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How To Wear Wide Calf Boots

How To Wear Wide Calf Boots

This is a great benefit when wearing wide calf boots. You can just make your calves look slim and eventually make your legs look longer. While some people think a pair of loose fitting boots can look chunky, the fact is that the better designed ones look sleek and sleek. To learn more about how to make your legs look slim and long, read on and check out the best wide calf boot outfit ideas I’ve gathered for you.

Brown denim vest with wide leather calf boots


To start the list, instead of the feminine look you might expect, I’m going to show you a stylish and slightly unisex look. To achieve this, you can wear a heather gray short-sleeved top with a brown denim vest. Wear them with gray skinny jeans and brown suede boots to complete your outfit in style.

Black calf boots with a white t-shirt and blue jeans

black wide calf boots white t-shirt blue jeans

Because the black calf boots look very stylish in themselves. It’s okay to pair them with a super casual outfit and expect something stylish. For example, you can pair the boots with a white t-shirt and blue jeans for a casual look with a stylish twist.

Denim jacket with camel wide mid-calf boots

Denim jacket camel wide boots in the middle of the calf

Putting many pieces together can sometimes lead to disastrous results. So you have to be very careful and be your own judge. Or you can use someone else’s outfit idea as a reference. For example, here is a complex and good-looking outfit that consists of a white blouse, denim jacket, black leggings, and camel-wide calf boots. The black felt hat gives the overall picture an artistic touch.

Wear it with a white t-shirt dress and black leggings

white t-shirt dress black leggings

Here is a simple outfit that has a bit of a boho style to it. You can achieve this by wearing a white t-shirt dress, black leggings, and brown leather calf boots. To give this outfit a boho style, a brown fringed bag and black felt hat can do just that.

Black, wide calf boots made of leather with skinny jeans

black leather wide calf boots skinny jeans

The cool thing about the black leather boots with wide calves is that they can transform a very typical and uninteresting leisure outfit into a unique and stylish one. For example, you can pair them with a black top and light blue skinny jeans for a stylish and casual look.

Brown leather boots with a bright red long wool coat

brown leather boots bright red long wool coat

I like the idea of ​​incorporating a pair of wide calf boots into a winter outfit because it can make your legs look slimmer, while a typical winter outfit makes you look rather chunky. So they balance each other out pretty well. To achieve a striking winter look, you can wear a white sweater with a bright red wool coat for the top. Combine them with black leggings and wide boots made of calfskin. A dark blue plaid scarf would add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Black suede calf boots with a skater dress

black suede wide skater boots skater dress

When you look at the outfit with the black suede wide calf boots, you can look super chic by pairing the boots with a black and blue belted leather skater dress. Pairing this stylish with a black leather clutch bag moves the envelope even further.

Gray, grainy knitted sweater with high boots

gray, chunky knitted sweater with knitted sweater

A great way to look pretty and girly is to wear a gray chunky knit sweater with black leggings. The little mistake with this type of dressing is that your legs usually look short and fat. With the gray suede boots made of suede, even that little flaw is gone.

Black leather jacket with matching thigh boots

black leather jacket to match overknee boots

While I haven’t mentioned it in this blog post, there is actually an obvious benefit to wearing those wide calf boots. It is so that they can make chubby girls look less chubby. This outfit, which consists of a black leather jacket, blue skinny jeans, a red and black plaid scarf and wide calf thigh high boots, makes the girl look slimmer and more stylish.

Teddy wide calf boots with skinny jeans

Teddy wide calf boots skinny jeans

These wide calf boots have a unique teddy detail. You can combine them with blue skinny jeans. For the rest of the outfit, wear a black puffer jacket, black felt hat, and black handbag for a stylish and casual winter look. For more outfit ideas for similar hats, check out our blog post on wearing a black felt hat.

Ruffle wide calf boots with bell-sleeved top

Ruffled wide calf boots with bell sleeves on top

For a feminine look, here’s a creative idea of ​​pairing a top with ruffled bell sleeves with a pair of brown ruffle wide calf boots. The ruffled boots are very rare in themselves. It’s even harder to imagine how you would come up with the idea of ​​pairing them with a ruffle top. But at least the result is nice. Combine the pieces with blue skinny jeans and you have a super chic and minimalist outfit.

Wear it with a green floppy hat and camel wrap coat

green floppy hat camel wrap coat

Here is a very unique winter look. You can achieve this by wearing a camel wrap coat with black leggings and black wide-calf boots. The outfit is very creatively combined with a green floppy hat. The pieces go surprisingly well together.

Brown boots with White Shift Drss

brown boots white shift dress

For a cozy look that will make you look like the girl next door, you can wear a white shift dress with a gray cardigan. Pair them with wide calf boots made of brown leather to make you look tall and slim.

Black, knee-high boots with wide calves and a gray knitted sweater

black knee-high boots with wide calves, gray knitted sweater

Wear a gray chunky knit sweater with black leggings and black wide calf boots for a beautiful layered outfit. A long gray wool scarf and black leather handbag would go perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Here are the outfit ideas for wide calf boots that I think are very stylish. In fact, they are quite easy to pull off. Let’s try them out and have fun styling them. Start by mimicking and then tweaking it here and there to make the ideas your own.

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