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Comfortable Living Room Design

Comfortable Living Room Design

Often it is the living room where house guests spend the most time when they visit a home. This is where conversations are exchanged, snacks are enjoyed and movies are enjoyed. Nevertheless, this part of the house should be equipped with functional and comfortable things that will constitute a charming and truly "lively" space. In this article we will share seven tips on how to create and achieve a cozy and elegant living room.

{1} View books

The library evokes the atmosphere of silence and tranquility, and it is the same for places that have stacked or shelved books. People who are interested in reading will appreciate being surrounded by their favorite books and finding time to enjoy them, just by browsing through the titles. Books create a warm feeling in the living room, and this is a great conversation start with guests as well.

bookshelf living roomImage source of Hosking Design

{2} Dress The Windows

It doesn't matter if you prefer curtains other than blinds or vice versa, but recognizing the importance of dressing in the windows is crucial to how you present the atmosphere in every room. Windows that are treated properly with drapes and shades in particular make the whole room look even more beautiful. Windows are also the things that allow household members to investigate what is happening outside or just appreciate nature.

living room window treatmentImage source of SLC Interiors

{3} Allow light input

A well-lit space always looks with positive energy and radiance more than a faint or dark. The living room should be installed with light fixtures that give a happy and comfortable atmosphere all around. Apart from natural lighting from the doors and windows of the house, stylish lamps, artificial lighting, chandeliers and various types of light are also considered to be major additions to the interior.

fresh inviting space natural lightImage source of ANN Lowengart Interiors

{4} Invest on carpets

An amazing floor design with carpets and rugs will make the living room feel more luxurious and comfortable for security. Spending on carpets can be valuable as carpets usually last a very long time for proper maintenance.

Akasuella living room high-riseImage source of Jessica Lagrange Interiors

{5} Hanging mirrors

Placing mirrors on the wall is a simple trick to make the living room look bigger. Use the power of reflection to your advantage by placing the mirrors in the room angles. You can emphasize decorations and accents such as paintings and light sources.

hanging leaning large mirror opposite windowImage source of Lourdes Gabriela Interiors

{6} Place seating in a circular arrangement

When you think about it, sofas and seating must be in a circular position to allow for a more comfortable interaction between guests and the host. If you have a large area in the living room, it looks the most difficult, boring and empty when the seats are not facing each other or are closed in a circle, especially when you have large furniture.

Living room Circular sofaImage source of Homedit

{7} Keep furniture away from walls

The idea is to let the space breathe. By placing furniture right next to the walls, the place will look crowded and not appealing. Just like when you read text on a sheet of paper, you want enough room for "margins" on the page because people's eyes tend to naturally follow white spaces in the middle. In order to create a sense of balance in the living room, it is best to keep furniture away from the walls to engage guests in more intimate conversations.

Scandinavian open concept living room gray walls light wooden floorsImage source of Shift Fittings

Peace and comfort are a must in our daily routines. After a busy day of work, the least you want to see your house full of clutter and stressful distractions everywhere. Including elements and tips to make your living room look and feel comfortable is the key to maintaining harmony and happiness in a home as it is one of the first parts of the house you walk into as you enter through the door.

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