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Custom Cabinetry with High-End Kitchen

Custom Cabinetry with High-End Kitchen Design

An advanced kitchen design is everyone's dream when remodeling a kitchen space. Tailor-made cabinets are an important feature of such advanced kitchen designs. Custom kitchen cabinets are made from the beginning according to the homeowner's special needs and requirements. This type of custom cabinet and kitchen design offers the most flexibility in terms of style, materials and finish. You can even make the most challenging space in a functional kitchen with the help of custom cabinets. In a nutshell, custom cabinet and kitchen designs offer creative freedom in combination with high-quality crafts. On the other hand, labor costs are very high because nothing is prevented and every cabinet part is manufactured, mounted and then installed. In addition, the crafting of such custom designs also takes time. But if you have a large budget and a flexible project timeline, customizing your cupboard and kitchen design will definitely appeal to you.

Stonington cabinets & designs is a company that designs, orders and installs custom cabinets specializing in advanced kitchens. They are well known for meeting the cupboard needs of all homeowners. For several years, they have delivered first-class kitchen design projects, which vary in style and design. Cabinets are very important in all modern and first class kitchens. Let's look at their top 10 most notable cupboard and kitchen designs.

{1} Dark wood floor gray kitchen cabinets

Dark wooden floor gray kitchen cabinets
You must have a medium or large kitchen to achieve this kitchen design. The type of design focuses on giving your kitchen a warm and spacious look. A two-tone color scheme and seamless floating cabinets characterize this style. The built-in cupboard island provides a considerable amount of space that enables many activities in the kitchen. The rest of the cabinet follows around the kitchen space. In addition, the calculator also has push-and-pull cabinets. There is also a series of cabinets hanging on the wall. The open shelves between these cabinets really contribute to the seamless look of the kitchen.

{2} White kitchen cabinets with marble countertops

White kitchen cabinets with marble counter top
This brilliant open plan kitchen design makes it possible to integrate a small dining area in the kitchen with the bar. This design surely encourages family members to focus on spending more time in the kitchen. The kitchen island has built-in cabinets configured on one side, while the other side acts as a bar. Alpine white kitchen cabinets contrast with the black drawers in walnut and drawers. The bar also includes brass hardware and fixtures. A wine and beverage center at Marvel sits right next to the bar. Beautiful kitchen lights really add a touch of style.

{3} Classic white and wooden themed kitchen

Classic white and wood themed transition kitchen
Are you a fan of the classic theme of white and wood? If yes, you should check out the kitchen transition project. This design focuses mainly on achieving a completely white theme. An island in the middle of the kitchen characterizes this type of design. Some highchairs surround the island to allow families to dine at this location. Quartz countertops, hardwood floors and a well-lit kitchen also make this project unique. This custom cabinet design is unique in that it contains both closed cabinets and pull-and-push cabinets. Glass cabinets have natural interiors in walnut wood. Finally, the pull-and-push cabinets are subdivided, making it easy to store cutlery.

{4} Gray Island Kitchen with proper lighting

Gray Island Kitchen with proper lighting
Do you want a kitchen with a wide feeding area? Well, the kitchen design is what you need. A gray island, placed in a way that makes it easy to move around the kitchen, characterizes this type of design. Under the island there are different types of cabinets. You can also place a table systematically to unite with the island. This allows a large family to have a quality time in the kitchen. Carrara marble countertops also feature this kitchen design. Finally, this design insists on proper lighting. It is definitely worth checking out.

{5} Square Island Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark cabinets in Square Island
Nowadays Small Space Kitchen is actually Smart Kitchen we really have to plan every inch of the space so carefully that we can fit all modern kitchen appliances and appliances in such a way that it does not look cluttered and also we can use them very smartly. This cabinet and kitchen design is the most preferred and most selected among customers approaching Stonington cabinets & design companies. This design style includes open shelves, enclosed cabinets and even those with internal glasses. In addition, a square island allows homeowners to walk around the kitchen much more freely. Countertops in this design consist mostly of quartz. These countertops provide homeowners with a wide range of options to choose from. All cabinets, shelves and drawers have a gray color. They decrease in size as they rise. Finally, the cabinets in this kitchen design are a mixture of closed cabinets and cabinets made of, among other things.

{6} Polishing of kitchen cabinets

Polishing wooden transition kitchens
Are you in deep boxes and want different types of cabinets in your modern kitchen? Well, this polishing of wood kitchen offers everything you need. This is one of the few kitchen design projects that requires a large kitchen space. That's because there should be a dining stand right next to the American island in black walnut. There should be drawers and flat closed cabinets under the island. These cabinets and drawers should be brown in color. In addition, the kitchen should also contain glass cabinets. Homeowners should contact the Stonington Company for this design as they make maximum use of the available space.

{7} Wrought iron, white and walnut

Wrought iron white and walnut
The Stonington Company came up with the wrought iron design for families who love to have dinner in the kitchen. The island in this design must be thick and should look like a dining table. There should be cabinets and drawers on the side of the island adjacent to the cooking area. By buying this cabinet and kitchen idea you can safely store different kitchen utensils, ingredients and wine bottles.

{8} Bayhead Kitchen Design

Bayhead kitchen
Does the traditional look? Do you feel skeptical about going for a completely modern design? Take a look at this amazing transitional kitchen. This design seamlessly blends the modern with the traditional to provide a visually stunning yet functional kitchen. This space has a built-in cabinet configuration with perimeter cabinets. The lists on the cabinets give the kitchen a transitional overview. Fully integrated refrigeration columns with below zero form a landing area that is built for serving coffee. A countertop in the skylight with the back leg provides a fantastic background for the floating shelves and the custom wooden hood. The wet bar has a teak bar and glass cabinet. Glass cabinets and top of teak bar give the wet bar a modern look.

{9} Spacious kitchen with natural light

Spacious kitchen with natural light
If you want a spacious kitchen with a seamless design, you can think of this spacious kitchen design with natural light. The cabinet follows the perimeter of the room. This leaves plenty of room in the kitchen to move freely. In addition, the designers have put a natural white oak cabinet in the middle of the kitchen. It is a signature feature of Stonington Cabinets and Design, which makes this kitchen design stand out. This pattern tiles looks very engaging over the large sink with design and decoration in the kitchen because this kitchen is very spacious so with the natural lamps this textured title looks even more beautiful. This design focuses on achieving a spacious and functional kitchen. The choice of cabinet styles such as closed doors or glass cabinets depends on the owners' preferences.

{10} Gray kitchen cabinets with white wall tiles

Gray kitchen cabinets with white wall plates
Last but not least we have the gray kitchen design with white wall tiles. It is suitable for homeowners with a large and spacious kitchen. Consequently, it is among the most sought after kitchen design projects by homeowners. The cabinets in this kitchen design are all closed with tops. In addition, the setting of this kitchen encourages homeowners to establish their kitchen in a place that generates enough sunlight during the day. This design also encourages proper lighting throughout the kitchen.

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