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Bell Bottom Jeans Outfit Ideas

Bell Bottom Jeans Outfit Ideas

In a fashion world dominated by skinny jeans, it’s common for us to think of skinny jeans as the right pair of pants when we run out of outfit ideas. But if the skinny jeans are the only type of jeans you wear, you are missing out on a lot. To name just two types of jeans that look great on my head: the boyfriend jeans and the bell bottom jeans. Today I’m going to go into the latter specifically. To show you how to style it, I’ve compiled a list of the best outfit ideas for bell bottom jeans. Let’s look at them now.

White Crochet Off The Shoulder Crop Top with Bell Bottom Jeans


To start the list, I’m going to show you this refreshing and low-key sexy outfit that is perfect for dating and meeting friends. To achieve this awesome look, you can wear a white crochet off the shoulder with dark blue high rise bell pants. You can wear black high heels to look even taller and slimmer.

Jeans with subtle bell bottom cutting

Jeans with a subtle bell-bottom cut

Not all bell bottom jeans are eye catching. For a low profile look, for example, you can wear jeans with a subtle bell bottom cut like this pair. One stylish way to wear them is to pair them with a black lace top and a denim jacket. You can just wear black heels, although most of the heels would be hidden under the jeans.

White Top & Bell Button Jeans with lace details

white top bell button jeans lace details

For a simple and low-key sexy look, you can wear an off the shoulder white long sleeve t-shirt. Combine it with blue bell button jeans that are adorned with sophisticated lace-up details. For the shoes, you can wear white open-toed ankles to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Wear it with a white bell-sleeved blouse

white bell-sleeved blouse

Some of you may be curious to know what happens when a bell sleeve top is paired with bell bottom jeans. As you can see in the picture above, the answer is that they would result in a chic outfit. As an example of such an outfit, you can wear a white blouse with bell sleeves and dark blue jeans with bell bottoms. Combine the open toe pieces with pink ankle straps to look super chic.

Blue bell bottom jeans with a striped long sleeve t-shirt

blue striped jeans with long sleeves

A dark blue and white striped long-sleeved T-shirt is an icon that is often seen in the world of casual outfits. It is usually paired with skinny jeans or denim shorts. Now it looks completely different when you combine it with the blue jeans with a bell bottom. It certainly looks less casual, but more feminine. Pair the outfit with nude heeled sandals to complete the street look.

Wear with a Blush Pink Faux Fur Top

blush pink faux fur shell

One of the advantages of wearing bell bottom jeans is that you can hide your heels or platform shoes under the jeans to make you look much taller and slimmer. This outfit is a perfect demonstration of that. For a simple and beautiful look, you can wear a blushing pink faux fur top with navy bell bottom jeans. Hide a pair of black platform heels under your jeans. Add a blushing knitted hat to make the outfit look even more glamorous.

White off-the-shoulder blouse with sky blue jeans

white off shoulder blouse light blue jeans

The color combination white and sky blue is attractive and simulates the sky and clouds. This outfit shows a great use of that color combination. To shape this lovely outfit, wear an off the shoulder white blouse with sky blue bell bottom jeans. Wear light pink heels under your jeans to look tall and slim.

White matching t-shirt with jeans

white figure-hugging t-shirt jeans

This is probably the simplest outfit on the list. This outfit consists of a figure-hugging white t-shirt and blue bell-bottom jeans. Wear black heels and a black leather belt to finish off your outfit in style.

Mini print t-shirt with high waisted bell bottom jeans

Mini print t-shirt with high waist and bell bottom jeans

As you can see in this picture above, tucking your heels under your bell bottom jeans makes your legs look really long. To achieve a sleek and tall look, you can wear a mini-print t-shirt for the top. Pair it with blue bell-bottomed jeans that are long enough to cover your black heels and achieve this amazing look.

Wear with White Batwing Semi-Sheer Chiffon Top

white, semi-transparent chiffon top

For an airy look, you can wear a white, semi-sheer chiffon blouse with a V-neck. Team it with blue bell bottom jeans and black platform sandals. Wear a couple of boho style bracelets and a long stylish necklace to transform this already beautiful outfit into a refreshing boho outfit.

Wear it with the White Off The Shoulder ruffle top and felt hat

white off-the-shoulder ruffle felt hat

A ruffle top and bell bottom jeans are a perfect match, with each of the elements incorporating some bell-shaped details. As an example of such an outfit, you can wear a white top with blue ruffles and black heels. Wear a black felt hat for a more artistic look. If you’re interested in outfit ideas for similar hats, check out our blog post on how to wear a black felt hat.

All black outfit with bell bottom jeans

all black outfit bell bottom jeans

Here is a really artistic and stylish all black outfit. For the top, wear a black crop top with a black silk cardigan. Combine these pieces with black bell bottom jeans and black heels. Finally, and above all, wear a black felt hat to give the overall look a particularly stylish touch.

White crop top with half sleeves and sky blue jeans with a bell bottom

white half sleeved crop top sky blue bell bottom jeans

As mentioned earlier, a white and sky blue outfit often looks refreshing, and here is another example of that. You can wear a white half sleeve crop top with the blue bell bottom jeans and light pink platform sandals to look refreshing and gorgeous.

Wear with a gray sweater & felt hat

gray sweater felt hat

Here is a cozier gray and blue outfit. You can wear a gray comfortable sweater with blue bell bottom jeans. For the shoes you can wear a pair of brown ankle boots. Wear a gray felt hat that goes perfectly with the gray sweater.

Dark blue bell bottom jeans with a white button up shirt

dark blue bell bottom jeans white shirt with button

Skinny jeans and a white button shirt are a great combo that you can see very often. By replacing the skinny jeans with the bell-bottom jeans, the outfit now looks a little more feminine and unique. Wear it with black open toe heels with ankle straps for a chic look.

Here are the outfit ideas for bell bottom jeans that look great and are easy to take off too. While personally I still like the skinny jeans more, it doesn’t hurt to add variety to your everyday outfit and have more fun.

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