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Decorate Lighting With Natural Looks

Decorate Lighting With Natural Looks

Decorating lighting with a natural look, also called neo rustic, is today's trend. The most prestigious interior designers and stylists invest in this decoration style in 2016. It is similar to the rustic style, but it is more refined and updated. You must mix rustic simple line items with contemporary ones. Basically, you need to decorate with two concepts: nature and technology, to get the best of both worlds, a modern, efficient and sustainable warm home.

ideas for decorative industrial dining room
Industrial decoration Gray dining area

Decorating natural-style lighting is the best choice for a stylish home, with character and neo rustic. Unfortunately, we do not always have enough natural light to decorate our spaces, so today we show you other ways to provide natural light and together add texture and warmth to your interior.

{1} Wooden and wicker lamps

Wooden lamp dining table
Rustic design farm in the Netherlands
Wicker furniture and accessories are the foundation of the natural look. Chairs, toys, lamps and baskets. all this mixed with ethnic textiles, shag rugs and fur. Vegetable fibers are ideal for providing warmth to the atmosphere; They are so fashionable that they have become widely used in Bohemian Chic interiors.

All types of vegetable fibers work, from the most sophisticated, like bamboo or wood, to the roughest, such as esparto, just choose the lamp that best suits your décor.

There are endless designs, including Scandinavian classic works from the 50s, although the traditional and more rustic line lamps are wonderful, not to mention current patterns that are blunt. They all have an original and beautiful way of spreading the light.

modern living room Rattan lamps
Image source of Heart & Blood

{2} Only onions

A creative and industrial studio in Stockholm
Only light bulbs have become a classic. You can place the bulbs as wall lamps, such as ceiling or standing lamp, individually or in groups, on different levels. Although they adapt to any decorative style and look good in every room of the house, they integrate very well with the natural style.

industrial studio Decorate lighting with natural style

{3} Garlands

Christmas lights bedroom
An original way to decorate your bedroom is to place wreaths behind a bed sheet or thin curtain as the headboard of the bed; you will make your room more cozy and magical without it looking like it is Christmas; even if they look good in windows, behind curtains or rolled on the stairs.

{4} Paper lamps

cozy white bedroom paper lamp
Image source of remodelista
Paper and textiles help us to provide the appropriate structure for a natural look. Both materials spread light in a very special way and create really warm environments.

Right now they are a trend, that is why you find a lot of patterns and formats, some of them utilize paper structure and "organism" to give a distinctive feel, and others create geometric patterns that play with light. These are my favorites.

{5} Fabric lamps

Textiles are a great material for spreading light and creating dreamlike atmospheres, besides being the perfect complement to a natural home.
Bedroom Ibiza style raffia light wood palm leaf rope

{6} Redesigned industrial lamps

white industrial kitchen
Image source of Residence Magazine
Industrial lamps group several lamp designs, which are basically associated with the luminaires used in old factories around the world throughout the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Nowadays, they are a staple in an interior design project, whether you decide to use the originals or their redesign. For the neo-rustic style, we should strive for neutral, gray, black, beige and country colors, in the format you prefer, such as reading lamps, maxi ceiling lights or incandescent lamps protected by metallic structures; they have all become classics.

small space for home office
Image source of Cote Maison

{7} Chandeliers

minimalist vintage bedroom
Image source of William Abranowicz for T Magazine, designed by John Derian
Chandeliers style lamps, also known as ornate hanging ceiling lamps are an important decoration accessory. Through the history of design they have appeared in countless occasions, they are never in fashion. If you own one but you are tired of it, not only throw it away, you may need it in the future.

The vintage style, the lifelong antiquarian style is back, but this classic and elegant chandelier that we are used to seeing in more sophisticated or Shabby Chic spaces has reappeared and is used in Boho Chic and Neo Rustic environments, providing elegance and romance. They are really wonderful.

{8} Copper, metal or golden light fixtures

green cafe london
Image source of Hally's London
Metallic colors are the most common in small doses in 2016. Copper, metal and golden shades are often used in chandeliers and lamps, pendant lights, reading and wall lamps. These colors add an elegant touch to the rather flat and calm rustic color palette.

Combine these shades with concrete accessories and floors, add raw wood furniture and accessories, some leather and textiles with character, with a palette based on gray, earth, white and ocher shades for a perfect natural or neo rustic environment.

Cooper Lamp Decorate Lighting Bedroom
Image source of Urban Outfitters

The most recommended lights are the LED lights; a new technology that gives you a wide range of styles and colors within easy reach. LED lights offer the opportunity to get warm and natural light, choose the format that best suits your lamp and decoration, but especially choose one that emits yellow light.

In addition, this type of lighting is the most environmentally friendly and inexpensive alternative, and even if you initially feel that they are very expensive, you will in the long run save on electricity because they consume less power than conventional incandescent lamps. They also last up to 30,000 hours. Sounds good, right?

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