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Prepare Your Dining Room For Summer

Prepare Your Dining Room For Summer

Narrow elongated rooms with a window in the final section of the older model of high-rise buildings, such dining rooms are found throughout the former Soviet Union. This room designer is designed to stay in creative pairs to prepare your dining room for the summer. In addition to the requirements of our customers to provide dining room have a loft, it was necessary to make a more practical workspace and find a place for a dining table. How did you manage to solve these problems, says Eugene himself.

When people spend so much time at home and at work looking for new ideas and ways to implement them, it is important that the interior around

comfortable dining room

as much as possible, all things should have their place. It is very important comfort and inspiration for space was a continuation of the owners' inner world.

We started with the functional requirements: the dining room had a task from a cumbersome, elongated in a row (like corridor) in the work area to create comfortable work space. At the same time, it was necessary to provide a place for guests who come for a cup of coffee.

Decided and with the style in which all decisions must be made in the spirit of the ceiling – despite a lot small space and low ceilings.

Rebuilding is not required. We have just added pilasters, original timber framing, which is often used in single-story buildings: they reinforce the high walls and experience higher wind loads. We have no high walls, but there is a loft – so imitation of framing is very useful. And furthermore, the inner space of the rhythm is added.

It was still decided to move the "wet spots" under the window. The workspace under the window allows it to be fully opened, not to add to the sides and no volume to emphasize the end wall symmetry and prepare your dining room for the summer. This is another plus for the style of the loft and the visual increase in the apartment's volume and ceiling height – and how "industrial“The design of the window.

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