at night. The pink leather is combined with the brown. Details are beautifully hand made.
The beautiful pink finish makes these boots stand out every day. The motifs of the Indian tribe in the upper part of the boot (the brown part) are unique, but can also be seen on the other cowgirl boots.

pink cowgirl boots flowers
Flowers are one of the main trends for spring. What about the flower boots? Have you ever thought about wearing pink flower-stitched cowgirl boots? If your answer is yes, let’s take a look.
These cowgirl boots have a traditional cut but a modern stitch. This mixture makes these boots look very attractive. You have angled off your heel which looks very comfortable.
You can opt for these boots if you pair them with a spring floral dress or skinny jeans.

pink cowgirl boots artistic
If you’re a little bit artistic and enjoy wearing eccentric shoes, then these boots are for you.
The pink tones dominate these cowboy boots. They are ankle high and have a square wooden heel. If you are looking for a pair of boots that will turn heads, I’ve found some. You will definitely get noticed in these boots.
Pair them with jeans or a bohemian dress and add fedora. They are great for concerts or music festivals.

pink cowgirl boots rustic
Rustic and traditional – these are two words that describe these beautiful boots. They are made of two types of leather – suede and the normal one. The brown looks very soft while the pink is purposely scratched a little to make the boots rustic and old.
You can combine these pink cowgirl boots with denim shorts and a classy t-shirt. On the other hand, if you want to recreate the cowgirl look, mix it up with a floral vintage dress and put on a cowboy hat!

pink cowgirl boots floral modern
A mix of modern and old is always interesting to see. These boots are a great example of how pink and black can make wonderful combinations.
These boots have a pink hem and are printed with flowers. The heel is different from other boots we’ve seen. It is a traditional cowboy boot heel that is slightly higher than a modern one. However, it is perfectly convenient for you to wear them.

pink cowgirl boots romantic
Cowboy boots can be romantic too! These boots are made of two-tone leather – beige and delicate pink suede. They have wing motifs made of beige suede.
They have a regular heel that makes them perfect for a walk, a stroll, or even a stroll to work. Team them with a simple pair of jeans and a white combo for a perfect combination of everyday outfits.

pink cowgirl boots nervous
If you like the edgy vibe, these boots are absolutely perfect for you.
They are made of two-tone leather – black and bright pink. The hem is decorated with silver details.
These boots are ideal for going out or for a casual day in combination with skinny jeans.

pink cowgirl boots white
The combination of white and pink might be a bit surprising, but it’s definitely not boring. If you think you can’t find this look on the boots, you were wrong.
They have interesting ethnic motifs on the front of the boots that make them very attractive. While their color may not be suitable for every day, you can also wear them on special occasions, as well as casual events during the day or night.

Outfit ideas with pink cowgirl boots

Casual with boots

pink cowgirl boots outfit casual
This blogger opted for a casual outfit. She slightly added pink cowboy boots to this everyday combo. She paired it with black leggings, a white t-shirt and a floral scarf.
If you keep your outfit casual, boots make a statement and become part of your outfit.

Denim shorts with boots

pink cowgirl boots outfit jean shorts
This outfit is another casual look, but it’s very attractive. Cowboy boots are again a statement of the outfit combination.
The beige blouse with lace details on the shoulders is combined with denim shorts. This combination seems very comfortable and most importantly, you can wear it every day.
Boots are an amazing detail that will turn your outfit into an eye catcher.

As you could see, cowboy boots are not only modern again, but also very comfortable. You can be sure that you will feel very comfortable and stylish in them.
Pink might not be the color you will be wearing every day, but if you want to make your outfits attractive, it can absolutely go for it.

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