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Plaid Jacket Outfit Ideas

Plaid Jacket Outfit Ideas

Whether you’re looking for ways to casually style a red and black plaid jacket or elegantly style a gray plaid jacket, you’ve come to the right place and I’ll cover all of that in this blog post. That’s why if you don’t come here and are just a fan of the plaid boyfriend shirt, don’t worry, you will love the plaid jacket outfits too. What you’re about to see here are some of the best plaid jacket ideas I’ve gathered. Let’s dive right in.

Red and black plaid oversized blazer jacket


I know a lot of people just love the red and black checked boyfriend shirt. Now when the classic design is incorporated into an oversized blazer jacket, the result seems to be just as stylish and possibly more unique. Wear your jacket with a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and black and white canvas sneakers.

Checkered jacket in red, white and navy with a gray t-shirt

red white marine plaid jacket gray printed t-shirt

For a more sophisticated look, you can wear a gray t-shirt with a plaid jacket in red, white and navy, and a gray scarf for the top. Combine them with black skinny jeans and beige suede boots and complete the outfit in style.

Navy and red long jacket with black felt hat

Navy and red long jacket, black felt hat

If you’re used to looking unique, here’s a good one that will make you look really stylish and artistic. You can just wear a white knit sweater with dark gray skinny jeans and black loafers. Pair it with a dark blue and red plaid long jacket to make this outfit look stylish. Wear a black felt hat to add an artistic touch to your outfit.

Red and black checkered leather jacket

red-black checkered leather jacket

For those of you who love the black leather jacket, there is a red and black checked leather jacket here that will most likely interest you too. Wear it with a black v-neck t-shirt, black skinny jeans and black suede ankle boots for a cool and dark look.

White and dark blue plaid long woolen coat

white and dark blue plaid long wool coat

Up to this point you’ve seen how a red and black plaid jacket can add that causal and stylish touch to an outfit. Now let’s look at a plaid jacket that is more feminine and classy. For example, here is a white and dark blue plaid wool coat that you can build a chic outfit around. Just pair it with a black sweater, blue skinny jeans and orange ballerina flats to complete your look.

Gray plaid wool coat over baseball jacket

gray plaid wool coat over baseball jacket

This outfit demonstration is a very creative layered outfit. The outfit consists of a baseball jacket for the top and black skinny jeans and ankle boots for the bottom. It’s hard to imagine that you can actually put a gray plaid wool coat over your baseball jacket. The result is surprisingly very stylish and comfortable in appearance.

Yellow knitted sweater with checked blazer

Checked blazer with yellow knitted sweater

While wearing t-shirts and denim shorts isn’t a good idea for a work outfit, you can still look happy and energetic in your workplace. Often times, to look happy, wearing something bright yellow would work. For example, you can wear a yellow knit sweater over a chambray shirt. Pair them with a gray plaid blazer to complete the top of the outfit. For the lower section, just wear blue skinny jeans and ankle boots to add a stylish touch to the overall look.

Blazer with white T-shirt and black skinny jeans

Blazer white t-shirt black skinny jeans

For a simple, chic look, you can wear a white t-shirt with black skinny jeans as the core of the outfit. For the shoes, you can wear either black ballerinas or black ankle boots. A navy and red plaid blazer is the most popular way to complete your outfit.

Black and white plaid wool coat

black and white checked wool coat

Here is a beautiful and artistic black and white outfit that is very easy to take off. For the top, wear a black sweater with an oversized black and white plaid wool coat. Team them with black skinny jeans and open heels with black ankle straps to complete this artsy and classy look.

Long gray checked blazer with light pink jeans

long gray plaid blazer light pink jeans

Wear a white t-shirt with light pink skinny jeans for a stylish outfit. Pair them with a long gray plaid jacket and a pair of pink heels to complete this super chic look. It is very rare for a work outfit to look this stylish.

Wear it with a black vest top & blue skinny jeans

black vest above blue skinny jeans

If you are looking for an elegant casual outfit, you are most likely thinking of the black blazer and jeans combo. Now let’s tweak it a little. Wear a white t-shirt with a black and white plaid blazer instead of a solid black blazer. Pair them with skinny jeans and black ballet flats to complete the outfit.

Checked jacket with black vest top and skinny jeans

plaid jacket black vest top skinny jeans

Sometimes it’s cool to dress unisex to look more unique and stylish. Here is a good example of such an outfit. You can wear a black vest top with a gray plaid wool blazer jacket for the top. Combine them with blue washed skinny jeans. For the shoes, the black slippers are the best choice if you want to achieve a unisex look.

Wear it with a white plunging V-neck top and mom jeans

white deep v neck vest top mom jeans

This gray checked jacket is very similar to the one just mentioned. But this time it is paired with a deep white v-neck vest top and mom jeans. Combine the pieces with pink, pointed toe heels and a pink handbag to give the outfit a feminine touch.

Red and navy bomber jacket with green shirt

red and navy bomber jacket green shirt

This red and dark blue plaid bomber jacket looks like a typical plaid boyfriend shirt. This outfit goes well with a green buttoned shirt and ripped boyfriend jeans. To achieve a casual look, white sneakers are the best choice for the shoes.

Red and black checked leather jacket with white chiffon blouse

red and black plaid leather jacket white chiffon blouse

For a cool and chic look, you can wear a red and black plaid leather jacket with a long white chiffon top. A pair of black skinny jeans and black leather boots is a stylish addition to your look.

Here are the plaid jacket outfit ideas I want to share with you. They’re just so easy to pull off while the results are amazing. So just try them on and see how the outfits look on you.

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