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Decorating for children in different age

Decorating for children in different age groups

We figured out how to quickly convert decoration needs are different for children of different age groups and makes it worthwhile for the center of the house, which really wants to gather the whole family, relax and connect.

With the arrival of spring, we want updates, not only in the wardrobe or their appearance, but also at home. Repair usually requires a lot of time and money, and sometimes it even creates many problems. Before the weekend we found the designer and decorator Inna Osuban how to update a living room for 48 hours and it did not go minus. Of course, the advice of a professional can help you easily change the accommodation and make it more cozy and atmospheric.

The fastest way to dramatically transform a room is to change the space palette: paint the walls or stick wallpaper. By the way, do not have to do it in the room, sometimes enough to replace a wall, the interior was completely transformed.

If you have wallpaper on the walls, to update the room, it would be quite a few rolls. Choose a new, fresh color that will be harmonious when it comes to furniture and other items. Have you always wanted to try the beautiful and rich shade of green? So why not?

Paintings, posters or pictures in frames, hung as a single composition, will update and embellish even the most boring living room: with their help you can add the interior color or set the rhythm, to make a bright space in the room.

Print a favorite photo or pictures from trips, arrange them in a baguette, paste it on the wall –

children's room will immediately become your favorite place in the apartment

. Even on the wall it looks like a huge card or a few large format posters.

And you can long lay vacant designs, which you have collected for several years – organize the exhibition in the living room! Just a couple of large paintings above the sofa add elegance and create a new perspective.

New carpet is also a great way to quickly transform a room. Properly selected for color and pattern, it helps to create the final color scheme, add an ornament or decoration needs are different for children of different age groups. If you want more comfort in the room, choosing a rug with a long high is a win-win situation.

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